Nokia N8 reviews-Best smartphone for entertainment

No word when the N8 is considered major reforms in all aspects of Nokia. With N8, Nokia users actually turn into a center of technology.
N8 and Symbian ^ 3 itself there is not much difference, but from the perfect combination between hardware and software, Nokia has given users a tool for creativity and really do anything they want.Nokia N8 reviews-Best smartphone for entertainmentNotable features of the Nokia N8.

Aluminum block design, sturdy

AMOLED display 3.5-inch, 640 x 360 pixels, capacitance sensor, multi-point, 16 million colors

12 Megapixel camera, support auto focus, Xenon flash, HD video at 25 frames per second, larger sensor, more features included

Symbian OS ^ 3 refinements

Processor: ARM 11 680 MHz CPU, 256 MB RAM

Connectivity: Wi-Fi n standard, HDMI, GPS, 3G/HSDPA, Bluetooth 3.0 stereo

16GB internal memory, digital compass, a 3.5 mm headphone jack


Nokia N8 is a well-designed mobile with the hardware architecture firm and compact. Machine dimensions 113.5 x 59.1 x 12.9 mm, weighing 135 grams, the front glass, aluminum frame that surrounds the side.

Nokia N8 reviews-Best smartphone for entertainmentCompared to many other phones, N8 enough to hold in your hand, not thick, full-screen view, rear camera raised up a little bit. But reality shows that use is not important issues.

The front is a capacitive touch screen 3.5-inch AMOLED technology, resolution 640 x 360 pixel, 16.7 million colors. N8’s screen is quite rich colors and sharp, good looking content as well as showing quite the outdoors. Nokia N8 was introduced earlier this year, this model does not use technologies CBD such as E7 or C6-01 .

Similar patterns of many smartphone manufacturers recently, N8 supports screen rotation and zooming, multi-location. This feature works well, at some point, turn the machine slow. However, the ability to handle larger, the small pictures in 12 Megapixel resolution relatively quickly may be considered a success.

If compared with the samples run Android and iPhone touch recently, N8 driven slightly slippery fingers, yet strong and keep the contents as a portable drag or rotate.

Nokia N8 support for numeric keypad input as to vertical, and the QWERTY buttons appear only when turned sideways.

Even the bottom touch screen, equipped with only a Nokia keyboard lets go into Menu or Home screen depending state. Right side of this model is the increase or decrease the volume button, lock and turn off the camera.

Meanwhile, the power key is on, the HDMI port was closed and a 3.5 mm headphone jack. N8 left side is the SIM slot, microSD memory card and microUSB port.

Behind the camera with Xenon flash is arranged well, besides the speakers. N8 users from replacing batteries, manufacturers said, consumers need to address the warranty to replace the batteries when opened.


Although Nokia has some innovation efforts, however, those who hold the camera for the first time will see Symbian ^ 3 is not much different from the S60. The user interface is still the old icon, go into Menu, applications, sliding up the equivalent control.

Nokia N8 reviews-Best smartphone for entertainmentHowever, when using the S60 and Symbian ^ 3 at the same time will see a lot of difference. Plus the first from Nokia interface is made to simplify the process control, just a touch, that can open applications. ^ 3 Symbian is more consistent than what was found on the Nokia N97 before, your support directly into the menu, the options, the menu runs to simplicity.

Nokia has added in N8 with 3 the Home screen, users have the option to drag the widget, such as messaging applications, media players, social networking, RSS news reader. The widgets on your constantly updated, allowing faster travel on the application.

The main menu is presented grid, a separate application icon, allowing access to the software was installed, along with a games folder. Home button below the Menu allows, return to the main screen, in addition, when holding a long, open to icon machine is running, to shut down or go into the program based multitasking.

Symbian ^ 3 has changed the direction of the interface easier to use, how to go into the software brings a little direction Iphone, Android. However, the interface remains the weakest point, the user will not see a change in image, in addition, the ability to touch, sliding a bit hard.

In addition, input on an issue. Nokia to turn the numeric keypad when the vertical and introduce a full QWERTY keyboard when horizontal. Users may be somewhat frustrated with the number buttons to input data, while the horizontal keyboard letters and many small, difficult to write fast.


Nokia N8 use 4-band GSM global roaming support, speakerphone, smart dialing, conference phones, anti-shake mode, multimedia messaging. Contacts can be stored on your computer are not limited to, external phone number, users can store additional information like photos, groups, email addresses, birthdays …

Nokia N8 reviews-Best smartphone for entertainmentUnlike other operating systems, N8 not automatically synchronize information in contacts with email or social networking. Machines work fine with Exchange, users can use many different tools such as Ovi or iSync.

N8 is compatible with various email, including Exchange, POP3, IMAP, and HTML support folder. Tests showed, install Gmail, Yahoo mail on your computer to get sent quite easily, however, the interface is not intuitive email on the N8, some control, moving a little complexity.

