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FinePix Z700EXR stylish add features to identify dogs and cats

Camera line Z with lens hidden fashion, Z700EXR of Fujifilm, in addition to the new sensor also has additional features to identify dogs and cats.
The ultra-thin line of machines, designed to maintain applications usually have to type lens hidden in the body, or complaints so that the image quality is not high. Thus, the most significant point of Z700EXR version is already Fujifilm improved by applying the new Super CCD EXR sensor which is used on the death F200EXR or F80EXR appreciate quality.
Some basic parameters of the machine includes sensors 12 million pixels, the lens equivalent to 36-180 mm, 3.5 inch LCD screen 460,000 pixels, anti-vibration mechanism sensors and camcorder 720p HD .
FinePix Z700EXR stylish add features to identify dogs and cats
Sliding surface of the waves Z700EXR designed glider.
Not take the design of the Z300fd, the sliding surface of Z700EXR is designed glider wave with function  same Sony style, just a lens cover, just switch the power off. However, the selection layer glossy paint cover  makes the surface of the machine is vulnerable fingerprints.
Version touch buttons is at maximum, only include photography button, zoom and review pictures on the surface. The entire back side is 3.5 inch touch screen with left-hand symbol rate for selected imaging mode (such as round-edit mode on the general machine), left menu to adjust other parameters such as ISO or size of the arrangement is at the bottom of the screen. Screen high-resolution 460,000 pixels, the image clarity when reviewing.
 FinePix Z700EXR stylish add features to identify dogs and cats
Fujifilm’s interface is nothing groundbreaking, is still always touching to take without press photography. However, the company has sent a small improvement as two-way interface (GUI Dual Direction). When you turn the camera vertical, navigation system and back to the media for taking control, similar to the smartphone today.
Overcome weaknesses of the Sony T series, the appearance of Z700EXR improved system icons to more easily clicks. Rotation sensors to navigate the interface enable easy operation with one hand or even in review mode image.
One of the interesting features of the Z700EXR identify dogs and cats. Tests showed this technology to identify relatively good. But unfortunately does not allow to identify both people and animals in the same scene.
Some modes of adjustment Z700EXR also have certain inconveniences, such as in quiet mode, the device will automatically mute the same time, always turn off the flash integrated. If you just want the lights, just to silence, the shooting mode to switch back to regular hours and off by adjusting the volume.
In terms of speed, we can say only Z700EXR found acceptable to the latency between 0.05 seconds and shutter-speed continuous shooting of 2.5 frames per second. However, time to reboot quite bad, lasts up to 4 seconds (while other machines are typically two seconds) and time to write the image tags in the continuous mode takes quite long. Speed 2.5 frames per second just to maintain the first 5 images (ie only 2 seconds).
Focus mode of Z700EXR quite accurate, but the focus mechanism is classically a small button press photography, and capture frame basis, instead of the new mechanism touching the screen to focus your life feel like a applications recently.
FinePix Z700EXR stylish add features to identify dogs and cats
identify dogs and cats
700EXR image quality of the goods on the market average. With ISO at 100, pictures of pretty, little noise. ISO 200 is acceptable to the 400 with only a few small particles makes noise picture seems fine, but the colors have not been broken. However, similar to other travel machine, the quality started declining necessarily from ISO 800 to 1600 due to the interference of too little noise reduction algorithm. Return, color fidelity is kept relatively stable throughout the ISO range. So the elder generation F200EXR version of this process necessarily even worse than the sensor technology. Of course, one of the main reasons is also not to mention the F200EXR larger sensor.
Z700EXR support 720p HD film speed 30 frames per second with the quality of goods is only average. When images are scenes of Italy, saw the phenomenon that is quite clear on. Video capacity is quite large, at about 180MB per minute rate, so if people like the video, the user must be equipped with high capacity memory cards.
Overview, Fujifilm FinePix Z700EXR looks quite fashionable, stylish, fully meet the basic needs of the user. Although sensing applications and new generation but the quality of images and videos of this version has not reached the level of excellence. Add to that the crust is easy to stick to the fingerprint and a lack of wide angle lens should also factor price and the ability to identify dogs and cats, also will be difficult to make any special impression to the user in the “forest” camera advanced travel today.

You can to buy this product in Amazon in: Fujifilm FinePix Z700EXR 12 MP Super CCD EXR Digital Camera with 5x Optical Zoom and 3.5-Inch Touch-Screen LCD (Silver)There are 3 colour: Silver,Red and Black


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