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Top Awesome Nidalee Cosplay 2018

Top Awesome Nidalee Cosplay 2018 from League of Legends

Growing up in the jungle, Nidalee is a master hunter who turns into a fierce leopard. Half-human, she fiercely protects the territory from any intruders with sophisticated setup pitfalls and sharp nose. She disfigured her prey before plunging into them in the form of a paper-only survivor to tell the story of a wild woman with sharp instincts, and her claws sharper.

Nidalee carries the mysterious features of the mountains and forests, but she still shows great beauty and confidence. She is one of my favorite generals in the League of Legend. Here best Nidalee Cosplay that you have not seen:

Top Nidalee Cosplay 2018

Cosplay by danielledenicola

Nidalee cosplay spear – Cosplay by enjinight

Leopard nidalee cosplay – Cosplay by vaxzone

Cosplay by stillreflection

Top Awesome Nidalee Cosplay 2018

Cosplay by paper-cube

Top Awesome Nidalee Cosplay 2018

Best Snow Bunny Nidalee 2018

Snow bunny Nidalee cosplay costume – Cosplay by morganacosplay

Cosplay by tinemarieriis

Cosplay by Realleiradna

Cosplay by agflower

Top Headhunter Nidalee cosplay 2018

Cosplay by minus10gradcelsius

Cosplay by dani-foca

Cosplay by OrobasCosplay

New Bewitching Nidalee Cosplay

New Bewitching Nidalee Cosplay

Cosplay by didsrainfall

Cosplay by xeno-photography

You can find more Nidalee costumes here


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