This is the smartphone to support better connectivity options, from Bluetooth 3.0, Wi-Fi b / g / n, GPS, 3G HSDPA bands. Browser based on WebKit, Flash Lite 4.0 support, which allows open windows, good tab.

As a cellular model in the N series, this device supports multimedia entertainment possible. Nokia has changed quite a lot, especially at the interface watch movies, play music on the Symbian ^ 3. HP supports most video formats and movies. Big speaker sound and clear, absolutely no point complaining, meanwhile, would sound on headphones, light, pretty impressive.

Nokia N8 preinstalled office applications such as QuickOffice, PDF reader, ZIP file support, voice recorder, YouTube.

Notably, N8 with Ovi Store, many space applications with the utility, have significant connection game and entertainment software. Ovi N8 Store on packaging may be compared with the App Store for iPhone, however, to download multiple programs at once, reload or come play some free software such as NFS Racing, interface quite interesting.

One of the most impressive models of N8 is preinstalled Ovi Maps detailed. N8 alow find the location, select the drive mode, walk, share interesting locations. Boot process, start GPS and locate, the fast line. This is a notable advantage of the Nokia N8.


12 Megapixel camera is the most notable feature in N8. Machine owner Carl Zeiss lens, Xenon flash, many custom editing, N8 ‘s photographs no less impressed by compacts camera.

Nokia N8 reviews-Best smartphone for entertainmentPhotographs by N8 colorful, especially in great detail, this is uncommon in a camera phone. Some pictures in low light conditions without much interference, while the outdoor shots or under flash really better.

Besides photography, HD video recording capabilities of this model is also very good. Unlike most smartphones support HD filming recently, the images obtained from N8 quite brilliant. Besides, the machine also supports video editing program with cutting applications, Inserting the word friendly, easy to use.

Photography program is equipped with numerous customizable. Like most digital cameras, allowing N8 select mode, face detection, white balance, color tone, exposure, ISO, as well as the ability to contrast the sharpness of the image. With two cameras, users can customize the main or auxiliary camera to take pictures.

Maybe evaluate, N8 camera phone model is the best current camera, the ability to store, view photos quickly, colors vibrant photos in addition to filming, editing, cut very convenient. A disadvantage is that the machine may be a bit complicated and convenience in playback just finished shooting.

General assessment

Nokia N8 is one of the best phones that Nokia launched in recent times. The impressive design offers the perfect camera for image capture, film will meet the needs of customers who prefer entertainment.

Besides, the computer screen bright, clear, watching movies, photos and other multimedia content possible. Computer speakers to have, obviously, the quality of the calls have nothing complaining.

However, N8 interface is not a complete experience for mobile users touch. Whatever has changed, but the Symbian ^ 3 still has much to upgrade the firmware in the next.

Speed connectivity via Wi-Fi and 3G on the N8 fast, almost no wait time. Process load and watch videos from YouTube is also really impressive. With processor speed of 680 MHz ARM 11, N8 may be compared with 1GHz model on the market. use showed little delay when opening the software change process facilities, always moving interface is relatively flexible.

Garage on the N8 battery capacity 1200 mAh and can not be replaced. Using more than two weeks show that frequently take pictures, video, navigation and turn on GPS, navigation, machine more than a day to recharge the battery. Meanwhile, if used in moderation, N8 for the period from 2 days or more.

You can refer this mobile from Amazon: Nokia N8 Unlocked GSM Touchscreen Phone with GPS Navigation, Voice Navigation, and 12 MP Camera–U.S. Version with Warranty (Gray)5.Rival Nokia N8

With a price of 530$ million, N8 have many competitors. At the higher price range, Desire HD, Xperia X10 or Dell Streak, iPhone 4 can more impressive in the speed, the team high, but the ownership advantages N8 entertainment, photography.

Here are some of the major competitors Nokia N8:

HTC Legend (460$)

Legend weaker N8 in design, small screen, however, the interface and the ability to perform more professionally. N8’s strengths is its ability to take pictures, connect outperformed the model from HTC.

You can refer this mobile from Amazon: HTC Legend A6363 Unlocked GSM Android Based Smartphone with 5 MP Camera, Wi-Fi, gps navigation, Touchscreen and Bluetooth — International Version with No Warranty (Silver)Sony Ericsson Aino (370$)

Aino with 8 Megapixel camera, however, this model is difficult to compete with rivals Nokia Symbian ^ 3 more impressive, especially in digital entertainment.

HTC HD Mini (360$)

HD Mini runs Windows Mobile 6.5, however, interfaces, applications from going to look better than N8 Sense. However, comparison of speed, about connectivity-this model is not equal.

Motorola Milestone XT720(415$)

Also has a Xenon flash, but the 8-megapixel camera, Milestone XT720 noticeable by wide-screen, running Android features. Like many other models, the more people are still assigned to the N8 towards entertainment, photography, and even had a camera XT720 pretty, but still leaning more applications from Android.