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Dell Inspiron 14R review – reliable and powerful

Dell’s laptops are designed pretty sure the keyboard, good touchpad although battery life is not impressive.

Dell Inspiron 14R review- reliable and powerful

Inspiron new 14R was upgraded to use the Intel Core i series in June last. This model is a rugged, elegant plastic ball engraved with the outside and still inside the sinking aluminum form scratch with good equipment configurations.

The trial version, Inspiron N4010 (also known as Inspiron 14R) configuration includes Intel Core i3-350m speed 2.26 GHz, 2GB DDR3 RAM, 320GB hard drive speed 5400 rpm, HD Graphics Intel graphics chip, optical drive read / write DVD.

Machine weight 2.39 kg with 6 cell battery comes time to use for about 3.5 hours according to the manufacturer. N4010 Inspiron preloaded operating system Windows 7 Home Basic 64-bit.

Design, keyboard, touchpad


Dell Inspiron 14R review- reliable and powerful

Inspiron 14R impress right from the first look at the design hinges on the first machine to assume a deviation space behind. Plastic ball with a simple sink, but still create distinctions, luxury for the model. However, as usual type of adhesive is easy to peel sweat, fingerprints, so when users will often have to clean the machine hygiene.

Hand to hand in part of this model is made of aluminum radiator helps good scratch for machines while also creating more comfortable rest at regular intervals when work must continue.

14R Inspiron quite fully equipped port. By breaking the design at hinge machine manufacturer should have put a number next to the gateway as VGA, USB and power jacks. Other connections are also commonly appear as HDMI and eSATA. However, with only 2 USB ports seems a bit less than the demand for laptops and many other current models.

Keyboard, touchpad

Design of computer keyboard retains characteristics of the products in the Dell. This is also the key advantages of this model is the key to this level well, feeling very comfortable for the user. Specifically, four navigation keys also have a large size plus more for Inspiron 14R.

This laptop’s touchpad is also quite sensitive, use the mouse is due to meeting certain advantages to the user manipulation is more accurate. The motion sensor support are also areas of this mouse to perform well.

Monitor, performance


Equipped Inspiron 14.1-inch screen size resolution of the standard WXGA 1366 x 768 pixels, 16:9 ratio. Like most other model using mirror screen, showing images sharp and clear even still the ball, especially when used outdoors and when displaying images with dark colors like most other mirror screen.

Tilt angle on either side pretty good machine, when tested at approximately 50-60 degree angle compared to the perpendicular, the eye can still observe good image, text on the screen with almost no color change page. Meanwhile, if you look up the incline from the dark images often go quite well.


Inspiron N4010 (also known as Inspiron 14R) equipment configuration includes Intel Core i3-350m speed 2.26 GHz, 2GB DDR3 RAM, 320GB hard drive speed 5400 rpm, Intel graphics chips Graphics HD, optical drive read / write DVD.

Dell Inspiron 14R review- reliable and powerful
 Mark with Windows Experience Index system

With hardware like this, this model achieved 3.9 points (from a low point by clicking the graphics capabilities for Windows Aero) marked by the system when Windows Experience Index on Windows 7 Home Basic (64bit). On a scale of detail, to reach 6.3 point processor, RAM memory is 5.5 point while the 3.9 graphics capabilities for gaming and graphics point to reach 5.1 points.

Dell Inspiron 14R review- reliable and powerful
 Machine reaches 1452 points with 3DMark06.

Meanwhile, if you use the program to try scoring power 3DMark06 graphics, the Inspiron 1452 only achieved at 14R. This is easily understood by machines using only Intel integrated graphics chip HD Graphics and higher than average level of 1,000 points in the laptop does not use graphics. Points are also higher than the 1256 models of the IdeaPad U460 uses an Intel GMA HD.

If using PCMark Vantage program (version for 64 bits operating system) to assess the overall machine, the machine achieved a scale of 4781 points with details like this.

Dell Inspiron 14R review- reliable and powerful
Scoring machine with the program overall PCMark Vantage.
When playing a game testing requirements as PES2010 average graphics, computer games can only be set at the lowest level “Low” and the rate stabilized at 40 frames per second.

Test the speed of the 320GB hard drive capacity (speed 5400 rpm) is the average speed is 60.8 MB / s.

Dell Inspiron 14R review- reliable and powerful
Rank processor with the latest programs Cinebench R11.5.

Continue using Cinebench R11.5 program to evaluate the latest Intel Core i3-350m 2.26 GHz processor speed, computer results as shown above.

 Radiator, battery, audio


14R Inspiron use cooling fans placed at the left edge machine, when running normal applications like web surfing or watching movies, fans also started running and found the heat quite well in this position. Meanwhile, the area left of the keyboard and touchpad are heating up pretty quickly when used. However, at this temperature is acceptable when it comes to computer lap to work.


14R equipped Inspiron 6 cell battery included 63 Wh capacity. To fully charge the battery while PC users should use the period from about 2.5 hours of battery level to 8%.

Open Firefox loads 10 test sites and to automatically reloaded every 15 minutes, to open an online music site and for continuous playback using headphones instead of speakers and the volume level to 70% of 50% light machine run until it self off (also at 5%), then this time reached 2 hours 21 minutes.

While running a test machine and 720p HD movie files for playback continuously until the machine off, turn off Wi-Fi, instead of using external speakers and headphones to 70% volume level (sound Windows Media Player program to 100%), 50% brightness until the machine runs itself off (also at 5% battery), then this time reached 2 hours 28 minutes.


Speaker Systems Insipron of 14R are arranged at the underside near the front edge of the machine. Speakers for sound quality even at relatively large volume is not enough listening, personal entertainment in the room of more than 20m2.

Especially the bass and treble clarity, in accordance with the personal entertainment.


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