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HTC EVO 3D Reviews – Best smartphone for 3D entertainment

HTC EVO 3D quite sufficient convergence of technologies such as screen time 3D, dual-core processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 1.2 Ghz, 4G data transfer rates.
Perhaps when it comes to 3D phones many would suspect by the screen size of a smart phone is right for 3D? But Sprint and HTC have changed this in mind when releasing HTC EVO 3D devices. Let’s also point out the great features of this smartphone.
Compact design and beautiful
HTC EVO 3D Reviews - Best smartphone for 3D entertainment
It can be seen first 3D EVO is a beautiful phone. Like 4G EVO, EVO 3D black with red decorative border. If the hand held test 3D EVO you will find it for sure, but not too bulky. The back is covered with a thin layer of rubber is very beautiful pattern makes you feel very sure your hand.
Including batteries, weighs about 170 HTC 3D EVO gram size 126mm x 65mm x 12.05mm. Screen size 4.3 inch touchscreen, 3D, the rear is equipped with 3D video camera support.
3D Display
One of the most important features of the EVO 3D is the 3D display. Phone display technology allows users to view photos and 3D without glasses. EVO 3D 960 × 540 resolution is great to see 2D and 3D are also good to see. Of course the phone can not 3D like 3D when you see the cinema. For the first three-dimensional view of a clearer picture you have to look relatively straight, because if you look you will see more cross-layer images are arranged quite messy.
With a short film or a few photos is not difficult to maintain a frontal view in a few seconds, but you should not try to see a 3D movie is long, or try to view the 3D images outside sunshine by sunshine will blur out the image.
In case you do not want to see the image in 3D you can switch to 2D mode using a button located on the side of the device.
HTC EVO 3D Reviews - Best smartphone for 3D entertainment
New HTC Sense Interface
Like HTC Sensation, EVO 3D interface using the latest HTC Sense, Sense 3.0. The new interface allows you to select themes for the standby screen and lets put the path of the 4 applications you use most often to the bottom of the screen. And to unlock the device, you just drag the circle in one of four applications, immediate application will be open. Therefore you need not go through too many menus to read the email or to the applications you often need access.
The new version of Sense are also many improvements in the system Wall. Instead of having to slide the slide back and forth between screens, now you can turn the screen in 3D interface. The effect is very nice and helps the browser application becomes easier.
On the new version widget of Sense provides more options. But perhaps many people, the weather widget is one of the most popular widget. HTC already have a tradition in the design of the application of great weather and when the application is more beautiful and more impressive.
HTC EVO 3D Reviews - Best smartphone for 3D entertainment

3D EVO is equipped with dual-core processor 1.2 Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon. The processor supports advanced 3D technology, including HD 1080p video recording capability at 30 frames per second and 3D video recording capability.

But not only that, to clarify the difference of the dual-core processor with other processors make the same comparison with his predecessor 3D EVO EVO 4G (equipped with single-core processor). On startup time, EVO 4G takes 74 seconds to boot is complete, while the EVO 3D takes just 13.7 seconds. Speed file transfer, the two machines have equal speed, EVO 4G speeds of 7.8 Mbps when 3D EVO 7.2 Mbps speeds.
Using GLBenchmark to test the quality and graphics performance of the two machines with the criterion measure is the frame per unit time, the results show that EVO 4G average of 5.7 frames a second while the EVO 3D average gain of 36.5 frames a second. The results showed significant advantage of 3D graphics EVO.
View and film 3D
It can be said users would be quite happy with the 3D technology on this device because it allows both the view 3D just can film in 3D. Also you can export the 3D TV screens through the HDMI jack. HDMI jack using MHL technology (Mobile High-defination Link) allows charging and produce images on a single HDMI port.

Like Sensation 4G, 3D EVO built applications Watch service’s online movies and TV HTC. Watch Sense’s built-in help users to easily search and view online videos or a movie. But Watch the current library is small.

Data Transfer Rate
3D EVO supports Sprint’s 4G networks, along with the hotspot feature allows Internet sharing for up to 8 devices. Using Speedtest to test the speed that 3G speeds EVO par with the phone line with Sprint’s 4G average download speed is 3.59 Mbps and average upload is 1.42 Mbps.
Especially on the line is equipped with Sprint’s 4G 4G widget helps users to switch modes 4G without access to deep inside the Settings menu as many other 4G phones.
It can be seen EVO 3D is a powerful integrated device the ability to view and 3D video recording, features an interesting and new. Besides 3D EVO also beautifully designed, equipped with dual-core processors and support Snapdragon new 4G technologies. This is what helped EVO 3D became one of the best phone from Sprint today.

You can find this smartphone in Amazon: HTC EVO 3D 4G Android Phone (Sprint)


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