Motorola milestone smartphone – The best choice for men

Except for a few more as a QWERTY keyboard or the virtual buttons are not good, the rest Milestone is the worth Android chosen by the good price, many features.

Milestone appeared over a month ago for 500USD, the price was good compared with a smartphone integration.

Motorola milestone smartphone - The best choice for men
No configuration strongly as Nexus One, Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, but Milestone is not inferior about functionality, connectivity and sharing capabilities.
Some key features of the machines.– Runs on four-band GSM, 3-band 3G

– Speed HSDPA 10.2 Mbps, HSUPA is 5.76 Mb / sec.

– Touch screen 3.7 inches wide capacitance resolution of 480 x 854 pixels, 16 million colors.

– OS 2.1 latest Android and no separate interface

– Slide out QWERTY keyboard and a phone with slim design of this today.

– Microprocessor 550MHz ARM Cortex A8, PowerVR SGX graphics card, 256MB RAM.

– 5 megapixel camera with two LED lights, geotagging, filming D1 (720 x 480 pixels)

– Connect to Wi-Fi, GPS with A-GPS

– Packed with 8GB memory card, 3.5 mm headphone jack, microUSB port, light sensor support and screen rotation.


Motorola milestone smartphone - The best choice for men

Milestone feels very solid, from the frame to slide up mechanism, with many different mobile models are horizontal in the market. Machine heavy, 165 gram, horizontal and vertical dimensions are 115.8 x 60 mm, and a pretty big challenge when it comes to the pocket, however, own slide-out keyboard, but Milestone thin only 13.7  mm.

The front of the machine is a capacitance touch screen 3.7 inch WVGA resolution of 854 x 480 pixels, file size equal Nexus One, Desire, and several new smartphone models at present. The screen is very bright and sharp, not nearly as many barriers when looking out ash, in the light.

Below is a system of four buttons are touch keys Back , Menu, Home and Search. Re-key touch creates restrictions for Milestone, by using the user can touch and machine move the home screen or press wrong when taking photos. It is better if this is the hard buttons.

Right side is microUSB port, headphone jack and power button is arranged on top. Meanwhile, the increase or decrease the volume button and camera button to the right. Milestone support microSDHC memory card slot and an 8GB memory card included. However, to get the card, users must remove the battery.

When slide the screen up to reveal a QWERTY keyboard, simultaneously, the screen mode is also displayed horizontally. The layout of characters, shortcut detailed and easy to work. Right navigation button keyboard is quite large, whether on the Back button, but also arranged for fast back .

But Milestone’s QWERTY keyboard is not really easy to use, big buttons, but close together and flat, besides, with a button to navigate up a large area, all characters move to left, make right hand thumb to go longer. In some cases, using a virtual keyboard on the machine easier to use.

Right navigation key is quite large and also very little use is considered a unnecessary design.


Motorola milestone smartphone - The best choice for men

Milestone is a cell phone strong connection. GSM version of the Droid run on 4-band HSDPA support up to 10.2 Mbps and HSUPA 5.7 Mbps. Actually used on a 3G network connection, Milestone tasks excellently, however, your connection speed depends on many factors from the network, waves …

In addition, Milestone also supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and A-GPS to GPS. Unlike Droid, run Android version 2.1 will only run Google Maps preinstalled and Milestone does not support voice navigation in some country.

Genuine model sales in Vietnam built Android 2.1, while some laptops still use version 2.0. In the coming time, Milestone will be used the new OS version is 2.2.

One difference of this model compared with the previous version of Motorola running Android is the Android machine interface and no MotoBlur. With 5 home screen, allowing the horizontal machine, pulled the widget or Folder shortcut out.

Applications built on the Android 2.1 is most Google services like Gmail, Calendar, Maps and YouTube. This is the popular software that allows a stable work as a full Internet connection.

One very characteristic feature of this phone is Moto Phone Portal. As mobile connectivity to your PC, this application will allow data to go into the phone such as contacts, messages, images on the computer web browser. This utility allows a backup or transfer files directly without installing additional software on the PC.

Milestone sold with a dock connection, allowing the charger, sync with your computer.

Camera on a 5-megapixel camera LED comes in dark conditions. The photos taken in bright conditions quite well, but when at home or in the dark, at an acceptable image and not on color, a bit noisy.


Milestone has 550MHz processor, 256MB RAM, the test showed that the actual machine running smoothly and almost successfully completed the application when opened. Although the parameters of this model when compared with rivals such as Nexus One is a 1GHz chip, 512MB of RAM is completely inferior.

Call quality was excellent on Milestone, Crystal Talk technology which Motorola equipment for noise filtering capabilities are very good. Also, when listening in stereo speakers, sound is not great, but pure in and clear.

Connection speed and web surfing Milestone par with rivals such as Legend, the ability to connect to Wi-Fi and 3G is fast. Also, test your computer’s modem via 3G is not inferior to the specialized types of USB.

A weak point is the sheet metal around the rear camera when connected to the hot appliance and continuous use for 30 minutes or more.

Milestone’s battery does not fit, if used normally, is more than a day to recharge, while frequently used connections, shorter time. Though Motorola announced, lowering processor 550MHz to save battery power.

Motorola’s rivals Milestone

Motorola milestone smartphone - The best choice for men

With price 500 USD, Milestone may find  “encounter” with pretty much the same range opponents. However, three models may be worth selecting “compete” with Motorola’s smartphones includes the HTC Legend, HD Mini  and the Nokia N900.

Nokia N900, Milestone “by far” in applications, but lost speed and entertainment. With Android, backed by Milestone rich application space and more free software.

In addition, Motorola’s mobile has touch screen capacitance, multi-location, web surfing, viewing more exciting products running Maemo from Nokia.

On slide-out keyboard, N900 allows better editing. In addition, models from Nokia is relatively stable in terms of speed, runs perfect and has the ability to surpass Milestone entertainment.

However, with cost advantages, this is not an easy choice for users.

HTC Legend and Milestone have many similarities, but also very different. Both run Android 2.1, rich applications, stability.

If Milestone for those who prefer hard keys on-screen editing, re-fit the Legend client fashion. HTC’s model are the aluminum block, in addition, the machine interface Sense also interesting and more features than the original Android has not changed much of Milestone.

Better selling price Milestone, applications, and not a little worse pretty equal, but this is the product the user may be preferred by men wide screen and hard keyboard .

Compared to HD Mini HTC, Milestone is pretty much different. On the platform, use mobile HTC Windows Mobile 6.5, yet still be installed interface Sense as Legend.

Design of Small Mini HD, and towards female users. Sensitivity and touch screen connections almost equivalent, but the support graphics of Milestone better .

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