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3D Sharp Quattron LE830 Review – New 3D TV with good price

Sharp’s new 3D models appreciated the ability to show movies. This is one form of good quality LED edge today.

Aquos LE830 Series is Sharp’s HDTV in product line 2011 with four different models of 40, 46, 52 and 60 inches with prices from 782$ to 3000$. This is the second line of 3D TV Sharp sold in the market, the LE925 model series began on a first occasion in 2011.

3D Sharp Quattron LE830 Review - New 3D TV with good price

Sharp LE830 series is also the generation successor model to the first HDTV Quattron LE820 series but adds the ability to show 3D with shutter glasses. 3D Model possesses LCD LED lights outline border with Full HD resolution and RGBY Quattron Quad pixel technology that allows displays vibrant colors and lively.

In addition, new 3D TV of Sharp is also adding entertainment features online connectivity with integrated Wi-Fi. Users can access the repository of video content, social networking applications, content on demand is equipped as Cinema Now, Vudu and YouTube … Japanese manufacturers are also equipped with features developed multimedia content such as movies, pictures and music directly via USB or wireless DLNA.


The first impression in the TV series 3D Quattron LE830 is Sharp’s new slim design comes with a display of thin edge. Thickness measured in the 46-inch model is only 34 mm while the contoured sides and top of the screen is only a few cm.

The design retains the same style as the older 2010 model but LE830 Quattron year’s series is more attractive in shape and also showed more modern. The four screen corners only slightly rounded appearance makes the square the TV, stronger than the predecessor model Quattron as LE820, LE925 series.
3D Sharp Quattron LE830 Review - New 3D TV with good price

Compared to the predecessor of the same level of last year’s series LE820, LE830 screen is no longer the seamless glass protection does not make sense Borderless and instead, the screen is slightly recessed into the cause appears the glossy black border around the screen.

The design changes also help to Sharp’s new 3D models has been blurred screen format, limiting the phenomenon of the shadow, light reflection in the screen as a mirror in the form old Quattron.

If you look closely on TV, viewers will see a further change in the design of LE830 series. It’s the next line below the screen edge is split into two separate parts. In it, scratched plastic strip gray bottom edge of the screen was to bend and turn slightly to the inside out, to help users more convenient to work with array built-touch keys on the TV.

Brackets are designed with metal balls covered with black plastic quite sure. Similar to the model of Samsung HDTV, LG or Sony this year, Sharp also allows the TV screen can rotate the flexible sides if used with the base.

The whole system of TV signal connections are located on the back end of the screen. Only a few ports analog signal as S-video, Component, SCART plug set typeface to face with the back straight. While almost all the important connection of TV as an antenna jack, HDMI, USB, Ethernet port types are placed parallel to the screen toward the right or bottom. This design is convenient for the TV hanging on the wall.

3D Sharp Quattron LE830 Review - New 3D TV with good price
The remote control comes not much change from last year’s accessories while longer owns the design. However, weight is too light and material not really high for the Sharp does not control feels really comfortable to use with many people.


Sharp LE830 own series LCD with LED edge lighting systems, achieving a resolution of Full HD 1080p with 120 Hz scanning speed. In addition to the exclusive imaging technology Quattron Quadpixel and ability to show 3D movies shutter glasses, Sharp’s products also owns other special features like content recording Time Shift Recording, DLNA wireless connection, NET + intelligent platform integrating multiple online services.Time Shift Recording is an interesting feature for those who are watching television, especially sports programs or programs that are broadcast live. Similarly LE820 and LE925 of last year, this feature allows users to pause TV is playing, rewind and view the footage before, but does not affect existing content.

Unlike the model year, LE830 series this year is not equipped with built-in memory, so use the Time Shift function you will have to add more memory left outside in third with an integrated USB port available on TV.

DLNA is currently a data network connection is quite common in electronic devices today. It allows users to access another personal data warehouse without having to connect cables, USB plug and the connection between two or more different devices. DLNA on LE830 series is a pretty simple interface, allowing access and always music, photos and even video from other DLNA devices join the network.

Actual test to see it on the LE830 using smooth, controlled operation quick file selection but the lyrics and on TV was happening too slowly.

