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Kaname Kuran Cosplay in 15 Simple but Elegant Steps

Kaname Kuran Cosplay in 15 Simple but Elegant Steps

Whether one wants to enjoy a Vampire Knight in months that are as cold as dead flesh or take the heated passion of Yuki’s and Kaname’s emotions to a new level in the steamy summertime, there are numerous ways to become more like Kaname Kuran.

He’s recently become quite a convention mainstay. Nevertheless, a few tips will still help people to set themselves apart from lesser beings. After all, Kaname is a powerful leader who doesn’t allow anyone to stand in his way.

Cosplaying as him demands a certain finesse since his quite a discerning creature with a taste for the refined. Continue below to learn the Kaname Kuran Cosplay steps.

1) One good thing about portraying Lord Kaname is the fact that many fans already have natural hair that can be styled like his. A bit of combing can achieve the effect for countless people, and it shouldn’t be too hard to pull of at all.

2) Those who want to use a wig should, likewise, can probably achieve pretty good results with just a bit of combing. There are even models on the market that look identical to Kaname’s hair. Becoming an undead bishounen doesn’t have to be difficult.

3) Night Class uniforms are actually less grim than their Day Class counterparts. Kaname’s uniform is relatively cheerful, even though this seems antithetical to his character. Then again, ensuring that the coat is pristine lends an air of almost horrific elegance to his design.

4) Dress shoes are suitable for his costume. If you’ve actually ever attended a private school or maybe seen students from one, you’ve already seen the type of shoes that he wears for class.

5) Vampire fangs are easily acquired, though they’re not necessary since Kaname doesn’t always display his fangs.

6) Fans who are particularly creative might want to actually carry a pair with them instead, and put them in whenever the situation calls for it. This is especially good for those who create skits with a fellow cosplayer dressed as Yuuki.

7) Night Class uniforms are actually on the market. White dress pants can go with a jacket if you’ve already acquired one. Otherwise, these are often sewn as sets. Matching the broach from the uniform with other colors in the set is a must, though this can be rather difficult.

8) If a jacket doesn’t come with a broach, making one shouldn’t be too difficult. There are some items that are commonly found in antique stores that sort of resemble the Cross Academy emblem, so if you’re planning a trip to one you might want to keep your eye open anyway.

9) Kaname is quite elegant and takes great pleasure in the appropriate manners of address. If you’re cosplaying as a group, it could help to actually learn a bit about the different honorifics that are used to refer to him. Kaname-sama, Kuran-san, Kuran-Kun and Lord Kaname are all valid terms, but they refer to different states of life.

10) Make sure to wear the cufflinks and such properly. A lot of cosplayers make them really relaxed. While you should always make sure you’re comfortable in a costume, Kaname tends to be a rather sharp dresser.

11) Collecting flowers can often be a good idea since it seems that many of the characters from the series are associated with them. Indeed, Kaname often carries a few as gifts for his apparently numerous suitors.

12) Speaking of flowers, he sometimes wears one on his person. This can give you a great look, especially if paired with the flower cuff links worn on the Night Class uniform. It’s all up to personal preference, of course.

13) If you’re taking this particularly seriously, you might want to practice a few facial expressions. Kaname’s are really quite noticeable.

14) Some people say that body language is even more important than regular speech. Kaname certainly does have a way with his eyes that could be somewhat easily emulated.

15) Watching the Vampire Knight anime and reading the manga is particularly useful since it can help you to practice using the unique speech patterns that Kaname is known for. Collecting character good and figures is another great way to inspire you to keep going.

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Kaname Kuran Cosplay in 15 Simple but Elegant Steps

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Kaname Kuran Cosplay in 15 Simple but Elegant Steps

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