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Ichigo Kurosaki Cosplay: 15 Ways to Be Like Him

Ichigo Kurosaki Cosplay: 15 Ways to Be Like Him

Ichigo Kurosaki is not only one of Bleach’s most popular characters, but also one of the most popular characters in all of the anime and manga fandom.

It would, of course, be difficult to take the place of a strong warrior with even stronger convictions.

However, for those who feel they are ready to become like Ichigo, here are fifteen steps to make that dream a reality.

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15 Ways to Be Like Ichigo Kurosaki

1) Respect your friends and elders. Ichigo has a strong devotion towards his deceased mother, and an ongoing pact with his friend Chad to fight alongside him.

2) If one is available, a black Kimono would really help to emulate his appearance when he is a soul reaper. Otherwise, if an authentic Kimono is not available, any number of types of black robes may take its place.

3) Slim-fit clothing could help to imitate him when he is living outside of his Soul Reaper duties. His interest in slim fitting garments is also mentioned in his character profile.

4) It might be useful to use an orange wig. Ichigo does constantly assure everyone, though, that it’s his real hair color.

5) He has a rough and detached personality. Those who would want to act like him should try to be bold and confident in their actions, as he is never the one to back down.

6) Care deeply for those who are close to you. As it would be invisible for anyone to totally detach themselves from their emotions, Ichigo is not as detached as he wants everyone to believe.

7) Occasional outbursts or acting randomly at various moments is a common occurrence for him. He has a tendency to break from his aloof personality at times.

8) Though he may often act impulsively, don’t forget to have self-control. He even went so far as to train with the Visoreds to make sure that he did not lose control of himself.

9) Develop an interest in rock music. Ichigo is described as a punk on multiple occasions, and in his manga character profile, he is associated with a hard rock song.

10) Never fear to have to side with a former enemy. Both Uryu Ishida and Ikkaku Madarame were once his enemies, but he has fought alongside both.

11) Have respect for your own name. Even though most people in Bleach tend to interpret Ichigo as meaning Strawberry, he is quick to remind him that the Kanji characters that make up his name roughly mean ‘first guardian’ or ‘he who protects.’

12) Never give up in any endeavor. He will stop at nothing to achieve his goals.

13) Don’t allow yourself to be convinced you’re incapable of doing something. When fighting his own hollowfied form, he did not allow his opponent to get inside his head.

14) Never sell out your own ideas. Ichigo Kurosaki never gives up & never allows anyone to compromise his values.

15) Most importantly, anyone who wants to be like Ichigo should surround himself or herself with as many products related to Tite Kubo’s Bleach as possible.

It is important to make sure that one follows the anime and manga series to truly understand this important character in the series.op

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