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10 Novels in 2010 Can Not be Ignored

Time magazine recently published a list of the best novel in 2010. These are novels of various genres with rich content, deep, as the book can not be ignored.

Here are the top 10 best novel in 2010.

1. Freedom (Jonathan Franzen)

10 novels in 2010 can not be ignored
“Freedom” is the latest novel by Jonathan Franzen. This work had been critics call “writing excellence,” “masterpiece”, “impressive portrait of our times” … Freedom is also Barack Obama choose to read in a vacation of his family.In the book, the author Franzen questioned through a family tragedy of the Midwest, home Berglunds whose successes, failures and discrimination are their stories reflect the larger history America.

“Freedom” was first published in April 8.2010 U.S., The New York Times once praised as “novel, deeply impressed.”

You can find this book in Amazon: Freedom: A Novel (Oprah’s Book Club)

2. A Visit from the goon squad (Jennifer Egan)

10 novels in 2010 can not be ignored
“A visit from the Goon Squad,” about a music producer and skeptical people he meets in his world. Evenly throughout the 40 years are 13 different characters, each character has a story, a personal opinion.With this novel, the author has gathered Egan single individual in a comprehensive art reference system is the same sense of loss, regret and love is destroyed hoai.Cuon novel was written by types of short stories linked together.

“A Visit From the Goon Squad” for the reader feel like the time a criminal is always lurking to harm humans.

You can find this book in Amazon: A Visit from the Goon Squad

3. Skippy dies (Paul Murray)

10 novels in 2010 can not be ignored

“Skippy dies” each is considered the most moving books of the year. This is the second novel of Paul Mrray. The book is divided into three parts talk about friendship, unrequited love of their teens, with the main character is a boy named Skippy.

Set foot on the school’s reputation Seabrook College in Dublin, but here he gradually discovered the terrible secret of my friends and my own school is attending.

You can find this book in Amazon: Skippy Dies: A Novel4. The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet ( David Mitchell)

10 novels in 2010 can not be ignored
“The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet” by David Mitchell is considered one of the works of English literature the most impressive early 21st century.Work is a mix of economic factors, political love story between a European man and a Japanese woman in 18th century.

You can find this book in Amazon: The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet: A Novel

5. Lord of Misrule (Jaimy Gordon)

10 novels in 2010 can not be ignored
The novel is about a character named coach Tommy Hansel horse racing in the social context in West Virginia in 1970. Through the character he trained horse named Tommy Hansel, author expressed his confidence and courage to overcome challenges to achieve their dreams.”Lord of Misrule” is considered one of the most impressive novel by writer Jaimy Gordon. This book also received the National Book Award in 2010 in the novel category.

You can find this book in Amazon: Lord of Misrule

6. Wilson (Daniel Clowes)

10 novels in 2010 can not be ignored
Contents of this novel revolves around the protagonist Wilson, which is a lonely middle-aged man, jobless and passively look on life. This is a novel with illustrations, with many profound human values.Through a combination of elements of humor and deep eyes looked away, Daniel Clowes has brought a new perspective on relationships in society.

You can find this book in Amazon: Wilson7. Matterhorn (Karl Marlantes)

10 novels in 2010 can not be ignored

This is a novel about the Vietnam War by Karl Marlantes, who is a former United States participated in the Vietnam War. This is the book recounts the war in Vietnam in an honest and most accurate ever, exposed the nonsense of war in a compelling experience by way of storytelling experience and uneventful,objective the author, a former USA. Marine who participated in this war in the late 60 decade.

Book titled “Matterhorn” is the actual name of an outpost located in northwest South Vietnam, Laos border in the Tay Nguyen Regional Strategy, similar to 937 or Hamberger Hill, famous in the Vietnam War .

Once released, the book reached the bestseller list of New York Times, which sold 125,000 copies in hardcover and more than 10,000 copies sold books. Amazon reviews Matterhorn as “an outstanding epic about war.”

You can find this book in Amazon: Matterhorn: A Novel of the Vietnam War8. How to Live Safely in a science Fictional universe (Charles Yu)

10 novels in 2010 can not be ignored
With imagination and logical, Charles Yu gave the reader the experience fun when people can use time machine to change the past.
9. The passage (Justin Cronin)
10 novels in 2010 can not be ignored

“The Passage” by Justin Cronin takes place in the world in 2018, when humans are infected by a virus is very contagious. The novel is divided into 11 sections with different lengths.

Immediately after release, “The Passage” was ranked No. 3 in the list of best-selling novel of the New York Times.

You can find this book in Amazon: The Passage

10. Faithful place ( Tana French)

10 novels in 2010 can not be ignored

“The faithful place” by Tana French about a detective who returned to Ireland over his past 22 years to investigate the disappearance of his girlfriend during MS.

The novel is highly appreciated in how to build scenarios and breathtaking story full of mystery, attracting the viewer’s monitor from start to finish

You can find this book in Amazon: Faithful Place: A Novel


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