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3D Ultra Thin Samsung C9000 Reviews – Perfect With 3D TV Entertainment

Advanced 3D modeling Samsung C9000 LED impressed in ultra-thin design with a thickness of less than 8 mm, with 3D features and digital entertainment network.

With a listing price of 150 million, Samsung C9000 55 inch HDTV is the model that equipped with many features and modern technology such as 3D rendering capabilities and support moving the content into 2D holographic image emulator, connect to Wi-Fi network. However, the most impressive of the product is in ultra-thin screen size is measured only 7.9 mm.

3D ultra thin Samsung C9000 reviews - perfect with 3D TV entertainment


With only 7.9 mm thick, Samsung’s C9000 has become a new standard of ultra-thin TVs today. Ultra-slim design brings to the 3D model of Samsung HDTV style and unique design is superior to today’s thin TVs. Entire base of the screen is now home to connect systems, interface with the TV signal of the peripherals. Dorsal surface of the machine empty with a protective metal plate glossy.

Samsung C9000 owns a metal frame made of aluminum with a silver light, just make sure the product but also respect the value of many TVs had sold nearly 150 million contract. Base metal of the C9000 is also designed as a metal screen cover, but great style, very thick, so must contain a system of signals to the TV. However, manufacturers still allow users to use the base to rotate the screen back in the left or right.
Samsung C9000’s design is also located in the system shortcuts is often on TV. Those who are familiar with the hard keys or touch sequence located on the edges of the screen, the C9000 will be difficult to try to change channels, increase the volume down if you miss not find the remote control. Entire range of TV shortcuts are used touch technology but are hidden beneath the base. The user will press slightly into the base for the system to turn out this shortcut whenever needed.

3D ultra thin Samsung C9000 reviews - perfect with 3D TV entertainment

Control of the TV comes with quite a stylish design with the outer shell is made of plastic and metal. The large buttons are designed, are seamless and not divided into kinds of buttons as normal controls. But more impressive is the form remote control touch screen that can be purchased separately. Spent more than 500$, users will be owned C9000 adding a remote control style similar to a mobile.Control has a color screen supports touch with 3-inch size, comes the ability to control multiple electronic devices of different families of Samsung. The hard buttons below the screen allows users to perform specialized tasks mobile channels, adjust the volume. While the touch screen with graphical interface gives users more detailed features.

Viewers can also see what is playing on TV right from the small 3-inch screen of the control. The right is a jack to recharge the battery, headphone jack and integrated speakers on the remote control.

Reviews 3D ultra-thin TV C9000

But the quality is much praise for the features on the Samsung C9000. Owns many other utilities, but the Korean manufacturer has always cared for each item and makes them more useful than the excess and waste.

In it, 3D is the most notable features. This model is compatible with all popular 3D formats  used currently, ranging from 3D Bluray side-by-side until the signals from digital TV. Comes with 3D rendering capabilities, the C9000 is also equipped with integrated handle allows users to move directly to the ordinary 2D content into three-dimensional images with effects of depth. Frequency of 200Hz to ensure 2D images show that always has to be smooth and also limit the interference of the signals in 3D.

With antenna jacks to support digital TV and PVR recording features built-in, users can record favorite programs with features rewind, pause (time shift) into the extended memory is connect via USB. In addition, viewers can also book an appointment for automatic recording of programs.

Following the 3D, online entertainment features Internet @ TV is also one of the strengths. For customers in Asia, Samsung TV’s have 31 different applications, including mini games, entertainment applications, software support, such as YouTube, Facebook, Google Maps, Skype …

Like LG, Samsung allows viewers to directly use your HDTV to enjoy the full HD 1080p content from a USB port for external memory without a personal computer, the HD or Blu-ray. .. LED 3D Model C9000 is capable of handling 1080p format MVK and support DTS surround sound, and features playback DLNA content available online. In addition to a wired Ethernet connection, users can add Wi-Fi transceiver with N USB signal left.

The advanced remote control of the C9000 offers many unusual features. Wi-Fi TV in both control and help viewers can watch live TV content is broadcast on the small screen in 3-inch of control. And right there, can be done easily manipulate the network connection options, find the data from the computer home network connection … without looking at the screen. In addition, motion sensors integrated on the controller also changes several key-press control a user’s TV.

