Apple MacBook 2009 – Power,stylishness and low price

Apple MacBook 2009 with body and chassis made white plastic with high-power performance equal “elder” MacBook Pro, but price is only about $ 1,000 (on its website). The price is quite competitive compared to other models running Windows 7 has the same configuration.

Like the MacBook Pro, MacBook also owned plastic and monolith design but instead of aluminum material is high quality plastic outer cover glossy.

Apple MacBook 2009 - Power,stylishness and low priceNew MacBook plastic a little larger and heavier than the MacBook Pro, with a thickness of 2.8 cm and weighing 2.1 kg.

Not equipped with the LED keyboard as the MacBook Pro, the keys are white identical the body and chassis . Keyboard Apple laptop users are always appreciated for the comfort and sensitivity.

Machine owns large multi-point touchpad, support implementation tasks better than multi-point touchpad on my laptop HP Envy 13. When at four finger sliding forward on the touchpad, the window open at the same time be pushed out to the edge on the screen. The larger, scaled sites open in Safari browser is very fast and smooth implementation. Two mouse buttons are integrated with touchpad.

LED-backlit LCD screen 13.3 inch, resolution 1280 x 800 pixels for bright clear images, but colors are not vibrant and lively as the MacBook Pro. Wide viewing angle better, by the folding screen in front of the small color photos immediately. Similar to many other light-thin 13-inch laptop, the MacBook speaker system in 2009 for plastic sounds great but lacks sufficient bass.

Plastic MacBook only 2 USB ports, mini Display Port output image, LAN port and headphone jack at the left side, right there Super Drive DVD optical drive. As Laptopmag, Apple should equip a computer USB port and SD card slot, such as the Dell XPS Studio 13 is not the full communication on the ports but also HDMI and FireWire. HP fully integrated webcam and microphone, good service needs voice chat and video.

Machines equipped with Intel Core 2 Duo P7550 2.26 GHz as the MacBook, Pro with 2 GB of RAM. Geekbench test results in evaluating the performance of the machine to reach 3464 points lower than 50 points compared with 2008 MacBook with Intel Core 2 Duo P8600 2.4 GHz.

When running Windows via Boot Camp 7, the result was 2597 points, equivalent to the power of the Dell Studio XPS 13 (2596). In addition, test results in PCMark Vantage Windows 7 is 3691 points, 600 points higher than the average ultraportable laptop, but lower than the Dell XPS Studio 13 for 4 GB RAM 270 points. The most interesting is the result of the higher to 500 points compared to MacBook Pro with the CPU and RAM capacity.

Performance of the machine is very good multitasking smoother running multiple programs including web browsers open multiple tabs with Safari 4, typing documents on Google Docs, music software and the slacker online video from Hulu.

Apple MacBook 2009 - Power,stylishness and low price

HDD 250 GB hard drive, speed 5400 rpm for smooth operation of data copy speed 27.8 Mb / s and only takes 26 seconds to boot into the operating system Snow Leopard. On the Snow Leopard operating system, computer takes only 2 minutes 12 seconds to convert video file formats 114 MB formatted capacity. Mp4 to. Avi, five minutes faster than average, and only 5 seconds slower than the MacBook Pro. Now on Windows 7, the same experiment, the time needed to convert video format is 6 minutes 50 seconds.

Graphics capabilities of the Apple MacBook plastic supported well by using discrete graphics NVIDIA GeForce 9400M 256 MB similar to “elder” MacBook Pro. Try 3DMark06 on Windows 7, machine reached 2160 points, higher than the 14z Dell Studio 60 graphics card with the same point. -Game Far Cry, resolution 1024 x 768, the average production rate of 29 frames per second, and in its native resolution 1280 x 800 pixel image with the parameters set at the highest level, the image export in 8 frames per second. MacBook Pro with these numbers in turn is 25 and 8 frames per second, Studio XPS 26 and 10 is 13 frames per second.

Duration of the battery runs up to 2009 plastic MacBook 5 hours 10 minutes on the Snow Leopard OS, MacBook Pro 13 inch less 1 hour. Song duration is twice as high Studio XPS 13, and longer than 1 hour compared with an average of 13-inch thin lightweight laptops.

Ability configuration options plastic MacBook may be upgraded to 4 GB of RAM if you add 100 USD or 50 USD for 320 GB HDD or 150 USD to get HDD 500 GB drive.

MacBook newly designed plastic perfect but reasonable price (999 USD), equivalent to the laptops running Windows 7 as Dell Studio XPS 13. Song for an additional 200 users will be owned high-grade aluminum MacBook Pro with full SD card slot, and keyboard backlight LED.