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Misa Amane Death Note Cosplay: Be Bubbly and Deadly

Misa Amane Death Note Cosplay: Be Bubbly and Deadly

Misa Amane is a pop idol, popular fashion model, and owner of a Death Note. She’s completely devoted to Light Yagami and his cause as Kira. Loved by two shinigami, and the owner of shinigami eyes, she can see your real name and lifespan. Don’t let her bubbly and cheerful personality fool you, there’s more to her than it appears.

Here are 16 simple steps for you to become Misa

1. Surround yourself with lots of posters, wall scrolls, and figurines of Light Yagami/Kira-You can make a shrine to the one who avenged your parents’ deaths.

2. Watch Death Note anime and movies-Watch over and over to see as much of Light as possible.

3. Read Death Note manga-Read as many times as necessary to study the man you admire.

4. Develop an interest in the macabre and occult-Just because you’re a girl doesn’t mean you can’t be dark, and it’s good for cosplay.

5. Have a preference for Gothic Lolita fashion-Black, white, and pink always go together, and you have an excuse to wear lace.

6. Refer to yourself in the third person-Talking this way is so much cuter.

7. Make up cute nicknames for everyone-People become so much cuter if they have a cute nickname.

8. Develop a deep admiration for Kira-He brought your parents’ killer to justice when the system failed.

9. Become good friends with your shinigami-Having a few shinigami that actually care for you can come in handy when you need a favor or two.

10. Develop a sense of unwavering loyalty to Light Yagami-He’s got the intelligence to see the plan through to the end; doing what he says will keep you from getting caught and keep the police off your trail.

11. Build an interest in dressing up in different costumes-Costumes make life more fun, especially if you have to do a few things to help out Light.

12. Create a need to be loved-With your parents gone, someone needs to fill the void; a boyfriend would be ideal.

13. Be more clever than what most people think-Just because you’re cute doesn’t mean you can’t be clever, too; your wit will be really useful to Light.

14. Be able to make Kira into a TV celebrity-Put Kira’s message on TV and use ambitious TV executives to spread his beliefs throughout the world.

15. Favor the cross or fleur de lis jewelry-Jazz up any outfit with crosses and fleur de lis.

16. See Light and L’s time together as an obstacle-Just because they’re working together doesn’t mean they have to be handcuffed 24/7; it’s not a real date if there are three people.

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Misa Amane Death Note Cosplay: Be Bubbly and Deadly

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Misa Amane Death Note Cosplay: Be Bubbly and Deadly

Cosplay by onkami

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Cosplay by kawaielli

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Cosplay by niicakes




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