Communication sound image, 3D LED model has 6 communication ports all 1080p standard, which has four sugar HDMI 1.4, 24p Ready, an HDMI port and HDMI-CEC ARC, a component supports Full HD with PC connection and analog audio, optical digital.


3D ultra thin Samsung C9000 reviews - perfect with 3D TV entertainment

With standard SD content only through the source of the television or DVD player, Samsung’s advanced 3D TV also did not make the viewer feel disappointed. The frame has a resolution of SD on the C9000, are evaluated at the section showing the detailed, sharp, or to limit noise and blurring of the image. Content from the DVD after the file is up for the signal quality is detailed and sharp pictures, text subtitles is quite soft and almost did not appear jagged.But the demonstration of the new HD content is true that the strength of Samsung C9000. The overall picture on the 55-inch LED screen model achieve a warm tone with the ability to reproduce colors very bright, but still achieved an impressive depth of black. With reviews of the HD-HQV benchmark Cnet Asia, Samsung C9000 is one of the few evaluated performance quality HD movies perfectly, with all three sources of Bluray, digital TV and Game.

Although sometimes occurs in open light or blurry images (“crosstalk”, the two picture appear the same) but the form of the Samsung 55-inch LED HDTV deserves praise for performing the 3D content. By the fact, just adjust the screen brightness down a bit lower than the default, the phenomenon is virtually no on-screen C9000 happen again.

Well equipped to handle and direct conversion of regular 2D content into 3D simulations, but on TV features Samsung’s 3D proved more effective than the other 3D models from Sony or LG. 3D images from the TV simulator still achieving depth and three-dimensional effects are well understood, although not possible with 3D content on Blu-ray.

If overcome the remaining small errors such as the effective 3D viewing distance is too short (5 m), or darken the image was tilted 90 degrees diameter, will be worth the Samsung C9000 is a complete 3D model HDTV perfect.

Switch to the performance of multimedia content, expensive Samsung’s TVs are  processing speed data well with a JPEG image at a resolution of 8 megapixels, time to load up and display a clear image is about 2 seconds, in both the USB connection and download files from the Ethernet and Wi-Fi on. C9000 good handling of MP3 music, the SD format, HD popularity on the Internet or stored on a USB drive without first thanks to HD, computer or Blu-ray. However, for smooth images and sharp, the best you should use a USB connection instead of a network connection such as Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

Expensive luxury, but the C9000 does not sound as impressive as the ability to not show pictures of it. System front-firing stereo speakers 2 x 10 Watt power output sounds pretty smooth, rich bass trebles but too weak if the TV set in a large space.

The main rival of the Samsung C9000

Philips LED Pro Series 9, LG LX9500, Sony LX900 and Panasonic VT20 are advanced 3D HDTV is the main rival of the C9000.

3D ultra thin Samsung C9000 reviews - perfect with 3D TV entertainment- VT20
Plasma VT20 series is robust 3D performance holographic images, however, not the product is equipped with features such as converting 2D to 3D  as Samsung C9000.
LX9500 LED HDTV is the highest form of the LG now, this is the first TVs in the world to use LED technology Full Slim. LX9500 is a form of competition with C9000 in the ultra-thin design, LED displays and 3D performance possible with the processor switch.You can refer this model in Amazon at:  LG 55LX9500 55″ 1080p 480Hz 3D LED LCD HDTV
Like VT20 series of  Panasonic’s, 3D model of the Philips  LED Pro 9 series is not equipped with processing capability to convert 2D content into 3D. However, from Philips TVs have the advantage of image quality with the looks sturdy metal, comes shining features unique Ambilight 3.
3D ultra thin Samsung C9000 reviews - perfect with 3D TV entertainment
Price rates of  3D HDTV 60-inch from Sony equal with Samsung’s C9000. LX900 series is the 3D HDTV Bravia top line of Sony. This product is also highly regarded for designing the look and style of owning monolithic. In addition, Sony also equip their products with 3D performance possible many extra features, such as the ability to handle and direct conversion from 2D to 3D content.

You can refer this model in Amazon:  Sony XBR-52LX900 52″ 3D-ready BRAVIA 1080p LED LCD Full HDTV


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