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HTC Rhyme Review

Is the phone for “sisters” so good configuration Rhyme owned, fully integrated and included features exclusive accessories such as speaker dock, light and stylish headset Charm.
HTC Rhyme Review
Rhyme genuine version includes the complete kit is sold at a price HTC 12.8 million. Without wishing to purchase additional speaker dock, users can save about 1.3 million for the abbreviated version. In the portable market model sold for under $ 10 million, fully enclosed accessories.

Instead of the simple colors like white and black, HTC Rhyme owns two-tone version with strangers, with a bright green skin with white light and a dark purple version anymore. For women, the products own good configuration with 3.7-inch screen, 5 megapixel camera supports HD video and single core processor 1GHz, running on HTC Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread with new 5.3 most.

Part 1: Design and display

Rhyme is not really new but still keep the same design language of the HTC smartphone was launched recently. In terms of design, the HTC’s Android could be seen as twin brothers with HTC Radar using Windows Phone operating system.

Measuring 119 x 60.8 mm and 10.9 mm thick, weighs 130g, Rhyme is the mobile phones have an average size at present, hold the camera feels in your hand and fits quite sure. However, for women and people with small hands to use, the machine feels slightly to the horizontal. In Vietnam, the model is sold in two versions including white, blue and purple versions. However, the purple version in much more beautiful and impressive, consistent with more female.

Rhyme is the front of the touch screen with 3.7 inch wide black border around quite thick, just below the range 4 function keys touchscreen. Failure to use the hard keys help Rhyme become more beautiful and stylish but quite inconvenient when the user touches prone, accidental operation when using the machine, especially when held horizontally. The sensor and the camera is placed in the black border but the top screen.

If the front create a lot of sympathy and fashion show behind the opposite side of Rhyme is quite rough. Despite the solid shell combination of plastic and metal similar to junior Rhyme Desire S but the dorsal portion divided into three separate machines to cut straight lines makes the machine is not soft, not with women such as criteria of the product. Offset chassis certainly feels rather loose or bulging as full plastic back to use the machine.

Cluster 5-megapixel camera and flash are on the plastic on top of the camera look very simple design. It is next to the speaker, this design makes the machine’s volume will be reduced quite a lot when placed on the plane. Another detail is that many people noticed three small metal dots located just below the camera. This fact is connected to the dock charger jack and speakers, accessories, designed exclusively for Rhyme.

The largest plastic are located at the bottom of the cover can slide back and remove it so that users can place microSD memory card, remove the sim card inserted, but a point of note is not replaceable battery Rhyme. 1600 mAh capacity battery attached is HTC “dead” in the solid shell in the frame and not allow users to manually intervene.

HTC Rhyme Review3.7-inch screen is not too large nor too small for an Android smartphone today, enough so that users can manipulate and reach the most points on the screen when used with one hand. Using S-LCD technology with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixel image and display fine detail, good color but lack the brilliant Rhyme.

Despite the ability to perform quite well but the black low contrast makes the image on the screen is not deep. Bu using outdoor light, Rhyme screen displays quite well thanks to sensors automatically adjust the brightness.

Part 2: Features and HTC Sense 3.5 interface

Rhyme is equipped HTC Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread and use user interface HTC has just appeared on Sensation 3.5 XL. However, compared with 4.7 inch senior, Sense 3.5 of Rhyme system had some way to change the display while the associated features remain unchanged.

The user can see right touch key sequence is displayed at the bottom of the screen on HTC streamlining Rhyme was only two keys are separated, instead of a long dock as before with three buttons different. Rhyme default in Phone button on the left side is the right one is the menu key the entire application.

Support for 3D motion graphics with beautiful face, but Sense Rhyme 3.5 running on well with the ability to touch the exact response, sensitivity and running smoothly. Similar to Sense 3.0, part of Sense 3.5 lock screen allows users to go quickly as applications need to capture, view messages, email … Check with Phone Tester software, touch screen of Rhyme only get up to 5 touch points simultaneously.

