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15 Simple Cosplay ideas for beginners

15 Simple Cosplay Ideas for Beginners

Most of the anime character how-to articles that we’ve run acrossed on how-to cosplay have been extremely specific to a single character. However, many fans might not need this information right away.

Instead, for the cosplay beginner, the most useful guide would be one that walks them through the basic steps of pulling off a success!

We’ve produced this how-to with that in mind so that we might better help those who are either very new to the hobby or want to design their own costume experience from the ground up.

Sometimes, all you need to get started is a bit of friendly encouragement, and it’s our sincere hope that this helps your character get off the ground.

Here 15 Cosplay ideas for beginners that you can try:

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1) Decide on a character that you know something about. You don’t want to cosplay as a character that you’re not too familiar with.

2) Make sure to have interacted with the series that their from. Characters for cosplay events come from anime, comics, manga, movies, video games and many other sources.

3) Remember that not all cosplay characters have to be animated. Many people choose characters from the live-action series as well.

4) Get into the mindset of the character. The art of cosplay isn’t simply about dressing up, and many cosplayers want to try to act out the roles that they have been fit into.

5) Since many anime characters have quite peculiar colors of hair, you might want to experiment with some wigs. Some companies have taken to marketing them specifically for this purpose.

6) Perhaps you’d like to look over some of the fascinating works online. The Internet plays host to a large number of cosplay images, both from North America and Japan. Some of these individuals are even actual cosplay professionals.

7) Likewise, you may want to check out costume patterns online. Many fans fully give out their secrets freely.

8) If all else fails, there are several retailers who market professionally tailored cosplay costumes to choose from. These are often designed with the most popular characters in mind.

9) While online, you might find an Internet community to join. These sorts of organizations can give tips and share news for cosplay just as well as any other hobby.

10) Try to get together with other cosplayers in your area. Different fans excel at different parts of costume making, so it’s nice to have both a talent pool and a new group of friends.

11) Consider a competition; many events host some sort of cosplay contest or a sort of makeshift fashion show based around the art.

12) Think about playing as a character from a less popular anime. Though there will probably be a sea of people as Naruto or Sakura, how many depictions of Renton Thurston will there be?

13) Ask someone to show you how to sew. Having some skills with the thread and needle are invaluable.

14) Make sure your costume is durable before showing it off. Having it tear or come apart would be disastrous, but if you catch it beforehand, repairs shouldn’t be difficult.

15) Most importantly, enjoy yourself. A lot of people end up taking themselves far too seriously and don’t get any real fun out of it.


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