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Install additional software – upgrade smartphone


Install additional software - upgrade smartphoneWhen using a smartphone, along with intelligent applications built-in, users can also upgrade the “smart” machines that line up higher depending on which What is the application. Try one of the following software to promote the efficiency of the smart phone.

Advanced Call Manager

Advanced Call Manager (for the machine running the Symbian operating system) is a call management software. The main features of this software: Accept all calls (allows to receive all incoming calls) Reject all calls (to reject all incoming calls), Accept Phonebook only (only accept the calls are stored in contacts), Reject from Black List (for creating the list of “black” and block all the calls in the black list), Accept from White list (white list allows you to create and allow those in the call to book), Reject hidden calls (calls to block the hidden number) Accept hidden callers (allowing the call to hide the number) …In addition, by refusing the call, the software also allows users to add a few functions: Send busy tone (send audio to the busy call), Reply by SMS (text messages automatically sent by content of canned), Answering machine (answering similar but free voice mail) … You can download software at: .

F-Secure Anti-Theft

Applications F-Secure Anti-Theft (for the current machine running the Symbian operating system, Android, Windows Mobile) key allows the remote device via SMS (syntax # # lock), remove all confidential data remotely via SMS (syntax # # wipe. To operate these features, it is important that the phone is in use. Download the software at: http://www.f-secure com / en_US / products / mobile / anti-theft-for-mobile / index_main.html.

Pro MobileFiles

Install additional software - upgrade smartphone
MobileFiles Pro is Office applications for those who are using the iPhone can access the document format from Microsoft’s online store or from a personal computer. MobileFiles Pro can view Microsoft Office files, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint, Adobe PDF file, a music file formats, images, video … MobileFiles Pro also has the ability to create and edit an Excel spreadsheet file, the user can perform multiple tasks such as inserting a formula, format, resize the columns … on the iPhone. To have this software, must be downloaded or Cyndia iStore.AutoFlight

This software has the ability to set schedules and request time on the front line of smart phones running Windows Mobile. This software also integrates features automatic keypad lock, screen lock setting from 15 seconds onwards. AutoFlight to block incoming calls according to the length of time the user set. On the software is also time to turn off open ports, open the machine timers, open music, alarm, stop the music, lock …

Download applications at two addresses: and . rar.html


PocketShield application support is lock the screen or light sensor. Software main features: protect the touchscreen and buttons, to save battery power by automatically powering off, PIN lock option to prevent other people want to open your computer to steal data, automatically to lock the phone to your ear, automatic lock after the call ends …

Download application at:

SMS Replier

Install additional software - upgrade smartphone
SMS Replier main functions: automatically answer all calls and messages of the machine by the subscriber has a message for call / message that the machines are driving, are meeting or busy



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