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Light Yagami Death Note Cosplay: Becoming Kira

Light Yagami Death Note Cosplay: Becoming Kira

As the most intelligent young mind in all of Japan, he aided the police and gave L his most challenging case ever. Together with a twisted sense of justice and the Death Note, he transforms the world into a place where good people can live peacefully.

Here are the steps you’ll need to follow to carry out the Light Yagami cosplay:

1. Get a Death Note notebook -You’ll need this to write all of the names of the evil people.

2. Surround yourself with as many Death Note products as possible-Get your hands on figures, posters, wall scrolls, etc.

3. Read Death Note manga and light novel-Read all volumes of the manga, including the thirteenth volume, and the light novel over and over.

4. Watch Death Note anime and movies-Watch them multiple times and study L’s behavior so you’ll be able to predict how he thinks.

5. The sense of justice-Without it, you won’t know who deserves your judgment.

6. Proclaim yourself god of the new world – Someone will have to take charge of the new world; it may as well be the person who created it.

7. Deductive reasoning-This will help you solve all the complex problems and obstacles bound to get in your way.

8. Above average intelligence-You’ll need this to go against your opponent who happens to be the best detective in the world.

9. Be on good terms with your shinigami-Although normally neutral, they’ll be willing to help you out if you’re nice to them.

10. A better understanding of the Death Note than most shinigami – The Death Note is your most valuable tool, so take advantage of it. Make up a few fake rules while you’re at it.

11. The ability to use the Death Note in the creative ways-The main purpose of the Death Note is to kill, but a person can be made to do other things before they die.

12. A desire to change the world-Refuse to accept the rotted world the way it is.

13. Buy lots of apples-You’ll need something to bribe your shinigami with.

14. Get a fake girlfriend-You’ll need her to cover your tracks; her shinigami eyes and Death Note will come in handy, too.

15. Stash Death Note pages-Put small scraps of the Death Note in secret places to make sure you get your memory back in case you have to give up ownership of the Death Note.

Get a loyal follower-You’ll need someone with the same beliefs as you to take over your role as Kira. If you are ready to get started then click here to begin.

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