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All Amazing D.Va Cosplay in Overwatch 2018

All Amazing D.Va Cosplay in Overwatch 2018

Twenty years ago, South Korea was attacked by a giant Omnic rising from the East China Sea. With the utopian size and destructive power, it almost flattened the coastal area and dived back into the sea. In response to this huge Omnic, the government created a type of robotic remote control robot called MEKA to protect the attacked areas.

Every year, this giant robot attacks Korea and its neighbors. Unfortunately, this Omnic has a good adaptability, and every time it encounters a human, it learns self-healing itself with new functions and weapons. So until this giant Omnic realizes its weakness and destroys the MEKA’s control network, there is no other way to put the pilot.

Having found the right MEKA driver, the government turns to professional gamers – who have the reflexes and instincts needed to control the armor’s advanced weapons system. So is a group of pilots selected, which is headed by Hana Song nickname D.Va – the champion game Starcraft. D. Va is famous for his superior skills, playing wins at all costs and never falling back on her opponents.

Recognizing this MEKA pilot job as a game, D. Va did not hesitate to agree. Starts off guarding the homeland and even D. And streams the campaign for the fans to watch again. The number of followers – admirers of D. Va also began to rise and soon D.Va became a global icon.

At the present time, D.Va is also the most popular female character in the Overwatch, and this seems to come from the beautiful appearance as well as the tight fit of this girl in the game. Here is a pretty cosplay image of the female character:

Top D.VA Cosplay 2018

All Amazing D.Va Cosplay in Overwatch 2018 cosplay headset – Cosplay by ayawolfcosplay

All Amazing D.Va Cosplay in Overwatch 2018

Cosplay by disharmonica

All Amazing D.Va Cosplay in Overwatch 2018

Cosplay by julia-mifei cosplay wig – Cosplay by whitespringpro

Cosplay by nadyasonika

Cosplay by aoandou

Top D.VA Bunny Cosplay 2018

Cosplay by rinnieriot

Cosplay by giuzzys

Cosplay by murmoruno

D.VA Bikini Cosplay 2018

Cosplay by xkeno

Cosplay by chastten

Cosplay by redkaezar



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