Apple Ipod Touch – No 1 Entertainment Devices

If you really were impressed with the features Web browsing, video and audio quality of the Apple iPhone, but still not completely satisfied, then the iPod touch will meet even stricter requirements of you. Memory up to 8GB, 16G and 32 GB, iPod touch is actually a device that music and video technology to meet the high demand for most of the features.
Apple Ipod touch - No 1 entertainment devices
Design and interface is relatively similar to the Apple iPhone, iPod touch the size and weight are very compact. Machine size 110 x 61.8 x 8 mm, steel covered hard shell, feeling sure the user. Touch screen machines are designed for scratch-resistant, but the back is designed steel shell like your iPhone and iPod lines should be easy to scratch and dirty.

Machine only 2 buttons on the body, a button on the side so that users can access the main menu, and shortcut buttons above the hull. The control and use mainly user operation via touch screen, with those who have been familiar with the Apple iPhone probably will not be unfamiliar with the use of the iPod touch.

The difference in design of the iPod touch with iPhone is a headphone jack and volume control utility. While the iPhone sometimes make users uncomfortable with the position headphone jack is inconvenient standard headphone jack is 3.5 of the iPod touch is designed right on the edge surface of the hull to help the user can easily use headphones senior preferred. Besides, the iPod touch has integrated useful functions to help users to use audio volume control right on the screen when double-click menu on the main screen, through the main screen, users can also of other utilities such as listening to music, stop, move songs. Perhaps you will find a device with better quality music, or have more features, but sure you will not find a device that can bring the same feeling as when you use the iPod touch.

Application in Apple Ipod touch - No 1 entertainment devices
The iPod is integrated to 99% of the features of the iPhone. HP integrates features such as POP / IMAP email, built-in speakerphone, microphone, camera, Bluetooth connectivity, and various utilities such as weather forecasts. Besides the entertainment features such as support Safari Web browser, connect to the Youtube video page, view photos, listen to music, watch videos, and especially the feature to connect to the iTunes music store over Wi-fi makes iPod touch is still the products most advanced video today. The fact that currently only the Archos 605 WiFi is the integrated features such as Web browsing over wi-fi, online music store, video screen size, viewing photos, music, etc.. A more advanced utility that you will not find in the iPhone is its ability to manage the information about songs, videos without using iTunes software.

One noteworthy feature is the iPod touch, shows a clear difference with the iPhone is its ability to access photos, video to TV via Apple AV cable, Universal Dock, or accessories support to view video features. One of the most sad in your iPod touch is not supported as a USB storage, there will be more disappointed about this shortcoming of the iPod touch.

Music files formats supported by iPod touch nothing different products iPods. HP supports the basic format as AAC music files, MP3, Audible, WAV, AIFF and Apple Lossless. The video formats supported include files H.264/MP4, computer support video resolution 640 x 480 at a rate of 30 fps.

Safari web browser features are integrated in the iPod touch does not have as many special versions are integrated in the iPhone, not the world still lack some features. For example, because there is no feature of a phone, so users can send email or call to the email address or telephone number on the site. The email from webmail like Gmail or Yahoo mail works on Safari but not feature copy and paste text, enter your email address into the browser and cause many difficulties. Addition, like the Safari on the iPhone integration, version on the iPod can not display the flash format files on the website.

Apple Ipod touch - No 1 entertainment devices

Although still limited, but the use Safari on a small handheld device like the iPod touch is still very useful and interesting. Keyboard touch and browsing multimedia as well as management program is to bring convenience to users feel comfortable using the iPod touch.

Some noteworthy deficiencies in the iPod touch as FM radio or voice recording, but may be due to the iPod touch have integrated so many advanced features, so that Apple has not “fixed stuffing” out features common to a small device like this. Also machines do not support memory card slot though have memory up to 8GB or 16 GB, however, some companies like Archos or Creative has integrated the ability to expand memory with the SD card slot products of their large memory.

One more point that may need to overcome the iPod in this sample, as mentioned above, the ability to support Flash format on the Safari browser. Currently many websites as well as providing entertainment information for using the very popular image format into flash site to increase its appeal, as well as providing a full range of visual information, or as simple as displaying video files in flash format with smaller size, so be very convenient for users if the iPod touch Safari can support this format. Besides, maybe even to add other programs such as programs written text in notepad has iPhone, features support for playing games on iTunes and listen to stereo music via Bluetooth headset.

When bringing the experiment, the quality of the iPod touch music player does not have so many outstanding products with the same brand. This makes the experimental group rather disappointed with a machine so expensive. Like other products of Apple, no machine features manual EQ adjustments, users can select one of 20 preset EQ mode on. Besides image quality on the iPod video is very good

Machine used battery duration continuous operation is 22 hours when listening to music, video duration is 5 hours. It can be said, the iPod touch is a product relatively perfect, but the price is relatively high so, perhaps you should consider carefully before deciding to buy a high quality product like that, because the features such as web browser, wifi connection Youtube or just extra features that you may rarely used to, and functions of the iPod Touch is still the music and video.