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LG Optimus 7 Review – The smartphone with new feature in 2011

That considered a breakthrough phone entertainment features, LG Optimus 7 gives users the experience very interesting. What is the truth?


LG Optimus 7 Review The smartphone with new feature in 2011

Design is not a strong point of this smartphone. Like the LG Optimus One P500 introduced a while ago, Optimus 7 go classical, polite and non-picky users. With a length of 125mm, width 59.8mm and 11.5 mm thick, Optimus 7 is definitely the right choice and convenience when present in the pocket or pockets of users.

Highlights of LG Optimus 7 is in the capacitive touch screen 3.8 inch LCD WVGA resolution 800×480 pixels, equivalent to more smartphones “Top” today. Size is suitable for easy Web surfing, without the machine to become swollen horribly.

Design the front of the phone has more space on the surface. Logo as the center button of the knob Micsrosoft high compared to the two remaining node, just create focal points for the front of the machine and brings convenience to users. Back Search keys and a dedicated operating system Windows 7 Phone ejected two edges, a little hard to press if used by one hand.

Three keys to use physical force effects (also called hard keys) instead of the key trends prevalent current sensors. The site aims to be objective in order to help users avoid trouble, more precise operations such as when using the touchscreen keyboard. If you want to control this button, you do not need to use more force to press accurately.

Flanks slightly tapered body, a sense of easy to hold compact in the hand. Left upper and lower ends of the LG Optimus 7 designed soft rounded curves taper.


Behind the camera body, camera designed specifically other than smartphones. Camera located just below the upper gap, along the outside edges to create class feeling very certain. The lens and flash are a few deep into the body to prevent scratches and bumps. Circle around the camera frame, flash, and mirror were covered by a flat surface made of glass fused with the body.

This is why LG did not need additional equipment or parts lens cover protects the machine to rise above the surface.

Equip camera 5MP, LG Optimus 7 meets an image capture from a smartphone, thanks to good performance of light, fast image capture and support for 720p video with picture quality in a “pretty”.

View photos directly on the screen colorful, detailed … suit the tastes of Vietnamese. When put on the computer screen, the quality will decline, the image will be darkened.

LG Optimus 7 is integrated imaging modes such as Intelligent interesting and Panorama Shot. Shooting machine interface of a simple, easy operation, fast focus. Users can use the extra buttons on the camera body to shoot fast.

If taken at night, you’ll encounter a bit of trouble because the camera flash mode only works well within 50cm.


LG Optimus 7 Review The smartphone with new feature in 2011

In terms of specifications, LG Optimus 7 using QSD8650 Snapdragon processor speed 1GHz, 512MB RAM, 512MB ROM, 16GB internal memory, enough for storing music and video entertainment needs on a phone.

Optimus 7 LG has 3G/HSDPA connectivity, HSUPA, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and DLNA network (used to connect with other entertainment devices in the family to share content via Wi-Fi).

Optimus 7 Phone running Windows 7 and user interface operating system monopoly. This interface has the advantages of: introducing a completely new experience when accessing the boot screen – through Live Start Tiles, allowing access to information and Internet services and applications required.

Phone In Windows 7, users will be browsing through Internet Explorer on the same computer. Interface simple and friendly as on the Safari (the IOS) or Internet (Android OS) and the slow speed like Browser (BlackBerry OS).

New Features

LG Optimus 7 Review The smartphone with new feature in 2011

These features support the entertainment platform combining the strengths of WP7 is Optimus 7. Most noteworthy to mention some of the technology after LG Optimus 7.

Firstly Play To – sharing technology-based multimedia integrated DLNA LG Optimus 7. Play To allow sharing of multimedia files from the portal images, video … without access to the other categories. Users also can view the videos, the photos were taken by LG Optimus 7 or enjoy your favorite tracks via the peripheral device through a wireless connection.

Next is ScanSearch – Cyberspace AR applications connect users with a world flooded with information. According to LG said that this is a unique feature only available on more devices LG Window Phone 7. Users can access information about the time the existing shopping address, cuisine, weather, entertainment and banking, financial …

Another interesting feature is the Voice no less – to-Text – Voice control of LG allows users to update Facebook and call or email and drafting notes without manual input. This feature requires the user to the standard English pronunciation and correct.

Some limited

LG Optimus 7 Review The smartphone with new feature in 2011

7 LG Optimus many interesting features. But in terms of a basic phone, operating system, Windows 7 will be quite Phone trouble started and to make the acquaintance.

Bluetooth connection is difficult or restricted share, communicate complex PC … is the most annoying problems you will face. Should have certain knowledge about computers, smart phones to be able to master the device.

Optimus 7 speakers do not impress. The machine uses a main speaker for conversation and entertainment. Furthermore, sound capital nor the technology strengths of LG. If using headphones, the sound quality and superior sound or speakers.

Battery life is one that points users to be disappointed in Optimus 7, although large-capacity battery (1500mAh). Users will usually be charged within 24 hours if users listen to music, playing games or surfing the Web.

Unfortunately limited to 2 applications integrated Xbox LIVE and Zune, the LG Optimus 7 may be widely used in some market. Furthermore, Windows Phone app store also has not really grown as well as factors that consumers consider when buying products.


LG Optimus 7 smartphone is really focused on entertainment features, worth buying, and rewarding experience. There are still exist some limitations, but certainly not LG Optimus 7 consumer frustration.


• Feature rich
• Many new technologiesLimited

• Design is often
• Application Repository “gloomy”

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