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10 Common Mistakes When Shopping Home Theater’s

Many people “like the big screen even though the room was very small or so the savings do not buy the standard speakers. Here are some common mistake you can shopping home theater that you should avoid.

1. Buying the wrong size of the screen

In fact, everyone wants a big screen though with a certain area, the large TV room may not be the best choice. The golden rule in choosing the appropriate screen area is room for common LCD or Plasma, the distance from the sitting position to watch TV about two times the width of the screen. As for HDTV, the optimal distance is equal to or slightly less than the width of the screen.

Specifically, if you have a Plasma or LCD TV size 42 inches, the distance from the screen to seat up to 1.5 to 2 meters, otherwise you will see too clearly the pixels on the screen, just to distraction The main image, just as eye strain.

2. Rooms have window

Most TV shows are now well in moderate light, however, a dark room is always the optimal choice, especially for those who like to watch movies in the projector. Do not set the screen on the opposite side with windows. If the room has windows, make curtains to cover the material well enough to not allow light to pass through.

10 Common Mistakes When Shopping Home Theater's

3. Buy cheap speakers

Some people do not want to spend much money on audiovisual equipment without considering the quality of the speakers and subwoofer. Of course, the quality of care does not mean you have to invest the mountain money for expensive speakers, but at least you have to invest so that the medium speaker.

Because firms are now released so many versions of rational choice also takes a long time. Make the effort to listen to in the place of purchase with your CD or DVD keep hearing before deciding to buy and compare themselves to come to a decision properly.

4. Sounds inconsistent

For those with little experience, so the situation is likely to occur after installation and connection finished, turn on and immediately heard the sound is not quite right: too weak bass, dialogue hearing not clear, surround sound fuzzy … In fact, if you noticed, the problem can be easily solved.

Most of the receiver’s home theater systems are installed program allows to adjust the size and distance from the speakers I listened to the location, even including the sound stage built to support Support automatic volume base of each speaker so perfect.

5. Do not read the user manual

Sometimes people buy too subjective when the connection is easy but not “glance” through the user manual. Even if you have experience, the first thing you open the box to connect your device to proceed is to read the user manual to ensure that all connections or other features of the theater in this country are not ignored.

6. Not anticipate the service after sales

10 Common Mistakes When Shopping Home Theater's

Although you do not have to buy more after-sales service for all audiovisual equipment, but for some of home theater or large screen size and expensive, to anticipate the services support is always needed. If not, so you will encounter situations like no home repair services, while transport services are too expensive, no replacement parts when damaged only a few parts which require the replacement of the entire system …

7. Shop by brand and price rather than demand

Although often associated labels good quality but can not guarantee that the leading brands have different equipment to satisfy your needs. Before deciding to purchase, please look through one round of home appliance models and see different prices for comparison. Do not let these offerings attractive prices are sometimes blinded by the attractive price is not commensurate with quality. The high price means better quality comes. Find the right stuff you need, based on the optimal ratio between quality and cost criteria “, or in the range of money.”

8. Confusing cable connections

This has always been a problem encountered when connecting new devices, especially with an orchestra in the country, the number of cable so much more. Thankfully, most of the current frame on each end are color-coded wires to the receiver connected to a user by mistake.

Here are some tips if you lack the staging of small details.

– Make sure the cable connection is not dangling too long, just enough for the device.

– Check cable connection with colored tape to the cable that plugs into any place in any case check the connection later.

9. Using the cheap cable

Issues need to invest very expensive cables to make sure the sound quality for home theater staging or not remains controversial to date. The answer is still need an appropriate investment should not necessarily just the big names and high prices. Only one thing should be noted that the thin cable, cheap often comes with a DVD player or VCR quality is often not good enough and if possible, replace with better quality cables as soon as possible if not afford the cost of cable “terrorist.” At least, the more expensive cable will have a better anti-interference ability and life expectancy is longer than the cheap cables sold separately.

10. Do not hire experts as needed

After completion of all phases from purchase to installation and connection, you can still find the sound quality and picture is very bad and not satisfy demand.

If you are experienced, please re-establish themselves tinkering speaker position, alignment and color brightness of the screen, find the appropriate direction of speakers … If do not feel confident or do not know, ask the experts design room to spend a certain amount. Especially in the case want to set a custom layout in the room with the special requirements such as assembly speaker hidden, limited open space, underground wiring that depends on the experts can save installation a lot of time, effort and money than the amount you spent buying and renting of the design layout.


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