“Man in the dark” with character is August Brill – a book critic retired, 72 years old, living outside Brattleboro, Vermont, with 47-year-old daughter and 23-year-old granddaughter. His wife died last year. Husband daughters discarded years ago. The boyfriend of his granddaughter was killed. A family sorrow, the soul full of injuries and no night is Brill also form in the dark, trying not to think up the past and so the stories about the other world “( page 92). August Brill think the story of civil war in America.

Man in the dark - A novel with many contemplationHe was chatting with his granddaughter Katya about his parents. He shared with her daughter Miriam a song of Rose Hawthorne’s a in the bizarre world still continue. And that may be the main theme of the novel. Modern world is being torment many ways. Modern man is being throw between many deep hole. A happy normal life as much as impossible. But people still try to live, still trying to live.

In the dark, lying on the wheelchair, in the night insomnia, August Brill review past, present and reflects concern for the future. That was so concerned by writers. Paul Auster has found a position for the character to indicate the 200-page book says a lot of things about modern times. His simple text, surprise and depth. In the dark people often think more .

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