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Best Bayonetta Cosplay 2018 - The Beautiful Sorceress in Bayonetta Game

Best Bayonetta Cosplay 2018 – The Beautiful Sorceress in Bayonetta Game

Bayonetta received great anticipation before being launched in part by the reputation of game designer Hideki Kamiya, partly due to the introduction of demos and impressive demos. The hotness of the game is gradually increasing and then burst into a phenomenon when officially launched.

Best Bayonetta Cosplay 2018 - The Beautiful Sorceress in Bayonetta Game

From legend to legend

In the gaming world, there are myths that have become endlessly inspired to produce other myths. Capcom’s Devil May Cry (DMC) game is based on the use of unused materials and images that Capcom’s research and development team collects from their trip to Spain. For the development of Resident Evil 4. From then on DMC emerged quickly and became the monument of the action game pushed up to the level of suffocation. DMC is the inspiration for another game called Bayonetta. Having the same father as DMC’s Kamiya, Bayonetta is the place for this talented game designer to showcase his latest unique ideas.

The Three Precepts

Legend has it that from the wild, the power of the creator Jubileus is divided into two equal parts are two jewels known as The Eyes of the World. Two jewels are assigned to two secretive organizations, Lumen Sage holds The Right Eye and Umbra Witch holds The Left Eye. The existence of the human world, the Inferno hells and Paradise Paradiso all depends on that balance. The two organizations keep their treasures from reaching the other side to avoid reunion leading to Jubilee reviving and recreating the world. However, everything was turned upside down 500 years ago when love flourished between male member Lumen Sage and female witch Umbra Witch and a baby girl was born. Fear The Eyes of the World will merge, both separated forever. At the same time, the disagreements between the two organizations have led to the massacres. The Sorceress of the Umbra Witch, after destroying the Lumen Sage, turns out to be the target of human pursuit and progresses to extinction.

Five hundred years passed, a beautiful sorceress was found by an adventurer and released from the sealed stone coffin in the lake. That’s Bayonetta, who forgets everything related to his past. On the journey to find memory, Bayonetta also discovered many great secrets related to the survival of the world.

Pink Roses Rebellious

Having been successful in building the image of hysterical heroes in the DMC, Kamiya wishes to do something different in Bayonetta. This time he wanted to build a heroic image of a militant woman who was both seductive and powerful. This is a bold idea but very risky because it is easy to fail if you do not know how to exploit these two opposite rational. The difficult task was for the character designer Mari Simazaki and she has done an excellent job. From the very early sketches, the “witchy” Bayonetta was born, a “pink rose” with deadly charm enough to enthrall every gamer. Not as revealing as the female characters in the Ninja Gaiden series, Bayonetta is designed to be “semi-open, half-open” but still attractive with clothes that are largely formed from their hair. Bayonetta also uses a different method when the opponents in the game are designed with the look of angels with round the aura on the head, wings and white dress with gold weapons, deep engraving. The opposite of the protagonist is a sorceress. However, the hidden form of the idea of sanctity is that the wildlife that later will be more clearly revealed.

Not only does it try to create a new character, Bayonetta also wants to bring a superior play. What was there in DMC, Kamiya wanted to have double in Bayonetta. If Dante was famous for Ebony & Ivory guns, Bayonetta had four Scarborough Fair guns, two handles and two jaws on his legs, creating strikingly beautiful attacks. Bayonetta can also use the Shubara sword to perform powerful attacks no less famous swordsmen. Weapons dropped from the monsters can also be picked up and used, but the durability is not high. Players can also purchase and upgrade new weapons and moves from Rodin’s The Gates of Hell to add new features.

The strong personality in Bayonetta is pushed to the climax as the moves often appear dense on screen with various special effects. It can be said that just one button to press the screen explosion in the continuous blows endlessly. This style is impressive and attractive for fans of the action genre, but vice versa can also be annoying for those who first contacted.

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Best Bayonetta Cosplay 2018 - The Beautiful Sorceress in Bayonetta Game

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Best Bayonetta Cosplay 2018 - The Beautiful Sorceress in Bayonetta Game

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