Notifications on the top bar displays the message in addition to also incorporate additional functions such as tuning network connectivity, GPS, Bluetooth, or see how much free RAM memory. Also some tools such as flow control, online messaging, energy management, fast boot fastboot … HTC is built on Rhyme helps the user can always use.

With a 5 megapixel camera, HTC Rhyme allows users to record video in HD quality. Similar to the Sensation XL, video recording feature on the 3.7-inch smartphone also integrates multiple support facilities such as slow dial type 2X Slow Motion picture and more side effects. Obtain good quality video, audio and images gain clear information, full-frame playback is quite smooth.

Meanwhile, the shooting of Rhyme has all the same features as in the recent flow of HTC Android smartphone with extended features. Quality photos of Rhyme, though not yet rated satisfaction of users in many conditions. But the white balance capability of the machine sometimes cause incorrect operation for color images sometimes be misleading, translucent or pale in comparison to reality. Red region of the image sensor’s sometimes machines recorded more vivid and present reality as in Xperia Arc S.

While the configuration and features are not really so prominent it a point to draw customers in Rhyme is the unique accessories attached. Model is presented together with additional HTC favor a charging cum speaker dock, wireless headset stylish design with flat cable against puppets, including hand signals and black, called Charm.

In-ear Headphones comes with sleek and stylish but the sound quality is poor, reflecting the lack of detail and not by the normal headphones by HTC. In return the speaker’s dock Rhyme cum again effective. No batteries so the user will have to use the microUSB charging the phone as a source for speakers. Just put in the dock, Rhyme will start the entertainment, turn on bluetooth and connect to speakers.

Although bass can not currently be remarkably strong, but the high-sounding and sound of the speaker dock that users enjoy, especially when listening to the acoustic form of music. Compared with external speakers, sound volume from the speaker dock than twice as large and strong enough to fill a space of about 15 m2 such as bedroom or office. This accessory also allows users to recharge the battery of the phone, but the time to fully charge the battery in the dock will lose half the normal use microUSB charger.

A special accessories for women only in the light signal Rhyme Charm. Connect to your phone using the headphone jack, flash Charm can signal an incoming call, incoming or missed messages. This device has proved useful when many “sisters” have the habit to phone in a bag rather than in pockets like men.

HTC Rhyme ReviewPart 3: Performance and battery life

Rhyme is the relatively high price compared to many Android model using single core processors available on the market. Model is equipped configured to use Qualcomm MSM8255 processor with 1GHz speed, Adreno 205 graphics and 768MB RAM. With Sense 3.5 has several enhancements, Rhyme configuration allows the smooth operation, the test must be used within one week do not seem to hang phenomena despite frequent multitasking activities.

Quadrant Software Testing with Standard Benchmark, Rhyme for more than 1,500 points, quite low compared to many high end smart phones using dual-core configuration. But compared to other competitors in the segment model, Rhyme just a little bit lower compared to the S Arc, Galaxy Optimus W but higher than Black (Android 2.2). Actual figures are not so important when most of the applications on the Android game today, Rhyme can be run, and also supports Flash video display format on the default browser.

In the testing of common games like Asphalt 6, Samurai Vengeance II, PES 2012 or Spider Man, model winch from Taiwan for acceptable quality. In some scenes of graphic games such as Gun Bros, hysteresis and shock appeared.

Besides video processing can be seen as a weakness of Rhyme Video Player program built on the video can not play 1080p HD MP4 format is downloaded from YouTube, with the WMV and MP4 formats lower resolution, the machine still running fine. To solve the above problem the user can use specialized software such phenomena however Player Mobo shock, loss of language may still exist.

Make up for the user to replace its battery, Rhyme has the best battery life. With high demand for network, listen to calls and messaging at normal levels, the head of HTC smartphones are in use more than one day or almost 20 hours. Machine is set in mode GSM / WCDMA network, using Facebook, Whatsapp software, install two modes mailbox with updated every 15 minutes, listening to calls for about 10 minutes time.

When the battery test, the average computer takes about 3% battery after about 10 minutes 3D gaming, 2% per minute for browsing the web with Wi-Fi mode. Rhyme of continuous operation, but not much heat and cause heat as rivals Xperia Arc S. See the test battery of HTC Rhyme.


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