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Canon S95 review – Rich feature for general people

Canon Powershot S95 has overcome some inherent disadvantages of its predecessor (version S90), while expanding the feature set with greater ability to customize.

Canon S95 review - Rich feature for general people

Powershot S90 is regarded as one of the most successful models of Canon compact few years. At the time the new release (August 2009), S90 is like a breath of fresh air into the tourism market advanced camera equipped with advanced integrated in a stylish slim body with quite a price reasonable if compared with the Panasonic LX3 or Canon G11.

In this debut, though not much improved compared to configure important series lead, but successors S95 version has attracted much attention due to have overcome some inherent disadvantages s predecessor while expanding the feature set with greater ability to customize.

Canon Powershot S95 impressive sight than the first by delicate design on the elegant black painted background. Compared to competitors Panasonic LX5 , machine is light and more compact, quite easily be tucked into pants pocket when going away. Similar¬† predecessor S90, the front of machine is polished to create a serene feeling but causing slippery when your hands too much sweat. Optical structure occupies a lot more area due to shoulder Control Ring ring with split-level, quick to adjust exposure parameters, aperture, ISO, clearing Ev, manual focus, white balance .. . Users can set up additional features for this ring by pressing the Func Ring next to the machine. S95’s flash is not turned on by a mechanical spring, as some older models of Canon, which is controlled entirely by electronics inside the motor. Thus, users have access to the menu displayed on the LCD screen to be able to perform the basic operations such as on / off or adjust the brightness of the lights … Add another inconvenience is that when activated, lights will pop-up jump up and occupy a large space at the left edge machine. Otherwise noted, spleen index finger on the front cover will take a huge flash of light each at close range.

Canon S95 review - Rich feature for general people

Control systems are not much different version of S90. Position the keyboard at the back is pushed back down a bit to make room for the thumb. External effects to boot directly to photo mode, shortcut keys also allow a set of 12 features that the machine supports. Normally, users should be assigned to the key feature film to not have to waste time on disc wear scene selection Mode Dial. Rotation around the four navigation keys also allow quick change some parameters in the process of taking effect while scrolling menus and browsing images in playback mode. LCD screen remains 3 inches in size with resolution of 461,000 pixels in 4:3 ratio. With anti-glare technology of PureColor II, capable adjust the contrast is quite flexible, users can freely view and photograph the sun without fear of being affected by the deviation angle or excessive light phenomena .

S95’s lens with focal range of 28-105mm zoom range equivalent to 3.8 x. Compared to the “supper” Leica Vario-Summicron on LX5 equipment, steam restrictions on the ability to shoot wide angle but good to telephoto. Large f/2.0 aperture with anti-vibration system effective hybrid Hybrid IS effective in capturing low-light situations, to lower shutter speeds without raising ISO to be too high. RAW image files trials showed that lens for ultra sharp images on any set focus and aperture. Wrong color appear a bit on the edge of the object image with the contrast a large but almost negligible. However, quite severe distortion (3.5%) in the most wide-angle 28mm equivalent focal length. If you choose to save as JPEG, it will automatically remove this error so the user does not have to bother to use specialized software.

Canon S95 review - Rich feature for general people

CCD sensor equipment on the S95 is not much different from the old version with the effective resolution of 10 mega pixels and the size 1 / 1, 7 inch. ISO range of change machines in the range from 80 to 3,200, up each step 1 / 3 Ev. In addition, the S95 offers a unique mode to enhance sensitivity up to 12,800 values. At ISO settings below 400, the machine for fairly smooth images with bright colors but not too bright as the Panasonic LX5. However, the S95 proved more vulnerable than competitors in the representation of reproduction of the details as dark on dark red background. According Resoure Imaging, noise reduction capabilities of the S95 is marginally better, “predecessor” a bit. ISO sensitivity at 800 and 1600, the machine still shows a few small details remain separate while the contrast is rather dim and faded, like the S90. When increasing the ISO to 3200, so many images can only be a small print in case of emergency.

Ability to satisfy, Canon S95 proved slow in quite application mode. Waiting period between two adjacent images of up to 2.58 seconds. In return, when I switch to continuous shooting mode, the speed jumped to 1.9 images per second with a JPEG file, double the amount of S90 but still inferior opponents LX5 with 2.5 of a second. However, the S95 buffer allowed to take 20 photos at a resolution of the best compression and quality, more profitable rather than the number 3 of images by LX5. Shutter lag in full light conditions at about 0.096 seconds, pretty good with a camera model as the S95 travel compact. However, the waiting time is disappointing in light as its predecessor, up to 6 seconds if the generating capacity located in the most powerful.

Canon S95 provides abundant features for power users even express creativity. Repository of machine wear scene 18 pre-programmed shooting modes, such as basic portraits, landscapes, children, flowers, beach, fireworks … Remarkably, the digital filter on the S95 also allows to create special effects such as miniature scenery, simulator fish eye or nostalgic coloring.

There’s also the HDR mode to create a single image with a very wide contrast range, useful when shooting landscapes and portraits of the sun. With other treatment methods on the RAW files which are complex and inefficient, Canon S95 chosen solutions capture three consecutive images of the same object but different exposure time and then merge them to reach for a picture HDR literally. Users can combine a number of color effects and images in the HDR mode to produce works rich in creativity. However, this disadvantage can not be obtained when the object moves in the process of capture and total time from pressing the shutter button until you get HDR image up to nearly 6 seconds.

Canon S95 review - Rich feature for general people

In addition to the preset shooting modes, S95 also offers manual control mode TV, AV and M is for experienced users.

Another improvement is very welcome that the machine has the ability to support 720p HD video higher than VGA resolution on S90 and its predecessor, “brother” G11. However, the scanning speed has been pigeonholed at 24 frames per second with no more options. Output file is encoded in H.264 standard combines high-quality stereo sound.

With a price of about 399 USD, Canon S95 is not a bad choice for those who need a compact machine travel light but still require high image quality and feature sets. Compared with the first version, the machine has to overcome the fundamental weaknesses related to response speed and shooting ability but with no real innovation in terms of technology inside and outside design. So, if economic conditions do not allow, you can choose the model S90 with lower prices.

You can see more detail technical this camera in Amazon(this machine in top 20 Popular camera in Amazon) : Canon PowerShot S95 10 MP Digital Camera with 3.8x Wide Angle Optical Image Stabilized Zoom and 3.0-Inch inch LCD

Or you can find old version but it’s very good for all: Canon PowerShot S90


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