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Gaara Cosplay Tutorial: The Man of Desert

A dust devil picks up as the sandstorm draws near. Before you can react, the force of a mighty soldier who fights with the power of the desert itself has taken you down.

Keen and focused, there is little that can threaten Gaara. At any moment, he is prepared to conquer a foe that once thought himself assured in his talents.

He is a peerless warrior who fights with such fearsome skill that few dare even challenge him.

However, if you are up for the challenge becoming Gaara, then perhaps with this advice you might be able to become like one of the few individuals able to stand up to Naruto Uzumaki and look him in the eye. Here 15 tips Gaara Cosplay Tutorial for his fan:

Gaara Cosplay Tutorial: The Man of Desert

1) Gaara wears black pants or leggings, and if you have a pair that you don’t mind altering a bit, then he has a pair of bindings on his right leg by the second part of the series.

2) A long, brown trench coat will certainly be a great substitute for the covering that Garra wears by the second part of the series. However, you should make sure that it flows a bit at the legs.

3) Over the coat, Gaara wears a gray vest. Though it may be a bit more difficult to find one, a vest with straps that attached at the front would be the best.

4) Gaara always has his supply of sand stored in a gourd that he wears upon his back. This is probably the hardest object to replicate for a cosplay, but you could probably safely recolor some kind of container to take its place.

5) Black sandals are far more common and are truly a must for any successful Gaara cosplay.

6) Hold a strong sense of justice. Regardless of his own convictions, Gaara has no respect for the Akatsuki.

7) Be able to adopt the strong points of your adversaries. After being defeated by Naruto, Gaara began to assume some of his opponent’s philosophy.

8) Watch the Naruto anime, and read the manga to be sure that you have a complete grasp of the universe your new alter ego can call home.

9) Know when to preserve and when things are a lost cause. After being injured by Sasuke Uchiha, Gaara fled Konohagakure to allow the invasion to continue without him.

10) Don’t be afraid to rethink your convictions. Gaara once thought that killing indiscriminately was his lot in life, and only after did he become a noble warrior.

11) Have a great deal of loyalty towards those you trust; over time Gaara learned to protect as many individuals as he could.

12) Never be afraid to challenge yourself. Gaara first met Naruto Uzumaki because he was looking for the next ninja to compete against.

13) In the same vein, never be afraid to do what’s right. Gaara said that he would give his life for Sunagakure, even if its residents hated him.

14) Search far and wide for those things to challenge your mind and spirit as well. Gaara originally traveled to Konohagakure to take the Chunin Examination.

15) Surround yourself with as many Gaara character goods as you can acquire. Figures, keychains, and many other pieces of merchandise will serve as a reminder for the shoes you are about to fill.


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