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Lelouch Lamperouge Code Geass Cosplay: 15 Simple Steps

Lelouch Lamperouge Code Geass Cosplay: 15 Simple Steps

Take Lelouch Lamperouge a seemingly normal resident of the Ashford Academy who enjoys his position on the student council. Both intelligent and handsome, he also enjoys the attention of many of the academy’s women.

Now take Zero – a mysterious rebel who seeks to undermine the very foundation of the Britannian Empire. Is he a coward who hides behind a mask? Or, alternatively, is he an incredible hero who fights for the freedom of the Japanese people?

These two individuals are polar opposites, yet they are the same man. With the consideration of a chess player and the skills of a warrior, you too could join in that fame.

Read below to discover how you can cosplay as Lelouch.

15 Simple Steps to becoming Lelouch Lamperouge

1) Initially, Lelouch is shown as a young prince of Britannia. In this role, he wears a red cape. This accessory may be a bit easier to get a hold of.

2) Zero also wears a cape. Unlike the red cape of Prince Lelouch, Zero’s appears to be primarily black with a red lining.

3) Zero’s gloves have a decently long gauntlet and a bit of what appears to be armor over the back of the hand. Something could be sewn into a pair of gloves to create this appearance.

4) The remainder of his costume as the mysterious Zero is made up of numerous layers. Wearing normal shirts together may reproduce some of these characteristic garments.

5) As time progresses, Lelouch’s costume becomes increasingly complicated and difficult to imitate. One of the things that might be useful when making one, therefore, is a pattern.

6) If you’re able to procure a pattern, the Ashford Academy uniform has a lyre-shaped sigil embroidered on it. There may be patches available that can add this to the costume, if you lack the embroidery skills necessary.

7) If you would prefer not to sew a costume yourself as it is, some enterprising individuals have marketed professionally made Ashford costumes.

8) When Zero’s conquest is complete, Lelouch sets himself up as the new head of the Imperial government. In this role, his costume once again changes. It’s a white garment, and the back extends into a cape.

9) A large portion of the costume features extensive piping along each of the fabric edges, and this might make it difficult to model. Some of the sigils and pipe may be applied or embroidered.

10) In this role, Lelouch carries a lavender sword. Like many cosplay weapons, there are ways to manufacture it from foam or wood, and then colored appropriately. Be careful when painting foam, however, to ensure that it doesn’t melt.

11) This sword has several green orbs that line the blade, and may be made separately from foam balls and ultimately pinned to the finished product.

12) On the other hand, if a wig is to be worn, remember that Lelouch’s hair is medium length. Therefore, you should be careful to make sure that your own hair either matches or doesn’t visibly stick out of the bottom.

13) Regardless of what point in time the story is at, Lelouch has a jagged and windswept haircut. This may be difficult to replicate with some types of natural hair. However, people with normally tousled hair might be able to use their natural hair as a stand-in.

14) Having a working knowledge of chess might be useful, considering how important that game is to the character. It both represents his intelligence as a student, his ability to take risks and his strategic planning as Zero.

15) By adding new pieces to your collection, you can be forever reminded of the new role that you’ve elected to fill.

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Lelouch Lamperouge Code Geass Cosplay: 15 Simple Steps

Lelouch cosplay wig – Cosplay by koujialone

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