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Most Important Points to Consider Before Selecting a Cheap VPS Server

The demand for VPS Servers is on an all time high. Many small and medium sized business owners with a website prefer hosting as it is very flexible, scalable and cost effective to make their online presence felt. The growth of virtual server hosting can be seen as the number of companies that offer services with attractive deals. When choosing to decide a hosting service provider most will give top priority to price first and then the specifications. Price may be an important factor but it should not be your first lookout.

Check out points given below to help you find a suitable hosting service provider

Cheap VPS Hosting

Price of the Service Package

Although price may be an important factor in choosing a cheap VPS hosting package it should be looked at with some reserved scrutiny.  Hosting companies are giving out offer promotions and discounts frequently to boost their businesses so it is advisable to do a little market research before selecting one.

Be aware of companies that are asking for long-term contracts. You may be saving money on one hand but on the other hand you might lose the freedom to choose other service providers if you don’t like this one.


If you lack familiarity with web programming, look for hosting packages that give you the authority to administrate your site with a dedicated interface like Onedollarwebhosting. Ask for their installations when discussing about purchasing a hosting package. Also choose a hosting service provider that gives FTP access easy upload capabilities for all files and edit CGI scripts.

Limitation on Bandwidth

Research very carefully each package for finding out the available limitation of bandwidth offered to your website. Make sure they don’t charge you additional cost when your site is receiving heavy traffic although many companies offer unlimited traffic handling.

Ask for the Number of accounts allocated per server

If you are choosing a server that is shared with other sites inquire how many other sites are you sharing your server with.  The more the sites on a single server the more slowly your site will load evidently affecting your service performance to your users. This may result in a bad name for your company. If you find out the number of websites on the server provided to you that information can be used to negotiate. Ask for upgrade conditions while upgrading Ram, Hard Disk and the downtime in the event of upgrade process.

Dadicated Server hosting

Data security and information

If your online business provides online financial transaction services like payment for good or services or you have an online store you must have SSL Support (Secure Socket Layer) to make sure money transfer is safe and all the information of bank cards is protected. Look for companies that support a daily backup server schedule, this in case of any irreparable damage your will not lose your data. Very important point to look out for while choosing a cheap VPS service hosting.

Technical Support Services

Check out if the hosting company is offering a 24/7 support and a rapid response team is onboard. It is fairly reasonable to ask for these as you might need to test response speed and functionality of your products at midnight. Their available Tech support should be prompt in problem solving with utmost decency at any given time of the day. Onedollarwebhosting boasts of a talented team of experienced Tech Support.


While choosing a hosting service provider one very important point to make sure is how they resolve downtime issues. Power failures, network bottlenecking and faulty hard-drives are just some of the things that can go wrong. A hosting service will be rendered useless for you if you face frequent interruptions. It would be unfair on our part to demand a 100% uptime even conglomerates like Google and Yahoo are not always available. It is advisable to go for those  providers who give excellent remedy management during the downtime period.


Lastly but most importantly comes the security of the hosting service. Online environment is constantly saturated with regular threats and emerging newer ones, so to consider security a major decision maker is not wrong. Make sure the hosting company has elected new safeguards that can protect your data from such threats and also see if they have trained their employees to solve security issues.

Prevention is better than cure applies to business as well. You can spend a little extra to prevent or you will be later paying way too much to repair the damages due to lack of security.

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