Lenovo Y460- the upgrade value

Y460 is an upgrade worth Y450 compared with previous models through new-generation processor, speaker system for impressive sound quality.
Lenovo Y460- the upgrade value
Y460 is the upgraded version and inherit the virtues of laptops Lenovo’s best-selling –Y450. May time has significantly upgraded with elder as the Intel Core i3, light sensor, the conversion feature enhances graphics performance (only appears in models with discrete graphics) and brand speakers with JBL .Version tested with hardware equipment includes 14-inch size screen resolution 1366 x 768 pixel resolution, Intel Core i3-350m speed 2.26 GHz, 2GB DDR3 RAM, integrated Intel graphics chip Graphic HD, 320GB hard drive, optical drive read / write DVD, JBL 2.0 speaker system.

Machine has no operating system pre-installed, 6-cell battery included, weighing 2.1 kg.

Part 1: Design, keyboard, touchpad Design

Y460 has a plastic coating on the adhesion of anti fingerprint and orange stripes around to create focal points. However, if you sweat a lot during use can create shadows on the surface layer. The unit is decorated with decorative patterns rather special. According to Lenovo, the contours of this as the cut-down of a modern urban style helps create youthful, dynamic for user

This model is quite light weighing only about 2.1 kg with 6 cell battery included. Claws slightly curved surface under the machine down the front edge to make more sense for the delicate machine.

Lenovo Y460 is equipped with almost all the necessary connections with Kensington lock, power jacks, optical drives, USB / eSATA combo, and the right side USB ports, VGA, HDMI, LAN, 2 USB ports, microphone, headphone on the left side.

Keyboard, touchpad 

Lenovo Y460- the upgrade value

Y460’s keyboard is designed along similar lines as compared with the previous model. The buttons have good sensitivity and make comfortable for the user doing it for a long time. The large navigation keys can also be seen as an advantage compared to many models of the Y460 compact 14-inch screen.

Ownership of the floating trace on the surface to prevent feeling slippery when using but the touchpad of Y460 but not really sensitive, sometimes have that feeling when the operation was quite annoying. Two of the computer mouse is also too large settlement and feeling a little thin when pressed.

Features multi point of the Y460 has also been accepted at, the feeling is not sensitive can also cause this action can not be done well.

Part 2: Monitor performance


Lenovo Y460 is equipped with 14 inch screen size resolution of 1366 x 768 pixel images are quite sharp and the colors compared to standard CRT monitors.

When used outdoors, this screen can still be seen even slightly shiny. Tilt angle of the machine is also pretty good on both sides. But look on down the incline from the relatively narrow, darkened the image to go and change color.


Version Y460 is equipped with hardware, including 14-inch size screen resolution 1366 x 768 pixel resolution, Intel Core i3-350m speed 2.26 GHz, 2GB DDR3 RAM, integrated Intel graphics chip HD Graphic , 320GB hard drive, optical drive read / write DVD.

Lenovo Y460- the upgrade value
Scoring system using the Windows Experience Index.
With hardware like this, this model achieved 4.1 points (from a low point by clicking the graphics capabilities for Windows Aero) marked by the system when Windows Experience Index on Windows 7 Ultimate (64bit). On a scale of detail, to reach 6.3 point processor, RAM memory is 5.5 point while the 4.8 graphics capabilities for gaming and graphics point to reach 5.7 points.
Lenovo Y460- the upgrade value
In 3DMark06 scoring.
Meanwhile, if you use the program to try scoring power 3DMark06 graphics, Lenovo 1450 Y460 gain points, lower than the average laptop uses Intel Core i3 and is about 1900 points ( obtain data on average by site Laptopmag).
Lenovo Y460- the upgrade value
Y460 play PES2010 lowest level graphics.

When playing a game testing requirements as PES2010 average graphics, machine speeds stable at 59 frames per second but with the lowest graphics settings. However, this performance can “feel” is due to Y460 entertainment oriented music, watching videos rather than using graphics applications.

With HD graphics chip Intel Graphics, Y460 view the video broadcast standard HD and the whole screen. Meanwhile, with 1080p Full HD video, computer running smoothly and also test tour at different times without any trouble and produce images that support the standard TV via HDMI.

Part 3: Radiator , battery life, sound


Design high ledge in the bottom half, Y460 for better heat dissipation on the desk.
Cooling ability of Y460 at the acceptable level. When used long term, the right of the touchpad and the keyboard just above the highest temperature. Bottom heat is not large machine should still be able to thigh to work on hand.


Lenovo Y460 6-cell battery included, 2600mAH capacity. With this battery, computer battery is used quite impressive. If Wi-Fi, web surfing, using office applications and the screen brightness to medium, this model can be used continuously for about 3 hours 20 minutes.

Meanwhile, if you watch movies, to the maximum screen brightness and speaker largest open, this time down to under 2 hours 40 minutes.


JBL speakers and a highlight is equipped with the most striking upgrade of this model compared with previous Y450. This speaker system for great sound quality, treble and bass are very clearly helped Y460 laptops have become truly mobile entertainment.

This speaker is designed just above the keyboard and all service users in an area of about 25m2 room.