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Best Brigitte Cosplay 2018 - Beautiful New Knight in the Overwatch

Best Brigitte Cosplay 2018 – Beautiful New Knight in the Overwatch

Brigitte’s daughter Torbjorn will be the next hero to be updated to the new version of Overwatch. In an introduction to the new content of the update, Blizzard described Brigitte as an engineer who could design extremely sturdy armor, and fight courageously to protect his teammates. on the battlefield.

Brigitte’s armor skills make her a strong support hero, able to keep the ground in combat while recovering and armoring her teammates. Brigitte’s main weapon is the Rocket Flail, which is capable of destroying a wide range of enemies in a single hit. With each blow, Brigitte’s passive skills, Inspire skill will recover the teammates from time to time.


As the youngest daughter of the famous arms designer Torbjorn Lindholm, Brigitte is also the only child in the family concerned about his father’s special mechanical career. Brigitte always spent his time in the Torbjorn workshop to learn and practice skills from his father. Her weaponry experience is identical to that of Torbjorn. Brigitte, however, turned her attention to finding new armor material and defensive systems – in contrast to her father’s constant pursuit of destructive weapons.

Everyone is looking forward to the future of Brigitte’s father, but she is gradually moving to a new purpose. The main cause lies in another great figure, a dear friend of his father, Overwatch Agent Reinhardt Wilhelm.

As a close friend of Brigitte’s family and godfather, Reinhardt always narrates her heroic stories and battles during her childhood. After retirement and Overwatch disbanded, Reinhardt volunteered to become a knight with the task of bringing peace to the world. Before starting the journey, Brigitte would like to join him for the same purpose. Surprised but proud, Reinhardt agreed.

As an assistant, Brigitte has a variety of missions, but most importantly, it is the maintenance of the Crusader armor of Reinhardt (the old version is familiar to her). But later on, she realizes that her job is to protect, rehabilitate Reinhardt himself before the pressure of the spirit … “rolling discharge” into the battlefield with the body is gradually dying by war.

Over time, Brigitte saw the mechanical work was never enough and the best way to help Reinhardt was to become a warrior the way she wanted. While Reinhardt trained her in actual combat, Brigitte created herself a special armor for herself that only she knew how to use.

When every attempt was made, Brigitte fought alongside Reinhardt, protecting and healing his wound on the battlefield. Where the need for righteousness, she will still be with her teammates and fight for a brighter future!

Top Best Brigitte Cosplay 2018

Best Brigitte Cosplay 2018 - Beautiful New Knight in the Overwatch

Brigitte cosplay wig – Cosplay by anastasya01

Best Brigitte Cosplay 2018 - Beautiful New Knight in the Overwatch

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Brigitte cosplay armor – Cosplay by anastasya01

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Cosplay by anastasya01

Brigitte cosplay tutorial

Here some tip help you can make Brigitte



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