Good tips buy digital camcoder

Digital camcorders today can make video recording and editing is easy. You can also export the clips get the tape or DVD or put directly onto the network.
Good tips buy digital camcoders
The model currently used by MiniDV is rarely goods, but by the outstanding quality movies and good prices lower than others. Types using the DVD and hard drive are more common. You can also see the Mini DVD disc on DVD player but if your laptop only DVD “swallow disk” is probably smaller than the disk will not fit. With these models often use the hard drive or flash drive, you will need more storage space on your computer for the movie. In case the camera can be SD or SDHC memory card, you can review the videos easily on the digital frame, standard HD TV and other entertainment devices slot SD / SDHC. 

High quality (HD) or standard (SD)?

Although the HD video quality is very good but quite expensive HD camera and not all video editing software will accept the HD clips. The decoding is also a problem when files often use the HD format AVCHD (Advanced Video Codec High Definition) format is not always supported by editing software. The HD MiniDV camcorders often use HDV compatible format better. Both formats require high PC configuration to decode the file and many hours to the building. Moreover, even if your editor supports HD, then it is only when you burn a disc the standard.

Main Features

Display: LCD display allows you to easily observe the subject and preview clips. However, some LCD not clear under the action of sunlight and sun screen size consume much more battery. Therefore, most camera are equipped view-finders .

Widescreen video: Some camcorders can record with a 16:9 aspect ratio (the ratio of HD TV use), even for the regular film. With such a camera, CCD sensors will have the option of 16:9 or traditional 4:3 ratio. In case the camera only part of the CCD for widescreen movies.Lenses: All camcorders have zoom lenses but not empty also differentiate clearly between optical zoom and digital zoom. Maximum optical zoom is the highest magnification camera that can be achieved with the lens on. Overall, about 10X optical zoom is more than enough. Meanwhile, the digital zoom to expand the image to fill the screen after the open end of the optical zoom, making movies seed.

Anti-vibration: Do you worry about the images was caused by shock your hands? With the anti-vibration, the mechanism of the lens movement will overcome the movement outside. With electronic anti-vibration, photos will be processed again by CCD. Features anti-vibration optical often for better results.

Pin: Most camcorders can operate for at least an hour with batteries included. These batteries have a longer use time typically cost from $ 50USD to 100USD.

Microphone: The microphone is usually placed in front of the microphone for better audio set on top of the machine. Some camcorders have a “zoom mic” to increase the volume by the zoom lens is used and some other form allows you to plug in external microphone.

Photography: Many camcorders can record still images on memory cards or tapes. Some machines can also store images of the same resolution as digital camera 5Mpixel. However, not easy to find a number of camera control buttons or picture quality fairly common with digital cameras.

Low light : Many camera can operate in low light conditions with the help of infrared light, slow mode close the lens to get more light one, or take light from one or multiple LED available. The mode can be useful but the film is not as beautiful as the light conditions well.

Connectivity: Most MiniDV camcorders have FireWire ports for transferring video to PC; few samples will film via USB 2.0. Most models are back port S-video or composite ports production (video and audio) to view video on TV. In addition, the camera can also enter S-Video ports and ports in composite, allowing you to collect from other sources such as from analog camcorders (analog) for the former.

Weight: In addition to a large LCD screen and extra features will make the camera a higher price but will also make it difficult for users and increase the size of the machine. Weight of machine is also a key criteria for the camera because affect you always take it with the trip. In addition, the volume also affects the price: the models is often more expensive. Typically, small camera lens will be simpler, less features and modes for more difficult to control.