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3D TV Sharp LE925 Review – Bring 3D world to your home

Sharp’s 3D TVs showing the ability to show HD movies thanks to excellent technology Quattron Quadpixel 4-color screen. Here is a sample LED edge HDTV Quattron  technology screen, allowing the image to true color, thanks to a brilliant 4-color filter RGBY (adds yellow than usual)
3D TV Sharp LE925 Review- Bring 3D world to your home
Besides the ability to show 3D content with Blu-ray source or digital television, this model is equipped with the ability to direct conversion from 2D to 3D content through a button on the controller.

Like the first HDTV Quattron 2D version of LE820, LE925 own style slim design, with sleek rounded edges. The entire front is covered with mirror glass to cover the sides and edges of the screen edges. There are hidden below the key sequence induction. The base model uses a large rectangular, thin and has a pivot that allows users to turn the screen on both sides, convenient for installation of wiring connections.
3D TV Sharp LE925 Review- Bring 3D world to your home

As well as LE820, LE925 Sharp used in a fuzzy border at the bottom edge to make a difference compared to the three sides left, accompanied by illuminating the boomerang logo specific to the Sharp Aquos TV. One point is quite special and different versions Quattron 2D logo in 3D TVs will glow with the blue and white, depending on whether the user is using TV in 2D or 3D mode.

Port system on all models are put on the back of the TV, even the extra AV ports are located deep inside the edge instead of right next to the edge of the screen like many other slim TVs. LE925 is equipped with multiple HDMI ports, USB (add more for Wi-Fi adapter) but it does not have an SD card slot allows direct viewing.

Using shutter animation technology should come with a pair of glass products dedicated battery. AN-3DG10 glasses come with Aquos LE925 was appreciative of the comfort, fit both adults and children. Glass also comes with a soft cloth bag for holding, charging and power adapter cable to micro USB software upgrade.

3D TV Sharp LE925 Review- Bring 3D world to your home
Remote control is quite long but compact design. System keys are arranged clearly and separately for each zone with large keys. In particular, to adjust the 3D mode on the TV, users only need a key “3D” only on the remote. Console and custom on the Sharp series LE925 colorful design, create dazzling friendly feeling during use.


Equipped with the ability to perform 3D Full HD, Sharp Quattron LE925 supports most popular formats, 3D Blu-ray, side-by-side and top-and-bottom. In addition, users can also view the 3D simulation with DVD and TV content thanks to the direct conversion from 2D to 3D content.Quattron technology with 4-color filter system RGBY prove useful when giving this model TV 3D holographic frames brighter days in the condition of the room to see much light. To limit the noise and flicker, Sharp equip their products interpolation scanning system 240Hz combined with scanning backlight of the screen.

Comes with impressive imaging features, the Japanese electronics manufacturers to equip their products sound system brought many interesting experiences. In addition to dual speakers, Sharp also integrated for LE925 a subwoofer 15 Watt power comes with 3D sound feature was developed by Yamaha. An optical digital audio ports built for TV show with Dolby Surround home theater system or stereo then added.

Users can also broadcast live multimedia content Divx HD and Blu-ray MKV rip directly from the USB connector, support resolutions up to 1080p. Additionally, DLNA wireless technology built to allow for expansion and connection to computer data storage media at home, but functionality is limited to low resolution data to JPEG and LPCM options slideshow presentation.

LE925 no built-in Wi-Fi or digital tuner, however, the user can mount removable Wi-Fi adapter via the USB interface on the TV.

System connected A / V on advanced 3D TVs are similar to the LE820. Small differences in the two new features, HDMI enables ARC and InstaPort optimization via HDMI connection, reducing latency from the source image to the TV. However, communication 1080p componet not integrated.


Normal SD content

With television signals, Sharp LE925 show fairly sharp images, smooth 3D model than the Samsung’s C9000. In some channels, to meet noise images but can cause at the source. While the DVD signal, the image becomes sharper and cleaner. Jaggedness in the machine details are also pretty well limited in most experimental film.

Contents high resolution HD

3D TV Sharp LE925 Review- Bring 3D world to your home

Switch to Blu-ray content to replace immediately the difference in image quality of LE925, especially during the film presentation. Images have better color but not too bright, bring renewable honest. The skin tones who show a natural way while the black strip of felt pretty deep, even a LED screen edges.

