Nokia E71 is the phone inherited strengths of the model with QWERTY keyboard as E61, E61i go ahead with good design with excellent features of the royal series E.
Nokia E71 review- pefect choice for you

This is a good design about nokia series E. The shell is made of chrome machine, easy to leave fingerprints and looks very solid. In the middle selection key is also the message light. So, when you have a call or message or any work missed border around the keyboard has white light will blink continuously until you leave to the event or until time out message missed you built. This is a good way to help reduce the discomfort to the missed warning light on the device precursor. It is without flaw since thinness of this machine because it makes us a touch surprised, really is. Especially when all the modern features are integrated on it. It is also worthy of a rival product its RIM BlackBerry Bold – the device in the shape of giant when compared to Nokia E71. Anyone will be Left near it because Nokia does not omitted any features on the device super slim and compact this:


E71’s screen resolution 320 × 240 pixels are sharp. Not be as bright display of Nokia N95 but not in and eyestrain, easy to use and more comfortable than N95. Photos and movies are shown in detail and definition. Contrast media stability and the performance you will appreciate this screen when loading and browsing some sites seriously.


World is permanently changed. Remember that once held all nokia features you need for a perfect phone. We’re not sure this device supports 2100 MHz band or not, and if you do not support the version will support this band in European countries and America. About connectivity, the Nokia E71 supports networks GSM / GPRS / EDGE 4 band: 850MHz/900MHz/1800MHz/1900MHz UMTS / HSDPA support, wireless connectivity: Wi-Fi 802.11 a, b, g, Bluetooth 2.0, and GPS.


Like the E61 and E61i, Nokia E71 has a loudspeaker located above the rear hull. E71 sound of larger, more than E61, and report the call bell and message very clearly. Music heard on E71 but not pretty or perfect as missing Bass and Bass heard a speaker slot while all sizes. However, sound very large, so you can rest assured that it will make you pop up out of bed each morning there.


If missing features email, messaging, the auction can call the Nokia series E! In addition to support universal use a POP3/IMAP protocols, Nokia’s Mail for Exchange also has an external device extremely easy to setup and use. This feature supports BlackBerry Connect and the connection we also see a symbol of Goodlink service. Messaging applications also supports instant messaging more. E-mail text and display better for reading and editing. We enjoyed the devices that support protocols for HTML email.


This is not necessarily a brackish sea at the Nokia E71. E61 keypad E71 similar but much smaller, the keyboard is not too soft, beautiful and easy to press when you are happy hands. The matter is in the design of Nokia QWERTY keyboard, unlike the conventional QWERTY keyboard that Nokia keys Z is back to just below the key A, while the normal QWERTY keyboard keys are located below the Z key or the bottom of the S A key and S. This makes you vulnerable to type without looking at the wrong keyboard. However, if you’re familiar with the QWERTY keyboard of the Nokia E-series is also not the major problem but the lack of travel outside the border surrounding the keyboard cause slippery while using this keyboard. Beautiful light display and keypad easy to read. Like other models, the key will not light, but only characters and symbols light up looks very clean and attractive.

Now located in this attractive features intelligent guess from the draft message. You’ll never think you need this feature when a QWERTY keyboard but it actually helps you type faster than many know. This is a similar feature on the iPhone. If you type fast and unfortunately make mistakes but from a type and press space, this feature will help you type is correct this. It can also save the time of drafting suggestions from you when you are reluctant and do not know what type you just simply press space to select from the guess and continue typing Left


Memory microSD USB plug just above the side hull you can expand the memory as possible. Since no conditions to check the speed data transmission via USB but is probably equivalent to other devices from Nokia.

Call quality:

Nokia names associated with the call quality like from the Hamburger Ham and Burger so! Clear and very sweet language. Nokia E71 has very good call quality. We tried calling a few random calls to check the quality of the call. In all this, it will reach even beyond our expectations with Nokia. The phone was beyond the role of a phone. This necessarily would be horizontal competitors financial health across the BlackBerry Curve as it has both features start signal in areas with poor signal. And all of you who love to Blackberry will have to mind it when they know that RIM will strive to feature the Nokia’s mobile radio equipment on their own.


Using BP-4L battery with 1500mAh capacity, with a whole day to use a full capacity to see the e-mail constantly, listening to calls, web surfing and messaging, on-screen display has also outlined two batteries. Battery life means nothing here to complain.


We are really impressed with this new phone from Nokia. Many interesting features are integrated in it. As we, this is the best of Nokia devices as this time. Inevitably are. The device will be competition by other manufacturers by design, features, size, and it is a user pick and choose equipment.

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