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10 Ways to Extend Battery Life For iPhone

If you do not want to end suddenly when the battery is important, please consult the following 10 tips to save battery for iPhone .

10 ways to extend battery life for iPhone

Prolonged effort to fight for the iPhone model is always a concern of the user. Normally, except for  iPhones 4 have good battery life, the earlier iPhone model will only work for about a day for each charge.

1. Reduce the brightness of the screen

This is the cause of energy-consuming device first. Go to Settings -> Brightness to select the white balance mode automatic, or default brightness below 50% battery live longer.

2. Do not switch the Wi-Fi when not in use

When you enable Wi-Fi mode, the machine will automatically scan to catch waves. This is absolutely no benefit. Best to turn off the connection when finished using. Do the same as with the Bluetooth connection.

3. Switch to 2G

3G is only beneficial when you need to be online soon but no Wi-Fi. If only for simple communication, select the 2G mode (Settings -> General -> Network). Both to save battery, just to save money.

4. Skip to vibration during games

The game for iDevices always have multiple effects. However, most pointless vibrating effect when you play car racing, boxing … or make some fake applications shaver, lighter … Plug in headphones to enjoy the sound instead of speakers to also reduce consumption substantial battery.

5. Restrict the use of GPS / A-GPS

Using the GPS feature means that: on the screen, turn on the GPS, more … Try to manipulate the screen capture to use maps instead of GPS continuous connection.

6. Limit buy music, directly from the application device

It sounds a bit “ki bo”, but the online purchase on any other phone plus the spring of 1 + 2 + 3 + 5 together.

7. For a short time Autolock

After use is complete, the machine will switch to standby mode faster, more energy efficient when you leave Autolock time shorter. Go to Settings -> General -> Autolock for editing.

8. Using 3D program less

By using a 3D application, the graphics chip will be more active. Unlike email or web browser, run an application as the CPU, GPU and monitor activities continuously.

9. Set a longer Push Mail

In contrast to Autolock, set a longer Push Mail will scan the machine is not online much. Should be set to “Push” by Hour or “Manual”

10. Always ready to charge

Carried by a charger, cable to charge anywhere. If so exhausted, the battery life will decrease markedly. Note, do not charge while the battery has not expired.

 You can also apply these steps to prolong battery life for mobile phones like Android, Symbian


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