3D Sharp Quattron LE830 Review - New 3D TV with good price
Similar to Internet TV Smart TV’s Sony or Samsung, LG, TVs networking new generation of Sharp also owns a network of personal entertainment service, called NET +. NET + system features and content services are three TV maker Philips, Loewe and Shap same development to compete against three rivals on the front TV network.
However, using the fact that NET + is still a platform limited to the present time because it is integrated more software content for the U.S. and Europe, difficult or impossible to use for domestic users. Meanwhile, an online content repository for NET + does not officially appear.YouTube video store online and the ability to surf the web is the most useful to users by allowing users to freely access the online content on the Internet. But users should also note, the browser’s integrated NET + LE830 series does not support the Flash format.
3D Sharp Quattron LE830 Review - New 3D TV with good price
Sharp LE830 features a hidden ownership, however, is that many users are concerned, there is the possibility of high energy. Real test of the model 46 inch HD Flatpanels, LE830 resulted in consumption of only 71 Watt 2D view SD and HD, while in mode power consumption is 81 Watt. This is the power consumption in a hugely impressive 46-inch model. Compared to high-end TV models each rated for energy management is a Samsung LED D8000, products from Sharp is a lower power consumption.

Experience movies
As the second Quattron generation of the Sharp Quattron TV with some improvements over the last year to LE830 TV series possess the ability to show good movies in many different reviews, as well as the image quality publications after resetting the parameters of the TV picture.

3D Sharp Quattron LE830 Review - New 3D TV with good priceHowever, significant weakness of LE830 after the alignment of the image is in the ability of color is not really accurate. Color saturation, while not perfect, not all colors are really separated. Compared with the reference model of the Samsung LED D8000, LE830-quality color equivalent but still far less compared to the sample is considered a TV picture quality and color best of today. Sharp Quattron form of property the ability to improve low-resolution images from SD -TV signals or analog cable. Thus the image shows a high degree of detail even for SD quality. However LE830 just really impressed when performing image quality in HD. This model for the image reaches a very high degree of detail, much better than LE820 last year’s. Colors in Movie mode honest, the frame motion appear smoother high thanks to the ability high to scan.

Although only the scan speed is 120Hz, but with open and scan feature turned off the screen backlight continuous scan TV is capable of high-speed interpolation 200/240Hz.

LE830 is one of the LCD TVs capable of showing the best black bands on the market today that can compare with Plasma screen TV. Black depth was measured after performing the calibration parameters of this model’s screen is only 0.04 cd/m2, impress the equivalent models of Panasonic Plasma GT30 or an expensive LED Samsung D8000.

The ability to display deep black of LE830 series works well even in bright environments due to the use of screen blurred as the protective layer instead of a shiny mirror. The frames show the great detail even in dark, creating an impressive depth to use for watching movies or playing games. It is this quality makes the LE830 has performed movies very flattering eye.

3D Sharp Quattron LE830 Review - New 3D TV with good price

Using LED technology is located in the border the Sharp model is faced with the phenomenon corona, the private area if turn on the black frame in a dark room. But this is common with many TVs LED current, so it does not make LE830 lost appreciation for quality film presentation. Similarly the ability to show HD, new model Sharp Quattron also received praise in the 3D film presentation. Thanks to its high scanning speed, the same right and ability to perform deep black band, dark quality to LE830 better 3D performance LE925 predecessor despite lower prices.

Using 3D active shutter glasses, but with noise or crosstalk phenomenon of the Sharp’s 3D LED samples are less experienced. Only in 3D scenes with high contrast, new 3D crosstalk phenomenon occurs more. But even in 3D Plasma TV, with the 3D frame like this is interference and the is also unavoidable. Equipped with the ability to directly convert 2D to 3D, but to achieve the best popular film, enjoy the best dramatic effect users should still use the 3D sources from Blu-ray and 3D original. The 3D test on LE830 series is done with 3D Blu-ray and PS3 gaming consoles.

Still owns the SRS Surround Sound technology and integrated speaker system as his predecessor should LE820 Sharp’s new 3D TV models are not much changed for quality sound performance. However, this model has been rated as high-quality audio performance better than many other ultra-slim LED TV models currently on the market.

You can find this TV in Amazon: Sharp LC40LE830U Quattron 40-inch 1080p 120 Hz LED-LCD HDTV, Black


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