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Canon EOS 1100D Review – Best DSLR Camera with Cheap Price

Canon 1100D with picture quality, good video, the ability to focus, fast metering, but the display is not optimized for new users.

EOS 1100D is only second DSLR cameras from Canon line of four numbers (xxxxD) after 1000D launched in 2008. The appearance of this series is Canon’s move to increase competition in the segment SLR cheap machine, especially the generation mirrorless from Panasonic, Sony or Olympus. Many features are sure to have looked like in the DSLR models like the rear wheel controls, joystick, sensor orientation, focus and motivation have been omitted to reduce costs.
Review Canon EOS 1100D - Best DSLR camera with cheap price
The appearance of the Canon 1000D not necessarily be considered successful, but when the battle is long, Canon clearly have to continue to express themselves on this segment, if not abandoned. This is probably the main reason for the appearance of 1100D with some significant improvements this year. Because targeting young users, there are many colors to choose from, what the colorful camera saw on the Pentax.
Some technical information of Canon EOS 1100D.
    * 12 megapixel CMOS sensor (same model EOS 450D).
    * System 9-point autofocus (up from 7 points in 1000D).
    * Multi-layer light sensor iFCL 63 regions (similar to the model EOS 7D).
    * Video HD 720 at 30 or 25 frames per second (H.264 compression).
    * LCD screen size 2.7 inch 230,000 pixel resolution.
    * ISO range from 100 to 6400.
    * Creation mode as the computer Basic + travel shoot.
    * Compatible Eye-Fi card found the wireless connection.

Part One: Design and display


Review Canon EOS 1100D - Best DSLR camera with cheap price
EOS 1100D is designed plastic but glossy plastic is lighter than types of reliable lumpy plastics commonly found on the Canon of the other three lines (xxxD). A grip may have a little change compared to the 1000D feels firmer hold in the hand.
Canon EOS 1100D is the overall size of 130 x 100 x 78 mm, weight 495 grams (excluding battery and memory card), weighs more than twice the Pentax Q and about half compared to the Sony NEX-C3. A model looks bigger than its predecessor 1000D quite a bit and changed the layout of the buttons.
First is the button placement on the flash is different than all the current DSLR models. Instead of lying beside the lamp, the 1100D built it near the wheel and shutter control. However, users can enter the menu CF-n 9 to change this button to control ISO, if felt necessary.
Buttons behind the machine have been changed quite a lot with putting the button and adjust ISO and white balance instead of Picture Style and Metering 1000D model as in the following notice is the user settings often use. Similar to the 60D, this model is also equipped with Menu Q button for quick setting adjustments as ISO, white balance or other settings can be changed in the CF-n. It is very unfortunate and unusual image delete button in the 1100D is located too far from the reach of the hand when holding the machine. This worked very hard to delete.
1100D uses SD cards (supports standard SD / SDHC / SDXC) to store data. The position memory card slot is located along the pin next to the machine, the design similar to the machine travel. Its battery is Lithium-Ion LP-E10…


Review Canon EOS 1100D - Best DSLR camera with cheap price
Unlike the trend of “the flip, the rotate” current EOS 1100D is equipped with screens do not match as before. The machine is the screen size is slightly larger than 1000D that 2.7 inch but due to cost reduction, the screen resolution is quite bad at, 230,000 pixels even large amount of travel models today. The feeling when the monitor screen of a color slightly lighter than the actual image, the pixel grid should see quite clearly the quality control on-screen image is not really good.

Part 2: Activity, Control

Typical for the popular DSLR, 1100D but has more buttons than the 1000D, but still very limited ability to adjust parameters than models like the xxD or xD. The secondary screen displays the number is always a “dream” for people who use these cameras.
1100D change the layout of the rear as the Disp button, swap file, Menu to the right, located the button to delete above and add video button/switch LiveView for the appearance of this new feature. Adjust the ISO, white balance was added 4-way navigation key during the installation and metering mode images were omitted, the user wants to adjust the system to access the menu.
 Review Canon EOS 1100D - Best DSLR camera with cheap price
Q Menu is the most recent changes like the company did with the 60D. This menu keys helps users quickly change the settings, parameters such as white balance capture, Picture Styles, metering light…
EOS 1100D does not have the extra screen so all of the above information is displayed on the screen behind the single. The layout display of almost no change compared to the traditional Canon. In this model, the mode has been added to Canon explains that users understand the function but still no illustrations like the current low price as the Nikon D3100.
As usual, in the mode like aperture priority (Av), turn the control wheel will change the mode or shutter speed priority (Tv), the control wheel will change parameters of time opening and closing the shutter.
Compared with the elder, of 1100D viewfinder smallest size (0.48 x smaller than the rival Nikon D3100 (0.51 x) and 0.57 in the 60D.
In the viewfinder of the 1100D display 9-point, AF can see the diamond. Range displayed information below including ISO, flash mode light, white balance …. 1100D can clear the light + / – 2 EV.
Most DSLRs are now for the finished product images slightly larger than those recorded in the frame that the photographer. On the 1100D, a 95% coverage (as illustrated in the rectangular shape with the inside). Some models now have DSLR viewfinder with 100% coverage. 

