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Panasonic Lumix TZ20 Reviews – Super Zoom and More Feature

Superzoom TZ20 has a high level of convenience by owning and features 16x optical zoom, but image quality is only average.

TZ20 is the upgraded version of TZ10 debut in 2010 with upgrades often seen as increasing the ability to zoom, wide angle more and more features but the compact design is similar. The machine with Type MOS sensor resolution of 14.1 megapixels and 16x optical zoom maximum. TZ20 also has a touchscreen than its predecessor TZ10.

Panasonic Lumix TZ20 reviews - Super Zoom and more feature

In addition, the TZ20 also features continuous shooting capability 10 frames per second, continuous autofocus while shooting video, 29 scene modes available to users choosing delight.


TZ20 virtually little change in outer shape and weight than its predecessor. This model has dimensions 105 x 58 x 33 mm and weighs 219 grams including battery and memory card. With these parameters, is easy to see the machine can be stored in the pocket, jacket pocket or bag without any difficulty even super zoom series. TZ20 available colors to choose from including black, brown, silver, blue and red.

TZ20 rear of the screen size resolution 3-inch 460,000 pixel resolution. When using outdoor screen was reflecting light directly to the user quite difficult to use. Furthermore, although equipped with touchscreen operation, but the advantage is not much. For example, selected focus area, surfing photos in playback mode. Features as a navigation key on the touchscreen proved useful due to the use of hardware keys is easier and more accurate.


The specifications of the DMC-TZ20 includes a 24mm wide angle lens, 16x optical zoom with a nano-coating to monitor ghosting and glare, a 3-inch touch screen resolution of 460,000 pixels and sensors Type MOS 14.1 Megapixel resolution. This sensor is similar to other ultra zoom model is Panasonic FZ100. TZ10 uses microprocessor Panasonic’s FHD Venus Engine allows shooting at 10 frames per second at full resolution HD video in AVCHD format.
Panasonic Lumix TZ20 reviews - Super Zoom and more feature

Like the super-zoom model’s most advanced current Panasonic, TZ20 very rich selection mode for each specific situation. Auto Mode Intelligent Auto increasingly incorporated many new technologies better and works well although it will handle a bit slow when viewed at full resolution. Machine equipment available to 29 different scene modes for users to select and creative pleasure. The two most preferred mode can be saved to MySCN mode for easy transfer mode on the wheel. Most regimes are similar in comparison with models of travel other than High Dynamic, pinhole, Handheld Night Shot create a bit of difference with 10 consecutive pictures taken and then combined to help reduce noise and reduce fuzzy function.

However, the disadvantages of this mode of operation with all the objects rest.TZ20 is even equipped with an underwater scene mode. But this means that users must be equipped with a protection cover to operate in this environment but of course, our price is not cheap. For those who want more control, aperture Lumix also has the ability to change the aperture of F3.3-3.6 when at wide angle and F5.9-F6.3 zoom maximum. Shutter speeds ranging from 60 seconds to 1/4.000 sec. All manual mode is available as P (priority shutter speed ), M (full manual) and the A (aperture priority).

 Panasonic Lumix TZ20 reviews - Super Zoom and more feature

An attraction and is quite interesting in TZ20 features integrated GPS. The use of relatively simple thanks to a menu to control the interface familiar and easy to manipulate. When enabled, users can use the Q. Menu for quick selection and the machine will find the current location information. In the initial test at the center of Hanoi, the machine takes about one to more than two minutes to determine location. According to Panasonic, storage information of 173 countries and half a million mark in 73 countries or regions.

All information about latitude and longitude are stored in the EXIF file. Information about the position appeared on the video was filmed by TZ20 when viewed with a program on your computer or directly on the camera. However, according to Cnet, unfortunately, TZ20 will continuously update the position every 15 minutes even when the camera is off. This will cause wear and batteries, and if we want to overcome the user must select the flight mode from the menu of the machine.


Panasonic Lumix TZ20 reviews - Super Zoom and more feature

TZ20 particularly suitable to those who often shoot moving subjects such as children, pets, sports shooting. In burst mode, the machine can take 40 to 60 frames per second, of course with lower resolution. When the resolution at full speed machine that can capture 10 frames per second. Speed drops to 5 frames per second if the machine re-focus and metering back after each photo. However, the actual speed is only about 3.2 frames per second.

Shutter lag has the pretty good upgrade in 0.4 seconds and 0.7 seconds respectively with daylight or dark. If not for continuous shooting mode, 1.1 seconds after the machine can take pictures next time and this increased to 1.4 seconds with flash. The machine can take pictures after the first turn after about 1.9 seconds duration.

For shooting at high speed also helps TZ20 capture 3D images with record 20 consecutive images when moving the machine horizontally. MPO 3D files created can then be viewed on 3D TV

Image quality

 Panasonic Lumix TZ20 reviews - Super Zoom and more feature

TZ20 equipped with more features, far and wide angle zoom, but image quality has not shown significant progress. With daylight, the machine can take pictures of good quality although a bit “soft.” When viewed at full size, even a little noise even appear at ISO 100. Golden tones is a pretty big disadvantage of the TZ20, especially when using ISO 1600 or above. Panasonic recommends should not be taken on 400 ISO, but the fact that users should use ISO 200 or less if you want to have beautiful pictures. Readers can read more of TZ20 ISO compare with the Canon PowerShot S95 or IXUS 1000HS. With a 24mm wide angle lens, TZ20 images have some distortion in certain border post when shooting at wide angle. Lens for sharp images in good heart, but in contrast, edges a bit high. Color images are generally quite accurate although not really outstanding.TZ20’s white balance works pretty accurately, but except in the home. Color often proved true and the automatic mode does not allow you to adjust white balance in particular. With a sensor resolution of 15 megapixels, but only 14.1 effective megapixels. Photographs are a factor of four, including 16: 9, 3:2, 4:3 and 1:1.

Meanwhile, the TZ20 video proved quite attractive with colors and pictures are good, the movements are very smooth but noisy at high ISO appear similar when shooting. In addition, optical zoom cannot work while shooting video but there is continuous AF mode while recording.

TZ20 can capture 3.5-megapixel resolution images while recording and snapshots from the clip during playback.

Panasonic Lumix TZ20 reviews - Super Zoom and more feature

Overall assessment.


– Continuous shooting with high speed
– Large optical zoom in compact body
– Interesting GPS feature
– Autofocus while shooting video


– Short duration battery
– Image quality is only average
– No optical zoom while recording video
– Touch screen does not have many roles

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