However, 3D models Quattron much more impressed when shown details of the image. Through many trial films, most of the details in the dark is shown very clearly, while the 24p frame also proved moving smoothly.

3D rendering capabilities, LE925 is one of the TVs for picture quality depth today. The three-dimensional effects and can stand a good day at both the low 3D formats such as Side-by-side or 3D transformation from 2D simulations. Compared with 2010 the best 3D TVs, Panasonic Plasma VT20, the ability to perform the equivalent of LE925. Vibration phenomena, or the ghost of her husband very little occurred even expanded viewing angle of up to 5 meters, this is an impressive 3D model than many other LED on the market.

Multimedia entertainment, games, connect to your computer

In addition to entertainment with movies, LE925 also proved to be the HDTV models to suit your home entertainment needs such as gaming or computer connected to the screen.

Game mode with picture is available, Sharp’s Quattron samples show the game on the PS3 and Xbox 360 are very good. True color, graphics and silky smooth and no flicker phenomenon that is offensive to the eye. While connected to your PC through communication 1080p, the text is clearly written and keeps the background color white has not been changed, or yellow.

Property features playback of multimedia data directly from the USB interface, LE925 help users save procurement costs somewhat more HD Player. This feature is compatible with most multimedia formats today, including the MKV format and much lower than 720p. Ability to handle data at an average level, showing a good picture but the audio in this feature are not appreciated when the sound is not deep and lacks certainty.


TV audio is equally sharp focus the image, however, the LE925 is a product suitable and attractive to the enthusiast film than enthusiast music. By practice, the ability to perform multi-dimensional sound powerful, dialog is clear that the highlights on this model. Features such as SRS TruSurround HD and 3D Sound Mode also gives the audience a powerful audio experience of movie better than the deep, detailed in the music.

The major rival Sharp LE925

Samsung C80003D TV Sharp LE925 Review- Bring 3D world to your home

This LED pattern maker equipped display technology with LED edge lights dim local capabilities and features never inferior to the original model of the Samsung C9000.

The display of the C8000 also owns the Ultra Clear Panel with Full HD 1080p resolution, 200Hz scanning speed and other features to support enhanced display color, contrast and speed of motion clarity. With Wi-Fi integration, Samsung also brought to the C8000 for user access and online entertainment with an attractive range of services and facilities available on App Store Apps Samsung and Internet @ system TV.

This product also possesses signal processor integrates 3D, allowing 3D content development and the ability to switch from 2D to 3D with simple operation.

LG LX9500

3D TV Sharp LE925 Review- Bring 3D world to your home

LG LX9500 is one of the thinnest sample 3D HDTV today. However, with LED technology Slim Full-screen, with LED, 3D models of LG Infinia is a 3D model allows LED show both 2D and 3D content with the picture quality and ultra-deep is the dominant than the 3D LED from Samsung or Sony.

Comes with play features 3D, Full-screen LED technology Slim Slim, LX9500 also equipped with Wi-Fi integration, and system NetCast online entertainment content services with many different, NetFlix, Vudu, radio, Pandora, YouTube, Picasa … LX9500 own design style screen without borders, the base model throughout the crystal and shiny paint on the Infinia line of fashions.

Sony NX810

3D TV Sharp LE925 Review- Bring 3D world to your home

This year is the first Sony using Monolithic design monolithic device for your home entertainment, from the Bravia line of HDTVs to Blu-ray or Home-theater sound system. And samples of Sony LED 3D NX810 is the best representative for Monolithic style. NX810 design of Sony has been very little elaborate and carefully. The entire screen is covered by a thick layer of glass and shiny, stretched out all 4 sides creates a feeling no edge borderless screen. If you like off the screen, stylish Monolithic Sony’s TVs will turn into a black stone flat plate and neat.

Property monolithic design should NX810 also has many unique features compared to other models of Sony Bravia. HDTV is now the base of a long dock is made of metal rather than the base model of a rectangular or round with regular pillar. NX810’s screen can tilt back about 6 degrees, allowing viewers can enjoy the pictures more comfortable and pleasant.

You can find this TV 3D in Amazon : Sharp LC-60LE925UN 60″ 3D-ready Internet-ready 1080p LED LCD HDTV


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