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LG HB954PB – Good home theater for your family

If no more fussy any equipment left the shop, Home Theater of the LG Blu-ray 5.1 enough to satify demand for quality sound image of the user.

LG HB954PB- Good home theater for your familyHB954PB  is a compact Home Theater system  of  LG. It’s most advanced and equipped with a lot of features. The reader not only act as an early Blu-ray but also a surround amplifier, radio, iPod dock and adjust the channel 5.1 audio.

With traditional design glossy black, the reader is at a range of green just below disc tray. Turquoise blue color is also added at most mainstream across the entire system, especially on the speakers design champagne glasses features that LG has released before.

The installation of the system becomes quite easy because the wires are distinguished by color. However, the orchestra has no advanced features automatically based on the volume of the Sony or Panasonic, the user must manually adjust the parameters altitude and distance of the speakers to achieve the optimum position .

LG HB954PB - Good home theater for your family
Reader have ipod dock

Besides the Blu-ray, users can take advantage of the orchestra as a FM radio or iPod dock thanks to the slot is placed right on the surface. Slot supports all the latest iPod models, including iPod and iPhone. When you plug iPod into the slot, the custom on the iPod will be transferred to the control layout.

HB954PB equipped with a USB port support playing DivX movies and music formats MP3 and WMA. However, DivX HD format is not supported, so only see movies with a resolution instead of 720p or 1080p standard. Settlement also does not support movies listening to music over the network which is becoming time-upper. However, if the conductor connected to the Internet, users can search video on YouTube and see the applications available. B954PB two HDMI connections support external devices such as set top play TV games or the game.

Basically, Blu-ray is still the main goal of the orchestra, so the quality of picture and sound on the disk is most impressive. Disc load time faster, supports full BD Live content, image display sharp, detailed with very natural color.

LG HB954PB - Good home theater for your family
The speakers each have a capacity of 155 watt speakers.
On the audio system speakers speaker May 1 with the capacity 155 Watt 225 Watt sub plus speakers bring total capacity up to 1000 Watt enough clamor do any street corner. However, the sound just became perfectly with uncompressed formats Dolby TrueHD or DTS-HD.
Source with good quality sound and high sound middle of the system shows very sharp and in, however, bass is not strong enough and not integrate fully into the music field. Anyhow sound quality is excellent at, especially with large capacity when expressed in the large room.Although the blue accents in the design of the orchestra conductor HB954PB makes colors look slightly sesame and seem to lack weight, but with excellent picture quality and sound is impressive here is still a conductor in family compact to the eye to be considerable.


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