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Hellsing Alucard Cosplay: A Coat to Protect You from the Night

Hellsing Alucard Cosplay: A Coat to Protect You from the Night

A men’s Hellsing Alucard Duster costume is the perfect way to dress for any occasion that calls for the slaying of the undead.

The red jacket is just waiting for a custom set of clothes to compliment it. Anyone who wants to design part of their costume, but have some of the work done by a professional, will enjoy this option.

Some might call the idea of cheating, but naturally, it is an excellent way to support the artists that create these sorts of cosplay items.

Hellsing Alucard Cosplay: A Coat to Protect You from the Night

They strive to provide fans with all of the important gear that they need to go up against anything that would go bump in the night. Red is the ideal color for this sort of a cosplay coat, considering that it is also the color of blood.

Working with the Hellsing Organization, Alucard is the hero, or arguably the anti-hero, of the Hellsing manga and anime series. Fighting against evildoers and other vampires, Alucard seems to be a conflicted character who straddles the line between good and evil. Now you too can straddle that line. There is no better way to explore the underworld of supernatural monstrosities.

Vampire hunters come in all sizes, and therefore, you’ll find that the cosplay duster comes in men’s sizes small, medium, large, extra large, 2X, 3X, 4X and 5X. Though Alucard may have a bad habit of taunting his opposition, fans that are found wearing this costume will garner nothing but respect.

The collar is particularly detailed and the fabric that hangs down from the back of the neck elicits mental images of combat. That combat is, of course, fought against a backdrop of an eerie, somewhat European fictional world.

It would not be moral to send children into a war of bloodthirsty demons, so this Alucard cosplay duster only comes in adult sizes.

However, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem, considering that the Hellsing series was never kid-friendly anyways.

Moreover, only fans of the series would have the perquisite wire-framed sunglasses.

Discover more info about this character here


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