Nintendo 3DS SD Card Space Running out

Generally speaking, Nintendo 3DS is a type of portable game console. Even though there are no 3D glasses or additional accessories, it is able to display stereoscopic 3D effects. In this game console, an SD card is used to store the downloaded games, applications as well as other media files. Usually, Nintendo 3DS comes with a standard 2GB or 4GB SD card using FAT32 file system format for data storage.

However, 2GB or 4GB space cannot meet the storage requirement. Recently, we have received many feedbacks saying 3DS is almost completely full and can’t store any other games. If you happen to be the user of Nintendo 3DS player, what should you do to fix this issue? The useful solution is to upgrade 3DS SD card to a bigger one.

2 Ways to 3DS Upgrade SD Card

How can you upgrade your 3DS SD card for more storage space? Here are two ways offered in this post. One is to transfer data from one SD card to another SD card and one is to clone 3DS SD card to a bigger 3DS card.

Way 1: Transfer 3DS Data to Another SD Card

This way is offered by Nintendo itself. For Nintendo 3DS family systems, there is an outstanding feature allowing you to access SD card data saved on the 3DS over the home network. But if you don’t wish to remove SD card from the system, you can consider transferring data instead of it. Do the data transfer by following the guide?

  • Remove the 3DS SD card from the system.
  • Insert the card with much Nintendo 3DS data into an SD card reader or slot.
  • Enter Windows Explorer or Finder to access the data.
  • Move all folders to the computer desktop.

Tip: Move the entire folder instead of the contents of the folder. But if you drag videos or pictures, you can only move the content.

  • Eject this original 3DS SD card.
  • Plug a new SD card into a reader and connect to your computer.
  • Format the new SD card to FAT32 and copy all folders from the desktop to the new SD card.

Note that don’t delete/format/alter the original SD Card content before you ensure the new SD card can work correctly.

Maybe you think it is quite an easy and good solution to upgrade 3DS SD card. However, one disadvantage you should know is that sometimes the transfer won’t work well or some data is inaccessible after the transfer is completed. Hence, another substitute way should be suitable and this is to do SD card cloning.

Way 2: Upgrade 3DS SD Card by Disk Cloning

How can you clone 3DS SD card? To do this, you can only use a piece of professional hard drive cloning software. Which one should you use among many programs?

According to a survey, the cloning software developed by MiniTool, Paragon, Acronis, etc. is popular with many users. And we have tested the one from MiniTool and find MiniTool ShadowMaker is fairly reliable and helpful in disk cloning. With its powerful feature, you can clone 3DS SD card to a bigger 3DS card to complete the upgrade operation in simple clicks. Importantly, it is fully free.

Just free download it from its official website, prepare a large SD card, connect the original and new SD cards to your computer and begin a cloning now. If you don’t know how to operate, see the details.

  1. Run MiniTool ShadowMaker Free Edition and choose your computer to manage by clicking the first Connect.
  2. Enter Tools window to select Clone Disk feature for the 3DS SD card upgrade.

  1. Enter Source section to choose your 3DS SD card as the backup source and then select the large SD card to store the original content.
  2. The cloning operation is performing.

After completing it, shut down your computer and remove SD cards. Finally, plug the large one to Nintendo 3DS console.

In fact, in addition to this freeware, it is called MiniTool Partition Wizard, enabling you to upgrade Nintendo 3DS SD card effectively with its Copy Disk. This tool is also tested by us and it is worth recommending.


Here two ways to upgrade a 3DS SD card to a larger one are told to you. No matter which one you want to use, your small 3DS SD card can be replaced with the bigger one without data loss. Just enjoy the better performance of the game console.


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