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LG KS360 – Good support for email and chat

Although plastic outer skin, but not very attractive LG KS360 more likely to captivate young people by the bright tones of the Highway Layout QWERTY keyboard when the user push across the lid the machine.

Basically, the lid of your screen and system control buttons. But size is only 2.4 “but the screen is part of the KS360 looks majestic and quite unique. You press the button convert it into touch-screen “virtual” for a dial or browse the directory using the same “truth” phone touch. Meanwhile, the push cap machine aside, the screen will be automatically converted to display the cross in order to “same color” design with QWERTY keyboard horizontally.

LG KS360 - Good support for email and chatLG KS360 – with young design

LG KS360 operating on three GSM frequency bands commonly used, Web browsing and email via GPRS, Bluetooth 2.0 (with A2DP) and USB 2.0 and of course, indispensable feature to send receive SMS and MMS. In addition, the KS360 features a built-used by Yahoo! as oneSearch – Search, e-mail, Messenger and Address Book.

KS360 intuitive menu and easy to use. Full QWERTY keyboard keys are rounded to the size and distance to help reasonable flexibility in drafting the message, email, especially the button-down goods, spaces, delete, reverse, open the list of symbols actually KS360 manual processing to effectively support those who regularly have to work with email from mobile phones. Test showed that the installation standard POP3 email receiving and sending simple fast. Browser integration meet several websites, showing full, easy to see, open the display horizontally.

KS360 camera equipped with 2M pixel with resolution up to 1600×1200 and allows image quality adjustment, white balance (with night mode), color effects, capture timer and continuous shooting 3/6 / 9 images; supports VGA movie recording, with sound. Digital zoom feature for viewing the photos, film and photograph (photos 640×480 or less). Specially, allowing the camera to adjust “light compensation” for each level of physical similar professional digital camera, supports high light sensitivity. Photo experiment indoors and outdoors beautiful, bright color and features amazing (with a 2 megapixel sensor) though no machine flash. Film in the office (fluorescent) fine, sounds good. KS360 also lets you print photos through Bluetooth and PictBridge connectivity. Unfortunately, the buttons are arranged fast imaging in the body left, the volume buttons and a zoom button, so users familiar with photography will feel a little finger pointing opposite hand. Micro-SD memory card slot (supports up to 4GB) and USB 2.0 ports in the body must be versatile, machine has 15MB of internal memory. KS360 you can connect the computer to copy music, photos, video and data synchronization, contacts, messages with PC Suite II utility (CD included).

KS360 has support for MP3 audio with 10 filter modes made available, create a list of specific songs, movies MPEG4, FM radio and tape recorder integrated. Loudspeaker “singing” big but little “bubble” in the highest volume level. Music player comes with headphones the sound quality is very good, in clear and warm, even with the heavy rock. Wireless headset is quite long, suitable for inclusion in the pants pocket or bag, backpack.

KS360 also add calendar, notes, file manager, built two games is fun and Skateboard Extreme Cafe Sudoku, Java application support, security features and machine via SMS mode on aircraft. Battery time during the experiment achieved high. Machine moderate weight (108g).
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