HP 4411s Probook simple and convenient

HP’s advantage lies in its ability ProBook 4411s stable operation and safety, not form.
HP 4411s Probook simple and convenient
ProBook 4411s opted  simplicity rough shell, anti-fingerprint stored. The red highlights on the HP logo and trademarks Probook silver.

ProBook 4411s chiclet equipped full-sized keyboard, the layout is quite convenient with reasonable area, convenient for the user. Above the keyboard are the power button and QuickLook support for fast access to e-mail, calendar or contacts available.

Touchpad of the 4411s was appreciated, the area of the touchpad is quite comfortable for the user. Relative roughness on the surface also makes the touchpad controls the cursor becomes accurate and “real hand” over. Two-button mouse works fine, soft with a moderate rise.

Probook 4411s screen format 14-inch 16:9 ratio LED with resolution 1366 x 768 pixels. With support from discrete graphics, ProBook 4411s screen for bright images, bringing alive the feeling when watching movies or gaming. Cameras have built 2 megapixel camera for recording stereo next to the bottom of the screen.

HP 4411s Probook simple and convenient
Machines running applications on Windows 7, is equipped with 320 GB hard drive, rotation speed 7200 revolutions per minute, enabling faster data access and extensive storage space.

With Intel Core 2 Duo T6570 2.1 GHz processor speed and 2GB memory, 4411s ProBook meet use demands. If you want to upgrade, ProBook 4411s can support a maximum memory up to 8 GB.

The graphics are not factors requires more in the business line computer but with ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4330 512MB, Probook 4411s to support the requirements of image processing, photo editing on the part graphics or video with Probook 4411s became more attractive.

ProBook 4411s are fully equipped with software such as HP ProtectTools, Spare Key, Disk sanitizer … By encrypting data on computers, software such as HP file sanitizer, HP Disk sanitizer for permanently deleting information without fear of unauthorized recovery.

Besides, the software on your computer to help access as SpareKey also essential, for password recovery by three questions about personal information. Additionally, the McAfee Security also built a secure solution. ProBook 4411s also popular Kensington lock the other HP models.

Probook 4411s equipped with four USB ports, divided into two left and right edges. In it, a USB port eSATA interface support allows high-speed data transmission. The basic connections such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Ethernet are fully equipped in Probook 4411s. It also supports both HDMI and integrated SD card reader and expansion slot. Optical Drive DVD that features HP’s LightScribe feature. Probook 4411s 6 cell battery charger features rapid battery 90% in just 90 minutes.