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Nikon Coolpix S3000- stylish and fashion

Fashion version, Coolpix S3000 towards simple, easy to use, nice picture but not the match was excellent.

Nikon Coolpix S3000- stylish and fashion

This is a fashion version of Nikon’s welcome 2010 with the basic parameters of 12 million pixels sensor, wide angle lens 27-108 mm (4x), 2.7 inch LCD 230,000 pixels, video usually with 47 MB of internal memory and supports SD cards.

S3000 shape looks quite stylish with a thickness of only 19 mm, one of Nikon’s innovative in 2010, most machines come with “7” rainbow “(silver, pink, green, black, blue , red and orange). S3000 is designed with a glossy coating metal, buttons should be easy to manipulate rather than the fashion models of other manufacturers.

Shooting modes including auto and scene modes Scene wearing only be adjusted with a button behind. Although the S3000 is a slim advantage but not small, it is the tube angle (27mm) and up to 4x optical zoom. Another plus point is that double-charging mode, S3000 can not just charging adapter, but also with a USB cable when connected to your computer.

However, like other fashion line Coolpix, S3000 did not create anything special cachet than superficial fashion. Display image quality is quite good, with ISO 80, photos, smooth, no noise, which shows the full details. However, the inherent weakness of the machine with small sensor, higher ISO image quality picture is bad, especially because the processor image interfere much.

Colors although well controlled, but the S3000 photos tend to be redundant when shooting bright sun light. AF system works correctly, but is not stable, especially with the objects in slightly near the lens. To focus the user must shoot tips, which is passed through the center AF mode solve problems.

The regime of “smart Portrait” (Smart Portrait) quite interesting, but has not reached the level that image is pretty easy to use as the word “intelligence” of this mode of capital. Mechanism smile timer ‘and’ blink-proof “only when lightning photo identification smile and take notice when people hear the blink of an eye it looks interesting, but actually only more complex tasks compared to manipulate this usually capture, playback and capture on the LCD if needed.

Focus features adhesion, too, by listening to the interesting but slow-speed machines, several seconds to lock object should be taken if the person moves too fast, then this mode does not keep up. In addition, vibration of the machine is just not the electronic or optical sensor.

According to tech site CNET, Nikon S3000 compared to the look of fashion and price, can be considered as an acceptable travel with some advantages such as easy control, and a wide angle to the optical xoom 4x. But technically speaking, although this version of the new life in 2010 but nothing special and outstanding compared to the older version.

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