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Sony NEX-3 Digital Camera – Sony’s Break Through

There are compact body as compact but Sony NEX-3 for good image quality just as well compared with some DSLR models.
NEX-3- Sony's break through
After a long time “ambiguous” about their project from the PMA photo show, Sony was finally officially announced the camera sometimes “super-compact” with the ability to replace the lens as though the line DSLR no mirror to flip, just past mid-May. This is indeed a daring moves that Japanese manufacturers made to compete with the format lens reflex digital camera is different in the market Micro Four Thirds camera lens can be replaced but the price comfortable more and more compact size.
Was released along with the NEX-5, but NEX-3 is lower than the version with the ability to shoot 720p HD video resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels at 30 frames per second than 1080i AVCHD Full HD resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels of the NEX-5. However, both models have the same HD image sensor APS Exmor CMOS Sensor (23.4 × 15.6 mm) 14.1 megapixel resolution.
NEX-3 compact size almost equivalent to the machine for travel weighing only about 297 grams of whole body and less than 500 grams when fitted with 18-55 mm lens. When you try mount 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 lens, machine still feels sure when handling birds with one hand although the focus is skewed slightly to the left and the grip is not really optimized for use as DSLR.
An interesting addition in the NEX-3 is a screen of this model can be turned down 45 degree angle and rotation angle of 80 degrees above. With this versatile screen, users can comfortably compose in cases of difficult shooting situations. Although there is no interactive touch, but this screen is equipped with Sony to 921,600 pixel resolution. Through testing, the display is quite good under sunlight, clear and not misleading in color.
NEX-3- Sony's break throughTo reduce weight, size, NEX-3 are respectively flip-down mirror frame and no sight. This defect can be considered negligible because the Sony direction of their products to users familiar only with the compact simple to use but want to have superior image quality. In addition, NEX-3 also has an accessory port on the flash to help add more or viewfinder. Although the mechanism is quite clever removable but users will still need time to get familiar with the many stages of this.
Like the other compacts, NEX-3 little buttons, making operation of the machine parameters change in the regime, especially manual mode is complex. Aperture and shutter speed can be adjusted through the two navigation buttons but ISO and other parameters need to click through to the last few times can be changed as desired. In this case, the Auto function will probably always be the choice of the user familiar.
NEX-third to nearly two seconds from power on to the first photo shoot. When Auto Mode Review (auto review right after image capture), then this camera is quite slow with two seconds more time to be able to shoot the next picture.
NEX-3- Sony's break through
Image quality of Sony NEX-3 are commendable indeed. Very sharp image, especially when using the daylight, the contrast is quite good and comparable with many DSLR models available in the market today.
However, the most prominent point in the NEX-3 to speak to is able to reduce noise. Sony’s camera almost eat off all the other Micro Four Thirds model. In experimental tests taken under neon lights in the room, NEX-3 for a stable image quality from ISO 200 to 800 level, while to the 1600 level, noise starts to appear, the image is still usable even at ISO 6400 and details are still visible at ISO12.800. ISO levels of support to date which only appears in DSLR models.
Battery test machine can be taken continuously over 320 models after each charge. However, the actual figure may be lower due to the process used, the screen will be wasting a lot of battery compared to the burst test.



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