ATH-ANC7b – the best headphones for you

This is the headphone with sound quality and features of the headphone ATH-ANC7b Audio Technica’s high prices than many others.

Is the latest version of Audio Technica, noise reduction headphone ATH-ANC7b gives listeners a musical space between the crowd quiet though, with audiophile sound quality and excellent feel comfortable when wear.

ATH-ANC7b - the best headphones for you
The noise reduction headphones are included with a handy carrying case, a headphone jack adapter move from eighth to fourth, a hearing on the aircraft adapter and a headphone cable 1.5 meters. In addition, more cable meters built on a headset. Party left ear is used to power noise reduction circuit is activated, the ear is still AAA battery tray power supply circuit for reducing this noise.

Material of this headset take carefully. Head is made from leather bolsters ear soft, still within the mantle is made from black cloth, which looks more luxurious and not cheap as coatings sucking on inferior-quality headphones. The shell is made of plastic headset hard and easy adjustment. Hold more rounds over the middle class make sense of comfort when listening.

The interesting thing is the cable to devices such as iPod, computer, receiver or other sources can be disassembled. This feature is useful in case you just want to capture anti-noise headphones to listen to music or not replaced with longer cables to listen to a fixed source at a certain distance.

ATH-ANC7b - the best headphones for you

Unlike the headphone with foldable joints, turning complex, the design of the ATH-ANC7b simple. Two headset on the left and right turn only one match in, clear instructions, making folded quickly and easily.

By operating on the principle of passive, should have a headphone feature quite useful. While the noise reduction headphones when batteries run out, the battery will not hear music, Audio Technica has overcome this disadvantage by designing the headset still works even when batteries run out.

Once wear ATH-ANC7b, listeners will feel almost all the noise no longer. Headset and soft shell smoothly hugging ears makes a noise barrier curtain rather discreet while feeling comfortable without otalgia. Because quite confidential should press lightly on the ear, the air pressure to create a sense as to change pressure when you run up and run down the slope, but after a while get to know you will not find that feeling again.

ATH-ANC7b experiment with various noise levels from sound sources. The first is to create a brilliant sound in the speakers with 75 db noise sound like sitting on the Airbus 320, it’s interesting, when wearing the headset on, the noise was much smaller. Increase the volume on the major music is almost no longer hear the noise anymore. According to estimates, ATH-ANC7b noise reduction is about 15 db with QuietPoint noise reduction circuit enabled, fairly close to the publication of the Audio Technica (20 db).

ATH-ANC7b - the best headphones for you
 It’s comfortable

Followed by the iPod music player with the compressed and uncompressed music. With compressed music, poor sound quality more easily seen. The floor of soy lo permanently than treble when listening with headphones other low quality. Switch to compressed music, sound quality improved permanently. The bands sound well-controlled, high sound soft, not harsh. Negative medium open and wild, the bass even more serious but still quite tight. Can say, this headset does not need to “end-run the most, just open the box, plug in the player is given a reasonable quality audio. If more listening will be more interesting than that.

With sensitivity 109 db, Headphone ATH-ANC7b volume fairly strong for even low power source. At the volume level to one, the headset sound quality remains intact but is not broken and distorted. When moving from receiver to listen to headphones to hear from laptop, then the headphone amp, may find the sound quality varies ANC7b ATH-source. Good source, good sound quality, bad source, bad sound quality. In all experiments, ATH-ANC7b stay most of the details and separate. If so the depth of crystal clear picture and sound, these headphones can be considered equal quality of audiophile headphones.


– Comfort, designed tiles headset reasonable.
– Removes noise very well.
– Still hear the end of the battery.
– Easily ranked compact.
– Sound health, well-balanced.

– Headsets to steam.
– The bass is slightly larger.
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