Part 3: Quality photos, video

Image quality, the ability to focus, metering light, white balance.
Review Canon EOS 1100D - Best DSLR camera with cheap price
Canon 1100D uses a CMOS sensor resolution of 12.2 megapixels in size 22.2 x 14.7 mm APS-C standard, 1.6 x crop factor similar to the previous model’s EOS 450D. This model is equipped with DIGIC IV image processor chip, supports ISO sensitivity from 100 to 6400.
Continuous shooting speed of 1100D relatively slow. Actual tests show that this rate of about 3 frames per second with ordinary JPEG images, the camera until the card is full. Shooting RAW images at a rate of 2 frames per second, shooting time to get 6 pics then the rate slowed to about 1.2 frames per second. After each shooting RAW, 1100D takes about 3 seconds to recover. For continuous shooting modes including RAW and JPEG images, the camera speed 1.2 frames per second and only 2 photos taken then the rate of decline of 0.8 frames per second. May take 3 seconds to recover after each shot with a double save mode like this. All tests conducted with SanDisk Pro SDHC card write speed 45MB/s.
As the cheap series but 1100D generally the performance includes a shutter lag, shutter speed, playback is quite good, not much different than the other popular DSLR models. In most photographs, 1100D equally likely autofocus is very accurate and fast. Because it uses light sensors as well as iFCL 63 7D 1100D can be quite an accurate metering and are rated very good.
Speed captured significantly slow strokes in Live View mode, the whole process of shooting, including metering, catching features, flip the mirror and take a loss to around 3 seconds for each shot type. However, this mode can be used only in conditions when a user less difficult to use.
Compared to the competition with the entry-level DSLR sensors and other DSLR, 1100D generally able to control the noise pretty well. At default settings, may retain the ability to reproduce fine detail to the ISO 1600, then the new changes more noticeable at ISO levels of 3200 but still fine for small web. ISO sensitivity can not equal the maximum that the Nikon support as 12,800 or 25,600 in the Pentax, but overall image quality at a high sensitivity of the 1100D at acceptable levels.
Quality video
Review Canon EOS 1100D - Best DSLR camera with cheap price
The biggest difference with its predecessor is 1100D 1000D has video recording mode. However, video on this model have been omitted in many settings, resolution limited in HD at 30 or 25 frames per second (H.264 compression), at the custom hand and not can connect the external microphone. However, with larger sensors, thin depth of field, ability to replace 1100D lens can still produce excellent video than most cameras the same range of travel money Panasonic LX5 or Canon G11.
While recording video, 1100D no autofocus mode to that required to make by hand. It also can not capture still images while shooting video. Like the series as the 500D or 550D and 600D, 1100D arrange a separate video recording mode on the mode wheel.
Like most other DSLR models, the timings of the shutter and the sensor, changing the rotational position of the machine too fast, when video images are distorted sense than horizontal. Specifically, the above image will move slightly faster than the bottom feels a little distortion in about 1 second before the computer made the switch scenes quickly.

Compare competitors and conclusions.

Review Canon EOS 1100D - Best DSLR camera with cheap price
EOS 1100D is almost interchangeable lenses cheapest models on the market today. The image quality of the machine at an acceptable, easy to use with intuitive interface quickly. But the market, this model will be competing with many “truculent” rivals “
Competing models side nearest rival Nikon D3100. This model 1100D only more expensive price of nearly 50$ (includes tube 18-55mm VR kit cost about 600$) but possesses many more features. The first is the larger screen size, capable of recording Full HD 1080p video standard, support a higher maximum ISO (up to 12,800 compared with 6,400 the Canon 1100D). Nikon D3100 also the focus points faster and more powerful, according to the Dpreview.
Meanwhile, a competition Pentax Kr is a bit more expensive, 720p HD video but also display a higher resolution, faster continuous shooting, a large viewfinder and a better customization interface 1100D.
Although the picture quality is quite good the 1100D will have difficulty competing with rivals such as D3100 or Pentax Kr abundance of features.


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