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HP Pavilion dv4 Review – Bring more innovation for users

HP Pavilion dv4 ability to handle graphics very well over the model range with money, but battery life is quite short.
HP Pavilion dv4 series model 3000 can be regarded as typical of the new MUSE design philosophy of HP in 2011. Continued improvement of strength is the line for entertainment, the Pavilion dv4 is the Altec Lansing speaker, hardware with Intel latest Core i Sandy Bridge, USB 3.0 and higher capacity battery.
HP Pavilion dv4 Review - Bring more innovation for users
Version tested Pavilion dv4 equipped 14 inch screen resolution 1366 x 768 pixels, Intel Core i3-2310M 2.1 GHz, 2 GB RAM, 500 GB hard drive capacity, chip Intel graphics HD 3000 821MB Graphics card and AMD Raedon HD 6750M left. The unit is pre-installed operating system – Windows 7 Home Basic 64-Bit.
Contrary to the trend of design lumpy plastic last year, HP continued to hold traditional polished for  Pavilion line. Plastic cover still in light plastic create a modern definition for the machine, but very dirty. As always, remains compact HP logo in the lower left corner on the face but can not emit light as the old Pavilion.
HP advertising machine can scratch resistant but the reality of this phenomenon is likely to occur if there is contact with sharp objects.
A sharp change in the new Pavilion line of the hinge design quite curved. This also makes the edge  rearwards of the area may have more than giving the company can arrange slot cooler here.
Except eSATA port, this model equipped with almost all the common ports like USB 2.0, VGA, LAN, and HDMI. USB 3.0 port on your computer without the green features as most other models that have more symbols to identify SS front. Do not leave the vents for heat, so the port layout is quite comfortable. Two source signals were placed near the right side USB port.
Keyboard, touchpad.
HP Pavilion dv4 Review - Bring more innovation for users
Series Pavilion in recent years has left HP keyboard that changes its characteristics with chiclet keyboard. Itinerary keys on this model was short but in a sense tap and heated well made on the operation completely comfortable. However, two navigation keys are up and down so small that the press is prone to error, especially those with large fingers.
Pavilion is a line of machines for entertainment, but no distinct multimedia keys integrated keyboard straight up. Interestingly, the volume button, brightness, or pause / play is the main function key while pressing the key for F1, F2, … The user must press the Fn key added.
In contrast with the shell and parts to fingerprint, the machine’s touchpad has given rugged that is not slippery hands when using. Even with a little sweat, users can be confident that operations are not affected much. Mouse is very responsive and light is also another plus point for this touchpad.
As a mid-range models of the Pavilion dv4 should display screen of the mirror as well as most other models. Screen Size 14 inch 1366 x 768 resolution for crisp images, vibrant colors but very limited perspective. In addition to the edge of the screen also makes the plastic ball used outdoors or in front of bright light source can cause problems for users.
HP Pavilion dv4 Review - Bring more innovation for users
Pavilion dv4 version equipped with Intel Core i3-2310M 2.1 GHz, 2 GB RAM, 500 GB hard drive capacity, graphics chip Intel HD 3000 821MB Graphics card and AMD Raedon HD 6750M left.
Using PCMark Vantage program to assess the overall strength, 5692 HP Pavilion dv4 reach points, higher scores compared with systems using other Core i 2011 but lower than the model with 4 GB RAM memory card but low graphics than the Vaio E as previous reviews.
Using AMD’s discrete graphics card, Pavilion dv4 for great graphics power to reach 9,841 points when evaluated by the program 3D Mark 06. This score is very impressive if compared with other models equipped with discrete graphics card with a lower score in the range from 6,000 to 7,000 points.
With discrete graphics chip, computer game play is quite good as Need For Speed Shift rate of 41 frames per second at the highest setting.
Continue to use the program to evaluate Cinebech 5.11 processor and try OpenGL. The results achieved with the processor by using only 2.02 points i3 but the graphics chip average to 39.65 frames per second.
Pavilion dv4 hard drive that uses the speed of 500GB 5,400 rpm / min produced by Toshiba. In fact, the average read speed of data on the drive was 50.7 MB / sec, much lower than the average 60 MB / sec at the same speed and hard drive capacity.
HP Pavilion dv4 Review - Bring more innovation for users
Using new HP technology Coolsense with the introduction of next slot after cooling the machine, Pavilion has very good heat dissipation capability, than compared to the previous life of the HP laptop. Hot parts of the computer keyboard on the surface are displaced and not to focus too much on the left half of the same models. May just underneath the heat but can still use when placed on two legs.
Using the 6 cell battery capacity 52 WHR, higher than the ordinary flow only from 47 to 48Whr. Machine takes about 3 hours to fully charge if unused for more than 3 hours and 40 minutes for charge has used.
Tested: Firefox web pages load 10 and for automatically refreshes every 15 minutes, to open an online music site and play back continuously, using a headset instead of speakers and the volume level to 70% of 50% for your morning run until itself off (even at 5%), the time it reached 2 hours 51 minutes.
While testing the machine running a 720p and play back continuously until the machine off, turn off Wi-Fi connection, using a headset instead of speakers and the volume level to 70% (negative bar of Windows Media Player program to 100%), brightness 50% for treadmill until itself off (even at 5% battery), the time it reached 2 hours 38 minutes.
Contrary to the battery, this model for the battery life is quite bad, not three hours while the other is on the Common 3 hours, most likely due to the switch chip and integrated graphics card not really leave well reduce the machine’s efficiency.
One of the highlights in the Pavilion’s speakers. Altec Lansing is still the “luxury” but was designed dv4 front edge of the machine. Sounds pretty big and entertaining enough individuals in the room over 25 m2. More natural treble speakers should fit on the line listening to soft music is much more than the bass.
You can find this laptop in Amazon: HP Pavilion DV4-2161NR 14.1-Inch Laptop (Digital Plaid)



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