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CC Code Geass Cosplay Ideas in 15 Unearthly Steps

CC Code Geass Cosplay Ideas in 15 Unearthly Steps

Most characters challenge portray-er through their personality, but cosplaying as CC from Code Geass will also challenge one’s futuristic fashion sense as well.

You’ll need to select some garments before you can unleash any unworldly contracts on Lelouch!

Top 15 CC Code Geass Cosplay Ideas

1) There are numerous options laid out for you from both patterns and pre-made commercial costumes.

Having a plan really helps, so take a few moments to think about what you want to do.

While CC might not seem like a very calculating character, she actually can be.

2) She seems to be rather fond of belts around other parts of her costume than what might be considered normal. A belt punch can really help in this respect since most people don’t have arms or legs thick enough to wear regular belts around them.

3) White Tripp pants could be converted into something similar to what she wears, but CC doesn’t literally wear them. Straps and dangles worn on her clothing don’t often cross. When they do, they do so in a very visually striking way.

Top 15 CC Code Geass Cosplay Ideas

4) CC’s hair can be replicated by a number of green wigs that ship from regular anime character good supply firms. Her hair is usually straight, so any wigs that you acquire shouldn’t need too much work to get them to match the way that she looks.

5) She sometimes seems to wear black arm warmers, which can usually be found from subculture suppliers as well as clothing resellers. They shouldn’t be too hard to acquire.

6) As with many otherwise mysterious characters, she’s often depicted with rather prominent stockings. White socks worn in a certain way are important in some Japanese subcultures. That makes them vital to some of the costumes that she wears.

7) Even when she’s in some of her more demure costumes, CC wears pretty prominent belts around her waist. Some of these reflect light and others seem to be darker. Mixing and matching different designs can be a lot of fun.

8) There are some images that show her dressed as an academy student. If you go this route, you could probably recycle the uniform if you wanted to later play as another Code Geass character later on. By using a couple of different wigs, you could probably even change after the first day of a two-day convention.

9) Several props can help out with such a cosplay. As strange as it might sound to her character, CC is always eating pizza. Considering that most cosplays take place at conventions, it shouldn’t be hard to get a few photos taken with some pizza in the cafeteria.

10) If you’re lucky, you can either find or make a stuffed animal form of Cheese-Kun, the Pizza Hut mascot indigenous to Japan. She holds a stuffed Cheese-kun at several points in the series, since Pizza Hut was a sponsor of Code Geass’ broadcasts in Japan.

11) If you want to have a little something fake in your wallet, it could be fun to carry around a couple of faux credentials ostensibly belonging to Lelouch vi Britannia. Apparently, his doesn’t mind using his credit card without his permission.

12) While most people practice various expressions when they want to cosplay as someone, doing so for CC presents a unique challenge. After all, her powers are reflected in the way that she looks at people. Therefore, it may take a little more practice than what might be expected for most characters.

13) When speaking to other people in your cosplay group, you might want to try out some of her other nicknames. You could have others refer to you by one of the numerous permutations of witch that she goes by.

14) CC often carries herself with a sort of blank stare, and these poses are great for those being photographed.

15) Naturally, you should do your best to expose yourself to the anime and manga. While you’re at it, you might try collecting figures or something similar. Code Geass character goods are always fun.

Top CC Code Geass Cosplay 2018

Top 15 CC Code Geass Cosplay Ideas

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