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Best Hela Cosplay 2018 - The Power of Darkness

Best Hela Cosplay 2018 – The Power of Darkness

In the movie version of Marvel, Hela has superior strength, can overwhelm Thor, even crush the Mjolnir hammer. Who is this goddess in Norse mythology?

Hela in Nordic Mythology

According to Hela, another name is Hel. The goddess also has two brothers, the Midgard Sea Serpent and the giant wolf Fenrir; and they are the sons of Loki (the brother of Thor) and the giant Angerboda. Although a beautiful face but Hel’s lower body is extremely ugly, black, sores.

This point of Hel with the danger of two brothers is the sea snake and wolf makes the god Odin high fear and decided to exile them to the remote, far ends of nine worlds, whether For it is Loki’s offspring.

Hel was taken by Odin to rule over death, hell, and forever living in the faraway Nifheim. Since Hel came here, hell changed its name to Hel.

Although she is the goddess and absolute power in the world but Hel is not salty.

The reason is that Nifheim Hell is a place for the bad guys, criminals, the wicked, the sick or the dead naturally … In general is somewhat tedious, not the place the heroes or the dead are fierce on the battle, then, they will be to the eternal realm Valhalla.

In her world, Hel is still beautiful but the beauty is very scary with white skin, sharp eyes carry death. But that’s just the upper half, the bottom half is still ugly, scary as mentioned above. Every day Hel sits on a throne and holds a book of life to manage the dead.

In the Norse mythology, Hel is described as an extremely greedy, harsh and cruel god. She is always jealous and wants to have more naked people or even gods who die to go to hell, seeing that is the prosperity of her realm.

Odin sent to hell, Hel always carry in his deep feud. Later, the goddess had a chance to revenge when Loki tricked the blind god Hoor killed the child whom Odin loved is Balder god.

Hel catches the Balder as his servant and throws out his pleas. Before that situation, brave spirit Hermoor forced to go to hell to negotiate with about bringing Balder back.

Hel smiles coyly and agrees, but there is a condition that all creatures cry for Balder. At this time only one giant girl named Thokk (played by Loki) definitely refused to Balder to stay in hell, prelude to the final war Ragnarok of the gods.

Hela in the Marvel movie version

Hela first appeared in Marvel in 1964 after the birth of Thor and the Nordic mythological comic book. In this plot, Hela’s origins are somewhat different from the original when she was the daughter of Loki’s previous life.

Also, here, Hela is positioned as the lord of hell – Odin’s greatest enemy and Thor. Due to jealousy, Hela’s ultimate goal is to destroy the world of Asgard and capture the spirits of the two supreme gods in hell.

Unlike the Greek mythology, Hela’s image does not have an ugly bottom half but a beautiful goddess, always appearing with a dark green suit scary. Moreover, Hela possesses powerful power but is extremely dark, capable enough to crush Thor’s hammer.

Let’s take a look at the best cosplay pictures of Hela

Top Hela Cosplay 2018

Best Hela Cosplay 2018 - The Power of Darkness

Cosplay by joviclaire

Best Hela Cosplay 2018 - The Power of Darkness

Cosplay by adenry

Best Hela Cosplay 2018 - The Power of Darkness

Cosplay by manluyunxicosplay007

Best Hela Cosplay 2018 - The Power of Darkness

Hela cosplay costume – Cosplay by captainjaze

Best Hela Cosplay 2018 - The Power of Darkness

Cosplay by elenasamko

Hela cosplay wig – Cosplay by catandcrown

Cosplay by playsafeee

Hela cosplay bodysuit – Cosplay by elenasamko

Cosplay by imizuri

Hela cosplay tutorial


I love beauty and like children. I stepped into the cosplay world from old memories and especially liked Chun Li in Street Fighter game.

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