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5 Most Beautiful Smartphone Screens

Not only increase the size or improve the resolution, the phone maker in 2013 while racing each other to integrate new technologies into their smartphone for more beautiful and better.

Just after one year, the trend has rapidly HD screen manufacturers were replaced by phone Full HD, giving the smartphone is capable of displaying crisp. On the high-end smartphone today, even if looked closely at the screen the user can hardly see the individual pixels.  Retina display of iPhone that boasted the definition has now been surpassed many competitors.

In addition, many companies also offer special technology and exclusive, constantly improve visibility on their smartphones, like the Nokia Lumia ClearBlack online or Triluminos on Sony’s Xperia. Along with the camera, the screen is also key elements for comparison and evaluation, as well as competition among smartphones today.

Here are 5 beautiful smartphone screens and the best in 2013 :

Nokia Lumia 1520


After the model uses AMOLED screen as 925, 1020, Nokia also back using IPS technology LCD screen on the Lumia familiar in 1520. This is a change that many people enjoy and also the fact that in 1520 under the screen smartphone has the best on the market today, with a combination of many different technologies.

In addition to Full HD resolution on a large 6 -inch size, the product is integrated proprietary display technology called Nokia ClearBlack help increase the brightness and clear visibility even under bright sunlight. Besides, PureMotion HD technology also increases the refresh rate and provide smoother motion images.

You can see product at Amazon: Nokia Lumia 1520, Black (AT&T)


Although LG has unveiled the G Flex with the impressive curved screen, the title of best smartphone screen LG also can not fall out of the hands of the LG G2. The point that most users enjoy on screen G2 is the ultra-thin contoured, large 5.2 inch, but it looks like the compact 4.7 – the inch or 5 -inch smartphone.

LG smartphone is also equipped with its advanced LCD screen with IPS + panel True, highlighting Zero Gap technology when combined class touch and display them together. Not only that image became popular, more eye-catching, but also support for touch operation becomes smoother and more responsive. You can see product at Amazon: LG G2, Black (Verizon Wireless)


While most of the other competitors are Full HD 5-inch screen on the HTC One has a slightly smaller screen of 4.7 inches. This has helped to become One definition screen smartphone on the market in the near past year and is replaced by new smartphone XPlay 2K 3S Vivo.

Taiwanese phone company also equip its product S – LCD screen with the 3rd generation color calibration image experts appreciate the precision, giving visibility products the sharp, honest. In addition, HTC also uses glass screen of One Infinity, both dimming capabilities while limiting high scratch.

You can see product at Amazon: HTC One 32GB, Silver (Unlocked)

Samsung Galaxy Note 3


While most competitors use LCD screen, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and remained loyal to the AMOLED screen technology. Though not been evaluated by the ability to perform precision of colors than LCD screen Note 3 still impressive visibility in outdoor as well as black and shows great depth when performed movies.

The Korean manufacturer has integrated these modes adjust individual colors, to suit individual user needs and requirements of users. Meanwhile, Full HD resolution on a 5.7-inch screen makes the Samsung phablet have nothing to blame sharpness. You can see product at Amazon: Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Black (Verizon Wireless)

Apple iPhone 5S

Apple proved to be short of breath when compared with rivals iPhone screen on their new generation has yet to reach Full HD resolution and pixel density was stopped at 330 PPI.

However, the fact that 5S is still one of the most beautiful smartphone screens on the market today, colors are extremely accurate calibration, wide viewing angles, outdoor visibility is quite good. Retina screen interface combined with 7 still gives iOS iPhone attractiveness as entertainment, though the screen is too small compared to the competition, only 4 inches. You can see product at Amazon: Apple iPhone 5s, Gold 16GB (Unlocked)


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