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How to Jailbreak Apple TV 4?

Jailbreak, as we all know, allows access to unauthorized apps. With these apps, there can be lots of customization made to the jailbroken device and everything from functionality to looks can be customized. Jailbreak is not restricted to one device or operating system. And, despite the fact that iOS jailbreaks are quite common, jailbreaks exist for other operating systems as well. So, if you are planning to jailbreak Apple TV 4, you might want to look at it from all the perspectives so that you can come to a conclusion as to whether it is worth it or not. So, here is all you need to know about tvOS jailbreaks and how you can actually jailbreak Apple TV 4.

Apple TV 4

What Is A Jailbreak?

Jailbreak refers to the method of lifting restrictions in place from Apple on its mobile operating system to give access to otherwise unauthorized apps. It allows you to actually install apps on your device that are not available in App Store. A similar functionality is available for Apple TV as well and it allows for installation of non-Apple Software on Apple TV. This can include software similar to XMBC which allows for media streaming from your specific network to Apple TV.

What Benefits Come Along?

Access to unauthorized apps may be just one of the benefits that you get with jailbreaking your Apple TV. There are quite a few more of them that you can be able to enjoy the Jailbreak. You get more in terms of functionality compared to just the standard options. Let’s take a look.

  • One key benefit, as described earlier, is that you get to enjoy third-party tools on your Apple TV. This can be helpful in the modification of files that exist on your Apple TV.
  • A good example of third-party tools can be Fire Core. It allows you to do some experiments and tweaking around with all the apps that you have on Apple TV.
  • You can use AirPlay for streaming different media from your iOS devices right on the Apple TV.
  • You can also install Hulu, Nito TV, Last-FM, Pandora Radio, etc.
  • Jailbreaking is simple and straightforward and even if you are not so tech savvy, you can easily jailbreak your Apple TV within an hour.

So, with all these benefits, jailbreaking an Apple TV surely is worth trying out and can take you into a completely new world where you can have an experience like never before. Besides, a jailbreak is fully reversible and all you have to do is to perform a simple restore from iTunes.

One disadvantage, however, may be that process crashes sometimes during the jailbreak and you forcefully have to perform a restore or resume it.

Is It all Legal?

Many may not still be aware of this but jailbreaks are completely legal. It was considered illegal for long according to the copyright lawsuit. But in 2010 it was actually declared to be legal.

How to Jailbreak Apple TV 4 Running TvOS 10 – 10.1 with LiberTV?

Given below are the steps that you need to follow for jailbreaking your Apple TV 4 but you’ll have to install the third-party apps separately once your Apple TV is jailbroken.

  1. Download Cydia Impactor and the liberTV jailbreak IPA on your computer.
  2. Connect your computer and Apple TV with the help of USB cable.
  3. Launch Cydia Impactor and drag/drop liberTV IPA on Cydia Impactor.
  4. You will now be prompted to provide your Apple login details which will be used for getting signing certificate from Apple. However, if you’re not willing to provide these details then you can create new Apple ID to be used here.
  5. The jailbreak app will now be sideloaded to your Apple TV and when you have it on the Apple TV, you can disconnect TV from the computer and instead connect it to your TV.
  6. Open Apple TV now. You will find liberTV jailbreak app right there on your Home Screen. Launch the app.
  7. Select your jailbreaking options and press Do it button at the bottom.
  8. It will start the jailbreaking process. After few minutes, in case of successful jailbreak, you will see a message on top that reads ‘Success! Your TV has been liberated!’. In case of failure and reboot, retry jailbreaking your Apple TV. You may have to try a couple of times for successfully jailbreaking your Apple TV.

So, that’s exactly how you can jailbreak your Apple TV 4 using the liberTV app. It is probably the best available tool today for jailbreaking Apple TV 4 and if you are finally convinced on jailbreaking your TV then follow the steps above to get through it. And, if you are interested in finding out more about Apple TV 4 and Apple TV 4K then you may like to check out ApplePit.

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