Aspire 4750G with attractive pricing for Core i configured with the second generation chip, discrete graphics card and the battery life is quite good.
At a price of about 500$, Acer Aspire is a good choice because of strong configuration, Sandy Bridge Core i second generation, discrete graphics. This model has a new design of the Acer feels lightweight even equipped with 14-inch screen.

Aspire 4750G Reviews: Good laptop for people

Acer Aspire 4750G is distributed with the configuration includes 14 inch HD screen, Intel Core i3-2310M 2.1 GHz, 2GB RAM, 500GB hard drive, Nvidia GeForce graphics card GT520M 512MB VRAM capacity and optical drive read / write DVD. This model is also tested in the article.


According to the current trend on the cheap new Acer Aspire 4750G still own crust floating fake carbon fiber made of plastic though. This design has brought modernity and luxury to both a machine against dirt during use.

Aspire 4750G is pretty neat design though the screen size is 14 inch. Claws slightly curved design at the edge feels thinner than the actual size. Machine weight 2.26 kg, equivalent to the average in the 14-inch laptop.

Aspire 4750G quite fully equipped from the HDMI port, VGA, USB 2.0 to the latest USB 3.0 standard. However, your lack of data exchange port high speed eSATA. Because it owns the big screen large enough for your own optical drive read / write DVD.

Thermal vents on the left side of the machine are arranged in two rows split the middle connector instead of lying close to the edge as much as current models. To ensure the connection is not ranked too tight, SD memory card reader is given front row next to the factory signal lights.

Aspire 4750G Reviews: Good laptop for people

Aspire 4750G keyboard equipped with the Acer tradition. Because using 14 inch screen, so no separate number pad side. Unfortunately, to create beauty and personalities to the navigation keys of the machine is slightly smaller. Furthermore, this model does not have the multimedia keys separate off the top.Design of the Acer keyboard feels great depth but rather key fact used for that short little trip down. The keys feel slightly lighter and will need more time to manipulate the machines used if the user is using the familiar desktop keyboard like Logitech or Misumi. In return, the distance between the keys just to help not occur type the wrong keys.Contrary to the fingerprint area with floating vein same outer shell, the machine’s touchpad to the glossy plastic surfaces. This design slightly “missed the point” a bit by using adhesive feeling vulnerable, especially when using longer have sweaty hands. Therefore, when using the feeling is not really standard in the action. Two of the computer mouse is quite light, though the design on the same bar as you press hard but do not be mistaken, and quite sensitive.


Acer Aspire 4750G equipped with screen size 14 inch mirror resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. It is not difficult to realize the advantages of this screen is displayed sharp images, brightness but who have these inherent disadvantages such as narrow viewing angle, especially in the perspective top down and bottom up. In addition, shadow images easily using lights outdoors or behind.


Acer Aspire 4750G equipment configuration includes an Intel Core i3-2310M 2.1 GHz, 2GB RAM, 500GB hard drive, Nvidia GeForce GT520M 512MB VRAM capacity.

Aspire 4750G Reviews: Good laptop for people

With hardware like this, this model achieved 4.5 points (get low score by clicking the graphic capabilities) when put in the system Windows Experience Index in Windows 7 Professional (64bit) install. On a scale of detail, the processor was 6.4 points, 5.5 points are the RAM in the graphics capability of 4.5 points and graphics for the game to reach 6.4 points.

Continue using PCMark Vantage program to assess the overall strength, Acer Aspire 4141 reached the level of not really outstanding compared to other laptops even lower price. As Toshiba’s C600 also scored over 3,900 points with similar evaluations.

To use a discrete graphics card from Nvidia, 4750G reach 5,092 points when evaluated by the program 3D Mark 06. The level is higher than the average of more than 2,000 points in the same processor but use the integrated graphics chip instead of discrete graphics.

Continue to use the program to evaluate Cinebech 5.11 processor and try OpenGL. The results achieved with the 1.91 processor and graphics point quite well with 15.43 frames per second.

Aspire 4750G Hard Drive that is used by Hitachi 500GB production rate of 5,400 revolutions per minute. In fact the data read speed rating is 62.1 MB / sec, equivalent to an average of 60MB/sec in the common drive speed 5400 rpm / min.


Aspire 4750G Reviews: Good laptop for people

Acer Aspire 4750G can heat at fairly, air temperature does not rise too fast and when to run full-load CPU 100% more than half an hour (in the picture above). Meanwhile, if you tried to run 3D Mark continuously for about an hour, the machine heats up quite a lot, but the use of the legs is still possible. The hottest areas are the side heat sink and the left slot of the keyboard, touchpad.


Aspire 4750G using the 6 cell battery 48 Wh capacity comes. To fully charge from 7% to disable the entire machine takes about 3 hours 40 minutes while normal use.

Tested: Firefox web pages load 10 and for automatically refreshes every 15 minutes, to open an online music site and play back continuously, using a headset instead of speakers and the volume level to 70% of 50% for your morning run until itself off (even at 5%), the time reached 3 hours 32 minutes.

While testing the machine running a 720p and play back continuously until the machine off, turn off Wi-Fi connection, using a headset instead of speakers and the volume level to 70% (negative bar of Windows Media Player program to 100%), brightness 50% for treadmill until itself off (even at 5% battery), the time reached 3 hours 25 minutes.

These figures show that the battery of the Aspire 4750G is quite good, may be used both discrete graphics, but the battery life equivalent, and even more models equipped with second generation Intel Core i5 not have left the card.


Aspire 4750G Reviews: Good laptop for people

Equipped with Dolby sound systems Advance Audio, the Acer laptop has a higher sound quality than the cheaper models but still not comparable with the entertainment laptop in range 600 to 700$  as of HP or Asus. Small enough to hear a little sound in the room below 20 m2 on 100%. The sound quality is not really convince the audience. Bass hardly appear in the treble feeling a bit shy, especially when opening the max volume.