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LG GW525 – Personal Your Style

Not only exploit the touch screen to mask a Flash interface as the ability to simulate multi-touch operation,  LG GW525 also adds convenience with QWERTY keyboard …

Not only exploit the touch screen to mask a Flash interface as the ability to simulate multi-touch operations appear first on “cookies” KP500, LG GW525 also added the convenient QWERTY keyboard used for creating names KS360. When you push your cap right, your keyboard with buttons to appear, and the screen automatically converted to display horizontally.

LG GW525 - personal your style
On the screen 2.8” (256,000 colors), you can easily bring home interface to display two basic types of symbols commonly used applications or log in touch recently. Found the bottom of the screen are four icons with four main features, including the installation menu system. GW525 intuitive interface, but browsing through the menu, scroll bar with the fingers slightly inconvenient because the pen computer without brooch, while the sensitivity of the touch screen is not really excellent – although feedback feature ” shake “works well. Machine just arranged in front of three control buttons; button lock screen and fast photography is set at the right side – the bay on a microSD card (support up to 8GB, internal memory 40MB).

LG GW525 can operate on 4-band GSM, provide enough features Bluetooth 2.0 (with A2DP), GPRS and WAP, next to the support email or standard POP3/IMAP4 email services such as Yahoo !, Hotmail and Gmail, even the Mail for Exchange. Test sending and receiving messages from Yahoo, Gmail and email account through the GPRS connection for good results, simple operation and configuration downloads correctly. GW525 allows quick opening an attachment is a document, spreadsheet, presentation and image. GW525 the offer Push Email (in the Applications menu) has the ability to automatically connect to the server e-mail services (user-specified) for updates and download new email and then notify the usedIn addition, GW525 also support 3G, so you see the camera (VGA resolution) arranged on the front to make the phone has. Phone and SMS with the 3G wave good quality.With send / receive SMS, GW525 brings users like chatting satisfaction as we can “Collection” message corresponding to each phone number / directory and then to display all message overall. QWERTY keyboard with the key characters often used when composing messages or e-mail of LG now on GW525 promote strength.

LG GW525 - personal your style

GW525 equipped with 3-megapixel camera, flash not supported with auto focus. Traditionally, GW525 also supports night, color effects, white balance, exposure compensation and continuous shooting 3/6/9 image (resolution is automatically reduced and features 2x digital zoom is enabled). Meanwhile, the zoom feature when filming is always standing (VGA). Machine also supports fast editing photos, upload photos to Blogger and create short films from the photo gallery tool Muvee Studio.

Information for Vietnam market: LG Price GW525 is 3.49 million VND (including VAT). Components included: headphones, rechargeable battery, manual, USB cable, software CD, 1GB microSD memory card. Supported Vietnamese interface.

Test surf the GW525 showed strong GPRS connectivity, the browser display a full and clear. However, if you do not push aside the keyboard, the screen automatically rotate only when the user move the machine on while browsing, or viewing photos / video, also the main menu or home screen is standing

Of course, your indispensable feature entertainment, providing the music and play movies, integrated FM radio and recording functions effectively. Speakerphone volume is quite large, and clear. Features calendar, notes, calendar, task, alarm clock and search engine Google to find and easy to use – you can set the “one touch” for frequently used features on the home interface .

Supported gaming motion sensor, offer the seal device is lost and the ability to synchronize data from computer software included.


Web browser and email easy to use, high speed. Convenient QWERTY keyboard. Interface with 2 optional display shows strong personality of the user.


Missing wifi connection. Touchscreen not sensitive. Camera is not supported self-focus

You can buy this mobile in: LG GW525 Calisto GSM Unlocked Phone with Camera–International Version with Warranty (Aqua Blue)


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